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GOVERNMENT Enhancing Security: CP PLUS Safeguards CBI Offices Across India with Advanced IP-Based CCTV Solutions

In an era where security concerns are paramount, government agencies such as the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) must maintain the highest levels of security to safeguard sensitive information and ensure the smooth operation of their critical tasks. To address these challenges, CP PLUS, a global leader in advanced security and surveillance solutions, partnered with CBI to deploy cutting-edge IP-based CCTV cameras and network recorders to help significantly enhance security across CBI offices in India.


The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is India's premier investigative agency, responsible for tackling complex and high-profile cases ranging from corruption to national security. With a vast network of offices spread across the country, ensuring the safety and security of sensitive information, personnel, and assets is of paramount importance.


CBI faced several challenges in its quest to enhance security:

  • Outdated Surveillance Infrastructure: Many CBI offices relied on outdated analog surveillance systems that offered limited functionalities and subpar video quality.
  • Scalability Issues: The existing surveillance infrastructure could not easily adapt to the growing needs of the organization, leading to gaps in security coverage.
  • Data Storage and Retrieval: The inability to efficiently store and retrieve surveillance data hindered investigations and decision-making processes.
  • Remote Monitoring: CBI required the ability to monitor its offices remotely, ensuring real-time visibility and rapid response to security incidents.


CP PLUS collaborated closely with CBI to address these challenges comprehensively. The solution provided to CBI offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Shimla, Guwahati, Andaman and Surat comprised the following components:

  • Advanced IP-Based Full HD WDR Network Bullet Cameras: CP PLUS installed more than 300 high-definition WDR Bullet Cameras with a 50 Mtr. IR Range strategically throughout CBI offices in these 7 locations. These cameras offered superior image quality, advanced analytics, and enhanced low-light performance, ensuring detailed and clear footage.
  • Network Video Recorders (NVRs): To manage the high volumes of surveillance data, CP PLUS deployed more than 30 state-of-the-art NVRs equipped with advanced storage capabilities, ensuring reliable data storage and quick retrieval when needed.
  • Leading-edge IP-Based Full HD WDR Network Dome Cameras: The brand also installed more than 120 high-definition WDR Network Bullet Cameras with a 30 Mtr. IR Range in the said office. Offering the Starlight Function with the brand’s highly advanced coding technology Instastream to offer the most capable surveillance in the most convenient way.
  • Scalability: The IP-based solution was designed to be easily scalable, allowing for the addition of cameras and NVRs as the organization expanded.
  • Remote Monitoring: CP PLUS implemented a secure and robust remote monitoring system, enabling CBI officials to access live and recorded footage from anywhere, enhancing their ability to respond swiftly to security incidents.


The implementation process involved meticulous planning and execution, ensuring minimal disruption to CBI's operations. CP PLUS technicians worked closely with CBI's IT and security teams to install and configure the new system efficiently.


The deployment of CP PLUS' advanced IP-based CCTV solution yielded several key benefits for CBI:

  • Enhanced Security: The new cameras provided superior image quality and coverage, significantly improving security within CBI offices.
  • Increased Efficiency: The improved storage and retrieval capabilities streamlined investigative processes, reducing the time required for reviewing surveillance footage.
  • Remote Accessibility: CBI officials could now monitor their offices remotely, improving situational awareness and response times.
  • Scalability: The scalable solution ensured that CBI could adapt to changing security needs without significant infrastructure changes.
  • Cost Savings: The advanced solution was cost-effective in the long term, as it reduced maintenance costs associated with outdated analog systems.


CP PLUS successfully collaborated with the Central Bureau of Investigation to enhance security across its offices in India by implementing advanced IP-based CCTV cameras and network recorders. This comprehensive solution addressed critical challenges, providing enhanced security, efficiency, scalability, and remote accessibility. As a result, CBI can now safeguard its sensitive information and personnel more effectively, ensuring the uninterrupted pursuit of justice and national security.

CP PLUS continues to work closely with government agencies to deliver cutting-edge security solutions, reaffirming its commitment to innovation and safety.

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GOVERNMENT CP PLUS Secures 1000+ Delhi Government Schools

With locally produced advanced & best-in-class IP Video Surveillance Solutions, CP PLUS successfully secured over 1000 Government Schools in Delhi, ensuring a safe & supportive learning environment for students.


  • 1000+ Schools covered with effective surveillance through a single Command & Control Centre.
  • A tailor-made customized solution was used with advanced, embedded devices.
  • concerns of millions of parents were addressed with a mobile app to stream the live feed anytime from anywhere.
  • Health Monitoring System integrated for regular upkeep and maintenance of the surveillance system.
  • More than 1.5 Lakh Cameras and 2400 NVRs provided for complete coverage.
  • A centralized CCC was setup up for all the schools covered overseeing the individual CCCs of each location.
  • Integrated VMS platform provided for seamless management.
  • A dedicated, user-friendly mobile application DGS Live was launched by CP PLUS to enable parents with live streaming.
  • High-capacity servers were installed at each location to support live streaming and stable connectivity.
  • A mechanism to share the link for classroom surveillance cameras with parents was developed.

Understanding that as the foundation of any society, schools are the place of learning where the future of the country is formed and constructed, CP PLUS recognized that the security of the school premises and its students is of paramount importance. Thus, when under the leadership of CM Shri. Arvind Kejriwal, the Government of Delhi sought an advanced and reliable security infrastructure to ensure a safe learning environment for students, CP PLUS stepped up to provide a dependable sense of security to school administration as well as to parents. The project was conducted swiftly where CP PLUS was responsible for supplying, installing, testing, commissioning and CAMC of IP Surveillance solutions in more than one thousand Delhi Government Schools.

The Challenge

The Government of Delhi was approached by several school administrations in the area to take steps for effectively safeguarding school children, faculty, and assets. The Government, School Administrations and parents of school students all had their different concerns regarding the physical security of the premises, actual real-time class monitoring to check what actually happens in the classrooms and how the children behave, and also the individual security of each child as to when the children arrive in their respective schools and when they leave and everything that occurs inbetween. 

After a thorough assessment CP PLUS concluded that in most of the Delhi Government Schools, the infrastructure was too weak. And with that in mind, covering 1000+ schools was not in easy task. Another one of the major challenges was the upkeep of the system and regular maintenance of a surveillance system which makes the live streams available to thousands of different parents on top of the Command & Control Centre, setting up which on such a large scale is not an easy job either.

Considering the large areas of school premises that had to be covered with effective surveillance such as playgrounds and large peripheral areas and the sheer number of cameras provided, installation posed a few challenges as well but CP PLUS efficiently conducted a fantastic job and even set up a special easy-to-understand and operate mobile application to stream the live video feed from Delhi Government Schools.

CP PLUS recognized that the Delhi Government Schools required advanced, integrated, and cost-effective solutions that proactively help in deterring as well as detecting vandalistic and criminal behavior. Proficient and dedicated surveillance through well-structured security systems along with effective monitoring were the main aspects here to prevent mischievous activities and regulate or control suspicious people, objects, and vehicles.

The Result

As a result of this largest surveillance initiative in the education vertical in India, Delhi Government Schools are now enabled with advanced integrated CCTV cameras to monitor and control all the activities taking place in the school premises. CP PLUS architected the project with a tailor-made customized solution to secure Delhi Government Schools and provided advanced, embedded devices. The networking set up for the project, the designing and execution of the solution were all conducted at a centralized location within Delhi. 

High-capacity servers were installed at each location to support live streaming of the same feed on many devices, so stable high-speed internet connection never fails and a proper bandwidth set up could be retained for the required connection to the CCC in real time.

CP PLUS helped set up a CCC in each of the school locations as well as a centralized CCC for the entire project, each integrated with HMS, VMS and advanced video alerts. CP PLUS also launched a user-freindly mobile application especially to stream Delhi Government Schools video feed directly for parents and designed a mechanism where the parents get the link for their child’s classroom surveillance camera feed right at the time of enrolment.

The technology developed within India by CP PLUS under Make-in-India are gainfully empowering the students with a safer learning environment where all the focus is paid to effective education. Further, it standardizes security procedures for the entire infrastructure while ensuring streamlined school management and operations.

Through the efforts of CP PLUS, the city of Delhi has achieved historic milestone by equipping Delhi Government Schools with an advanced surveillance system.


Being a well-trusted brand with quite a deep understanding and know-how of the security and surveillance needs of the rapidly changing time, CP PLUS stands unrivaled when it comes to conceptualizing customized and best-suited solutions for enhancing and optimizing security. In the largest surveillance project conducted in India’s education vertical, CP PLUS provided approximately 1.5 Lakh 4MP IP Cameras including advanced Bullet, Vandal Dome, & PTZ Cameras along with over 2400 Recorders for Delhi Government Schools. Keeping the cruciality of the project in concern, the CP PLUS team provided the latest and most advanced security solutions that come with excellent technical support and quality-driven service for the surveillance equipment and associated accessories.

CP PLUS integrated security solutions in Delhi Government Schools involved advanced CCTV systems with the latest technologies for HD recording where admin users can view all the cameras at any time from any place through the Web and/or Mobile App. The solution included 4MP cameras with day/night vision feature, NVRs for recording, LED displays at the school control room, and IP cameras for classrooms, gates, common areas, boundaries, etc with a server that has the capacity to store 30 days of full HD recording for all the cameras.

The all-comprehensive solution provided by CP PLUS to Delhi Government Schools also included a well-equipped and fully integrated Command & Control Centre (CCC) for effective monitoring and management of the entire space in real-time. Moreover, the Health Monitoring System (HMS) by CP PLUS has also been integrated to the surveillance solution for the live monitoring of all the connected devices in the network and regular health check-ups of the overall solution to always ensure the surveillance system is working properly. The HMS software features scalable solutions for future integrations as well. Some of the key features of HMS are:


  • 24x7 Uptime - This ensures that the surveillance system is working all the time with 99% uptime.
  • Alarm Notifications - Alarm notifications in real-time for critical situations such as when the device is turned offline/online, IPC is turned offline/online, in case of video loss or camera masking, about the recording status, about the external alarms, and the HDD alerts.
  • Web-based Monitoring - This enables an interactive dashboard for the user to view the status of all their CCTV systems from their browser or smartphones.
  • Easy-to-use Interface - Provided as an element of this health monitoring system which uses a simple ‘traffic light’ style warning system to display the status of all their customers, sites, and devices on a single screen.
  • Auto-Reporting - This generates an automatic report of the device’s status, that is forwarded to the customer from time to time. In case any events occur, an automatic ticket is also generated and forwarded to the SI or CP PLUS support team.
  • Remote Troubleshooting - Troubleshooting facilities are also provided as all the tests are carried out remotely over a network connection, meaning any issues can be resolved without a single site visit.


CP PLUS, as a brand, is dedicated to continuously offer more and more new and proficient solutions that cater to all the varied security requirements of millions of users across the country. Working to spread the sense of security to every corner of India, CP PLUS is an instigator for introducing new technologies to the Indian market.

The growth and popularity CP PLUS has witnessed every step of the way successfully placed the brand at the forefront of the surveillance industry, so much so that now CP PLUS is not just India’s No. 1 surveillance equipment manufacturer but also has the largest production facility for security and surveillance products anywhere outside of China in the whole world.

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SAFE CITY How Hyderabad became the most digitally secured city

India has always been a victim of crime. In 2019 alone, more than 5 million cognizable crimes were committed across the country. Yet, location plays a key role and has a significant impact on crime in this country. While much of the crime is generally non-violent, India does experience a full range of criminal activity. Crimes are most common particularly on trains, buses, and crowded streets, which means that some areas have a higher risk. Nonetheless, criminal acts can occur at any place.

Since its inception, CP PLUS has been striving to make the country safer and smarter to fight vigorously against criminal behavior in the country. In 2013, the state Police installed 5000 advanced CCTV cameras. At the same time, the state’s Public Safety Act came into being which mandated that any establishment where over 100 people may gather would have to install CCTV surveillance cameras and provide access to the footage to the local authorities.

As the city of Hyderabad decided to move towards better and easier surveillance to reduce criminal activity, CP PLUS came forward to enable both the authorities and the public with not just installing CCTV cameras throughout the city but also with the integration of the AI-based safe city solution.

Over the last few years, CP PLUS has been diligently working with various organizations to take the newly founded state of Telangana to unprecedented levels of security in India. The initiative started with Hyderabad Traffic Police as a Senior Inspector of Telangana Traffic Police says, ‘We have been using CP PLUS surveillance cameras for several years. These cameras have been an integral part of traffic management as well as traffic enforcement for us. The assistance that this surveillance solution provides is quite noteworthy. Our shift to the leading Indian brand has resulted in a greater availability of effective surveillance technology after the Make-in-India initiative was reiterated by CP PLUS. The working pattern has improved several folds in the past 5 years.’

‘We are even able to monitor and control the city and even issue tickets from our control room with the help of these CP PLUS surveillance cameras that have been integrated with the automatic number plate recognition technology. We have noticed that the violation pattern of our citizens has gone down due to this’. This meant that cameras slowly started filling the city of Hyderabad over the last few years, bringing the total city-wide count to more than 580,000 cameras. Hyderabad was recently named as the city with the most number of CCTV cameras in India, and the 16th most surveilled city in the world, according to a July 2020 report by UK-based tech firm Comparitech.

To make the city absolutely safe for the public, Hyderabad Police also procured CP PLUS body-worn cameras. Now that every officer wears a highly useful body-worn camera while on duty, the way public behaves has been changed and the assault cases have seen a great downfall.

As it became evident that a smart surveillance solution can help increase the sense of security, the city police recently announced that the number of CCTVs in Hyderabad will be doubled to 1 million. This has resulted in Telangana leading the way in using tech to keep its citizens safe.

Over the years, the Telangana government as well as other major organizations and institutions have become responsible for deploying different kinds of technologies to expand surveillance across the state. This has led to a proliferation of CCTV cameras, AI-based solutions, facial recognition, and many more such helpful technologies that have been provided by CP PLUS to help in keeping each citizen safe.

Hyderabad racecourse was one place in a dire need of an effective surveillance solution to minimize activities relating to crime and vandalism. A Senior Officer of Hyderabad Race Club says, ‘At the racecourse, we have a need to oversee all activities quite closely, especially when functions and social events are conducted. And from the security perspective, we felt that we required high-end cameras, and then when we looked for brands that have the technology and that specialize in delivering customized solutions across India. Finally, we realized that the nation’s brand has outdone others in the surveillance and security industry. Our relationship since then has been highly beneficial, we have improved our administrative control over the functioning of many of our activities in the race club. And much of this credit goes to the surveillance solution that CP PLUS installed here at the race club. This local Indian brand is performing very efficiently and at a very reasonable price rate, it achieves the best results.’

Banks in Hyderabad have shifted to a solution that ensures their safety in all aspects as they have been collaborating with CP PLUS for over a decade now and apart from our core segment, the banking industry, we serve a number of others. They have assisted many national banks like State Bank of India, Andhra Bank among others in securing their banks and offices in over 3000 locations across the country. The product portfolio of CP PLUS has proven to be quite wide-ranging. CP PLUS is also associated with Hyderabad City Police for the implementation of public safety measures and have deployed IP-based technology. Hyderabad City Police has shown great satisfaction after using CP PLUS solutions for keeping the city safe. They have also successfully secured numerous educational institutes in the state of Telangana where thousands of cameras effectively cover hundreds of schools and universities in the entire Telangana state.’

‘A lot of data is being generated through the feeds of the CCTV cameras which can be made useful using AI’, says a Senior IT Official of Telangana. ‘Images are matched with offenders and criminals through the master server. There is exceptional monitoring. Through facial recognition, a match is made.’

The upmarket locality of Banjara Hills in Hyderabad houses the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) party office, a white building with a board splashed in pink representing the party color. It’s probably the most important building in that neighborhood. Another one is coming up right next to it: a new police headquarters. The state-of-the-art twin tower which will double up as an integrated command and control center is planned to be up and running by the end of the year.

The 18 and 24-storeyed twin towers spread across seven acres and worth ₹300 crores are going to support the vast network of CCTV cameras dotted across the city and state. It will have a “giant video wall” which will show live footage from the cameras on-ground. One could say that it will house one of the largest surveillance systems in the country.

Senior Officer of Telangana Police Department comments, ‘In today’s world, the types of threats are rising in various directions, it is becoming difficult to maintain the same level of livability for every inhabitant. The high-definition technology of CCTV surveillance systems is becoming increasingly imperative in the creation of a safe city and protecting our localities. In Telangana, when we wanted to adopt the new digital surveillance technologies to improve our safety and security, we approached CP PLUS. The brand has helped us since our initial stages and now we have reached such a level of security and quick responses in real-time that other states are replicating our Telangana’s model and are following in the footsteps. CP PLUS has closely worked with us in order to strategize how to cover the entire city. After that, the whole process has brought about a lot of transparency as we have been able to detect and resolve incidents quite efficiently.’

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EDUCATION Over 1000 Delhi Government schools (728 buildings) are now installed with best-in-class CP PLUS IP video surveillance solution that ensures a safe learning environment for pupils


Schools are the foundation of our society and they are the house of learning for our future generation. Hence the security of school buildings and children is our topmost priority. Delhi Government was seeking an advanced and reliable security infrastructure to ensure a safe & secure environment for school children. It was an important step by the government to curb crime and provide peace of mind to parents of scholars. They intended dependable CCTV solution for more than 1000 Delhi Government schools where total number of buildings are 728. The project involved supply, installation, testing, commissioning and CAMC of CCTV system in the schools.

CP PLUS, a pioneering solution provider in the field of electronic security, proposed an array of its cutting-edge CCTV products and comprehensive surveillance systems to meet this historic project. The aim here was to provide best-in-class security solutions in all Delhi government schools.


Safeguarding school children, faculty and assets require a profound solution. It is the prime responsibility of the school administration to create a safe and secure learning environment. Delhi government schools needed advanced, integrated and cost-effective surveillance solutions that help in deterring and detecting any criminal activities. Effective surveillance, monitoring and control were the main aspects here to prevent any mischievous activity and monitor suspicious people, objects or vehicles etc. The administration wanted well-structured security systems in the schools to help protect the scholars and the property along with providing quality education for children.


CP PLUS, a pioneer in providing state-of-the-art video surveillance solution, recommended and provided the best suitable solution for this largest CCTV project in education vertical which will also meet the objective of enhancing safety & security in the city.

Approximately 1.5 Lakh 4MP IP Cameras including Outdoor Bullet, Vandal Dome & PTZ Cameras, along with over 2400 Recorders were installed in the Delhi government schools in total. Keeping the cruciality of the project in mind, CP PLUS team ensured best-in-class security solution along with excellent technical support and quality service in the supply of relevant surveillance equipment and accessories.  

CP PLUS integrated security solutions in Delhi government schools involved advanced CCTV systems with the latest technologies for HD recording where admin users can view all cameras at any time from any place through Web and Mobile app. The solution included 4MP cameras with day/night vision, NVRs for recording and LED displays at the school control room, and IP Cameras for classrooms, gates, common areas, boundary, etc. And the server here can store 30 days of full HD recording.   

CP PLUS comprehensive solution in the schools included a well-equipped command & control centre (CCC) for integrated monitoring and management of the entire space in real-time. Moreover, there is an integration of Health Check Software in the system for live monitoring of all devices connected in the network for complete situational awareness. Also, the software features scalable solutions for future integrations. Some of the key capabilities of Health Check Software are:  

  • Live data about all CCTV devices (Cameras, NVRs etc.) such as up-time and downtime
  • Immediate alerts at CCC and on SMS for Power Supply, Camera Fault, NVR or HDD Fault etc.
  • Live Status of All Schools
  • Automatic fault reporting to Vendor for healthy functioning of the system


With this India’s largest CCTV project in education vertical, Delhi government schools now have integrated CCTV camera systems to capture and monitor all the activities in the school buildings. This not only ensures a safer environment for students but also uphold the peacefulness of their parents. Further, it standardizes security procedures in the infrastructure while ensuring streamlined school management and operations.

CP PLUS has set a historic milestone by equipping Delhi government schools with advanced surveillance solution. It has been achieved through good collaborative efforts of CP PLUS team and Technosys Security Pvt Ltd – system integrator for the project.

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GOVERNMENT The sensitive Punjab Prisons upgrade their security level with CP PLUS IP solutions


Punjab has been a sensitive state considering it shares its borders with Pakistan. The state police always needs to be on its toes to watch out for any kind of threat infiltration. Prisons, especially, have been the most sensitive departments of Punjab Police.

Punjab Prisons comprises of some 40 jails, including a high security prison, 9 central jails, and 25 district jails that are scattered across the vast state. As some of the oldest jails, Punjab Prisons have housed some well-known fugitives, and have always needed to be on high alert.


Following the much hyped jail break in the Nabha Modern Jail, the Punjab Prison officials were confronted with the loopholes of their existing functional but largely inadequate surveillance system; the existing analog system was vulnerable with a wire-intensive infrastructure and low resolution cameras that were barely any good.

Realizing the risks involved, and the perils that could come upon the management thereafter with the existing system, the ADGP (Prisons) decided to upgrade and equip the jails with industrial grade surveillance system. The expectation from the upgrade was simple – tamper-proof, high quality imagery.


After analyzing the location and system requirements, and with consequent discussions with the security officials of the prisons, the CP PLUS Solutions Team decided to deploy IP solutions that were best suited to meet the prison management’s needs.

IP solutions make for an ideal choice when locations are expansive and tampering is a concern. Since they work over the internet, as opposed to the coaxial cables in the case of analog solutions, the cabling requirement is largely reduced, eventually making them much less vulnerable to tampering. Installation and maintenance also becomes hassle-free. IP cameras also offer superior image clarity as compared to analog cameras.

A combination of CPPLUS 2 MP cameras with vari-focal lenses, WDR, alarms, and raid-enabled 32 CH NVRs were deployed across the prisons. Following days of careful screening, key locations were identified where cameras would be installed for maximum coverage and clear visibility. Care was taken to ensure the cabling was designed to avoid tempering.


Implementing the new system wasn’t a cake walk; the system integrators faced constant resistance from the prison inmates. They were the least cooperative, relentlessly opposing the choice of locations where the cameras were to be installed. However, with subsequent intervening of the higher prison officials, the engineers were able to complete installation.  


The prison officials found the new system’s image clarity to be impressive. They were now able to view and monitor areas in and around the prisons’ premises in much greater detail, and that meant more control and order, therefore making the new system a worthy investment.

Installing cameras in a prison is like belling the cat; it wasn’t easy. The convicts seemed intimidated and tried to disrupt the installation in all ways possible. However, once the installation was complete, and the officials expressed their content and satisfaction with the image clarity, our hard work paid off”, stated Mr. B. S. Bhathal of Bistro Security System, the system integrator for this project.

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Transport CP PLUS secures ZSE busses to make travelling to school and back safer for its school students.


Zydus School of Excellence (ZSE) has been one of the most prominent schools in Godhavi, Ahmadabad. Spread over 9 acres of, ZSE Godhavi comprises of the pre-primary, primary, secondary, and higher secondary sections, housing over 1000 children. The school runs its own fleet of busses that transits students to and fro the school, and of late the management has been looking for a way to secure and manage its bus services more efficiently.


The Zydus school busses run long haul to pick up and drop children from different corners of the town. Delays in pickups and drops often become a matter of concern for both parents and school authority.

Confronted by the safety of its students while on their way to and fro the school, ZSE realized its busses needed surveillance for a more secure and reliable transit. Moreover, having its busses monitored would help them keep track of the behavior of the vehicle/ driver and keep a check on any discrepancies therein.


A total of 33 busses ply every day to transport ZSE students from their homes to the school and back. Having surveyed the busses, and the kind of routes that they take each day, a comprehensive solution was designed.

Each bus was fitted with 2 high resolution analog cameras, installed at its entry and exit points, and a CP PLUS state-of-the-art MDVR with HDD for recording. Ideal for mobile surveillance, CP PLUS MDVRs offer tamper proof, shock proof, and anti-vibration features, courtesy their unique rugged design, for worry free recording. These MDVRs are further GPS enabled to tag video evidence with the current location. Also included in the solution is enterprise-level data management software to monitor and manage end-to-end evidence.

The challenge however was the short time within which the project needed to be delivered, also subject to the availability of the vehicles. Limited access to electricity also posed a significant challenge, requiring the use of special battery operated tools. 


The solution offered by CP PLUS completely satisfied the surveillance demands of the school management: the management was able to track the movement of all their busses at all times easily. Implementing these solutions not just ensured that the busses were punctual, but also kept a track of the students, driver behavior and anyone other than the designated people within the vehicles.

The project was challenging with a very short TAT, and the dependence on the availability of the vehicles. However, the project was delivered within the stipulated time frame, and the results thereafter satisfied the customer, thereby making the project a success.” Mehul Goswami, Addon Technology.

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PUBLIC SPACES CP PLUS Secures India’s largest Holy Confluence - The Khumb Mela 2019

The Background

World’s largest spiritual gathering - Kumbh Mela, is a highly revered religious event for the Hindu sages and ascetics, displaying uniqueness of the Hindu tradition, culture and historical significance. One of the most crowded and incredibly exclusive religious celebrations, the Kumbh Mela showcases India’s ‘Civilizational Continuity’ and demonstrates the richness of its thousand-of-years-old culture.

Millions of pilgrims’ flock to the holy cities to take a holy dip in the river water originating from Haridwar, touching Ujjain, Nashik, and merging in confluence at Prayagraj. For such a mega event, a massive 39 sq. km of area was turned into a temporary city by 20,000 construction workers providing shelters to lakhs of pilgrims, sages and ascetics. The whole area had an arrangement of 1 lakh makeshift urinals, 20,000 sanitation workers in service, and shelter-facilities brightened by 40,000 LED lights. Managing an expansive area and ensuring safety and security of people in lakhs, was a humongous task. The authorities were planning to implement several security measures considering the area, number of pilgrims, vulnerable spots and methods of security arrangements.

Challenges Faced

Safe pilgrim movement, crowd monitoring, incident management, and seamless pilgrim dispersals were some of the key challenges. Concurrently, coordination between 4 Police Lines with 40 Police Thanas, 3 Mahila Thanas, 62 Police Outposts, Jal Police were established; with 3 Units along the river stretch, and 1 Mounted Police Line was required to be managed. Preventing mishap or stampede-like situation was a critical aspect, that required cutting-edge security solutions.

Solution by CP PLUS

Collaborating with the UP Police during 2019, CP PLUS installed large number of CCTV cameras covering 268 vulnerable locations of the expansive 39 sq. kms of area. An Integrated Command and Control Centre (ICCC) was set up, which included sub-command and control centres with video monitoring cells and video wall cubes, well-connected to the CCTV cameras throughout the area. The integrated ICCC helped in the monitoring of crowd activities, provided round the clock surveillance of the entire expanse, and effectively prevented any unfortunate incident from taking place. The ICCC unit was manned by 120 monitoring operators and 30 call centre operators, making the execution of this mammoth-size. In addition to this, CP PLUS meticulously combined some of the latest surveillance solutions for the event:

  • Video Analytics and Real-Time Video Analysis for Crowd Management
  • Real-time detection and alert algorithm for overcrowded spaces
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) System for parking sites
  • Vehicle detection by colour along with vehicle search by vehicle colour/license plate and date time combinations
  • Variable Message Display (VMD) Boards
  • Real-time information dissemination containing warnings, traffic advice, route guidance and emergency messages
  • Text and graphic based messages display
  • Integrated Traffic Management System

The Impact

Thousands of Police personnel were on-guard for more than 20 days for the event. Entire expanse of the Kumbh Mela was secured by state-of-the-art solutions by CP PLUS helping the authorities with live feeds of crowd movement at vulnerable spots, early-alarm system to prevent incidents from severe, and also provided complete control through remote monitoring to the Police personnel.

Mr. O.P Singh, Director General - UP Police applauded the planning by quoting, “We employed all kinds of modern surveillance technologies to make this Kumbh Mela a huge success. Simultaneously, the combination of latest surveillance tech and deployment of forces effectively acted in the prevention of mischievous acts and criminal or unpleasant incidents in the fair. For us, it was crucial to maintain safety of the people in the vulnerable spots without intervening with the fair rituals. We received tremendous support from the surveillance teams who helped us in the monitoring of such a massive crowd.”

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The Background

Crown Plaza Hotels are renowned chain of hotels operating across the world. Managed and promoted by IHG group (Intercontinental Hotel Group), Crown Plaza situated in Greater Noida is one of the finest hotels, well known for its matchless hospitality, comfort, and luxury. In the hospitality sector, wherein, service quality, amenities, and location largely contribute in building the brand reputation, level of deployed security infrastructure holds crucial significance as well.

As a reputed brand name in the hospitality domain, Crown Plaza Greater Noida had a defined security structure in place; with both manned and unmanned security measures. The internal security team of the hotel was keen on stepping up the framework by installing latest surveillance products & equipment and wanted to loop in a trusted security solution partner.

Challenges Faced

When the hospitality sector is still waking up to modern-day security challenges in this fast advancing world, on-premise guest safety and security remains a top concern. Compelling reasons such as - Guest safety, act of terrorism, criminal activities, uncalled exigencies like fire break-out, security breaches and trespassing pushed the Crown Plaza team to analyse the perceived as well as unperceived threats, both on-premise and around the property.

For internal security team, round-the-clock security preparedness at the location was crucial and ensuring the safety and security of the guests was quite a challenge without appropriate surveillance products and equipment. As a result, Crown Plaza team planned to procure the equipment that could address specific security need at desired location in the hotel and cover related security attributes with re-commissioning of existing equipment.

Solutions by CP PLUS

From on-premise security perspective, deterrence is one of the key elements in consideration. In addition to this, identifying the complexities and reputation of the organizational entity while planning a solution is an inevitable determinant to establish unhindered brand recognition.

Analyzing the criticalities involved, CP PLUS team not only carried out detailed planning before the final implementation but also offered a customized solution to the hotel. Elaborative commissioning of IP cameras, NVRs and related peripherals was required by the client. CP PLUS, the global leader in security and surveillance solutions, joined hands with the Crown Plaza in-house security team to provide cutting-edge security product and equipment with re-commissioning of several surveillance devices, on-premise.

The Impact

CP PLUS team completed the commissioning and installation of surveillance products, covering each aspect to fulfill client expectations, specifically those pertaining to - On premise guest safety, effective monitoring of unusual/criminal activities, incident management & security breaches or trespassing.

Risk Manager, Ms. Jhumur Jha, lauded the execution and delivery by the CP PLUS team with her kind words, - “We are happy to state that CP PLUS has successfully commissioned the CCTV installation as per the scope of work. We received full co-operation from the team during the project period which was as per the security standards, and stringently adhered by the group. During this project, we build a strong rapport with the entire team and we can honestly say that they are simply the experts in CCTV surveillance solutions. On behalf of the team Crown Plaza Greater Noida, I duly appreciate the cooperation, and their ability to deliver the project with expertise by synchronizing perfectly with all the staff members in the successful implementation of this project.”

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REAL ESTATE & COMMERCIAL A massive complex comprising of multiple high rise buildings and various other amenities was vulnerable to a number of security threats. A combination of CP PLUS solutions were used to secure the premises, and make monitoring and security management easier.


Vipul Gardens features among the premium residential projects in Gurugram (earlier Gurgaon). Spread over 17-18 acres in the area’s prime location, this residential complex comprises of 23 towers, each 15 floors high with 4 flats per floor. The surrounding area with its plush greenery, children’s playground, car parking, swimming pool, club house, and local markets lend the area a self-sustained city-like ambiance. In totality, the complex spans a large area offering many an amenities and luxuries.


Despite deploying security personnel to patrol the area, and some analog cameras scantily installed here and there, the security system wasn’t foolproof.  Considering the vulnerability of a residential complex as huge as this one, having a sound security management was imperative.

That said the expanse of the complex was a significant challenge since it didn’t have covered boundaries. The complex’s management was specific that they wanted a solution that would facilitate monitoring the large area remotely with distinct clear images of the vicinity that would facilitate them to clearly decipher individuals and vehicles entering and leaving the premises.

Identifying key areas where cameras should be installed so that the maximum area can be surveyed was crucial for the success of the project. Determining the right solution (cameras, recorders and related equipment) was also very important.

Underground wire laying and height work were also major challenges.


A single solution was clearly not sufficient considering the expanse of the premises; a combination of select hardware and software needed to be deployed.

The CP-UNC-TD40L4Ds were installed around the complex’s boundary, which were equipped with smart analytics that would track activity and alarm if anything extraordinary was detected. The entry and exit of the complex were guarded with CP-UNC-TP10L2Cs, which are equipped with face and number plate detection technology, so that individuals and vehicles entering and leaving the premises can be detected respectively.

Since recording high quality footage was the prime necessity, CP-UNR-432T8 recorders were used, which were equipped with 32TB HDD space and 8 SATA Support. Finally, a vOptimus Pro (Video Management Software) was used to integrate all the cameras and NVRs.


Within weeks of installation, the complex’s management reported positive results. Monitoring the premise became much easier: incoming and outgoing vehicles could be tracked with ease, the boundary was no longer neglected, and both frequently and rarely accessed areas were now being monitored.  

Ever since the installation, the residents also expressed their content stating that they now felt secure. They were no longer reluctant to let their children out without having to constantly keep an eye.

“Wire laying and height work were significant challenges. A combination of CP PLUS cameras and NVRs were used to secure the entire location. In the end, the project was a huge success; the work was highly appreciated by the client, “expressed Mr. Harminder Singh of WSS Group, who was the system integrator for the project.

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INDUSTRIES & FACTORY CP PLUS secures prestigious Talwandi Sabo Power Limited (TSPL), a Vedanta Group company in Punjab.


Talwandi Sabo Power Plant Limited is the first largest power generation facility in Punjab. It has a capacity of 1980 MW and powers over 20 lakh households. This is also a coal-fired thermal power production project with 3 units of 660 MW each. Set up by the Vedanta group, the plant is being projected as a major step towards making Punjab power surplus.

The CCTV surveillance system has been installed to ensure proper working of all the sub plants, to guard against existing security risks, and to monitor the operations.


A thermal power plant is a vast electricity generating setup which includes many diversified and integrated operations. The plant houses heavy machinery, which works continuously for a long durations. A small snug in any component may hamper electricity generation in a major way. Apart from routine maintenance schedules, it’s prudent to monitor the key parameters such as emissions- a regulatory issue and grave concern for environment, temperatures, discharge of waste, etc.

Besides this, protection of the perimeter of the plant against any illegal intrusion is the key to ensuring its safety. In environment critical installations as large as thermal plants, strict adherence to the process and regulations is a mandatory requirement to ensure smooth operations. So far, monitoring was carried out largely using physical and conventional security. This left the security framework vulnerable to manipulations and potential sabotages. A fool-proof security, independent of complete human intervention was required.   


As India’s No.1 surveillance company, CP PLUS offers an extensive portfolio of products and solutions, thereby facilitating the Surveillance System Architect to devise a fool-proof security design/solution. 

The team identified locations where installation of analog cameras can monitor not only emissions from chimneys, but also the DM water plant, perimeters and the EDP area. Since cameras were distanced out to cover the vast area, various parameters and factors were considered while laying the cables and selecting other peripherals to ensure optimum working of the system. The safety and longevity of cables was ensured by passing them through PVC conduits. This made the system maintenance free for a long time.

For improved protection from the harsh weather, high quality switches and RJ 45 connectors were used. All connections were properly sealed and secured to avoid dust and moisture seeping into the connections.

After analyzing the locations and system requirements, and subsequent discussions with power plant management, the team decided to deploy HD solutions. HD range of solutions is an ideal choice when HD video quality is required. Another major advantage of HD technology is loss free signal transmission over long distances (over 500 feet). The cables can carry audio and video signals on the same cable, thereby reducing infrastructure costs substantially. Operation and maintenance costs are also lesser with HD technology.

CP PLUS products used to secure the vast area included the CP PLUS 1Megapixel HQIS Pro, the CP PLUS HD DVR with H.264 dual-stream Video Compression, and CMS with KVMS software.   

The DVR, which efficiently supports H.264, was combined with CP PLUS Centralized Management Software- KVMS to provide users the option of watching a recorded or live video via a PC or mobile device remotely. 


The HD video surveillance solution delivered great results, meeting client expectations successfully. Cost-efficient operation and maintenance was a major plus. Active monitoring round-the-clock enhanced overall safety and operational efficiency, wherein any process violations were reported to the technical management team instantly. Also, the video quality was, by far, beyond expectation.

The security system has certainly enhanced situational surveillance and has ensured process compliance. The system is nicely complementing physical security, the project’s system integrator, Z plus Surveillance Security Pvt. Ltd.’s spokesperson stated.

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BANKING NRB Global Bank and its ATMs secured by CP PLUS state-of-the-art banking security solutions.


NRB Global Bank is one of the nine fourth generation banks in Bangladesh. Founded by reputed, non-resident Bangladeshis, NRB Global bank has been pivotal in bringing global banking standards to the country. With more than 35 branches across Bangladesh, NRB Global Bank boasts of a rapidly expanding customer base.

As with any other bank, NRB Global bank was also concerned with vandalism and theft at their branches and ATMs. They were looking for a credible security solution that would not only help them secure their branches and ATMs but also enable them monitor the premises centrally.

The existing security system used analog cameras which were inefficient in serving the management’s purpose. The footage was not distinct enough to be distinguished should there be a need to review them. The bank management required a centralized monitoring system which would allow them to monitor the branches and ATMs from one location.


Having scanned the locations thoroughly, the CP PLUS Solutions Team designed a customized solution that would blend in without requiring major operational and infrastructural overhauls.

A combination of CP PLUS HDCVI cameras and DVRs were chosen. These cameras offered superior image clarity and worked in low light conditions as well. A third party VMS software powered up with video analytics was also incorporated into the design to make surveillance effective and foolproof.           


Beginning from need analysis to solution designing to solution execution, the complexity of the floor design posed to be a challenge. It was important to place cameras such that the corners and narrow aisles were under surveillance without interfering with the IPR. Identifying such key locations was, by far, a daunting task.


The HD video surveillance solution delivered great results, meeting client expectations successfully. Active monitoring round-the-clock and in-built analytics enhanced overall safety and operational efficiency enabling the bank’s management to monitor the premise effectively. Happy with the results, the bank is contemplating deploying more cameras across their other branches in Bangladesh.

There were quite a few structural challenges posed by this project. It was important to ensure that the cameras were located such that they didn’t interfere with IP rights. Also, as with most government projects, the numerous approvals required at multiple levels of execution/ installation increased the TAT way more than it required”, mentioned Moshiur Rahman of My Company Ltd, the system integrator for this project.

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EDUCATION The vast premises of Shah Abdul Latif University are now under the vigilant eyes of CP PLUS high definition security cameras.


Shah Abdul Latif is an esteemed university and one of the most recognized bodies providing higher education in the field of arts, commerce, science and technology. It is located in Khairpur - a former state that joined Pakistan in 1955, right at the heartland of Upper Sindh. The main campus located at Khairpur - just 3 kilometers away from the town, spanning an area of 340 acres of land plush with greenery and demarcated playgrounds.

The university houses over 8000 students and staff across its campus, and the management wanted to make sure that the premise was safe and secure for all. The existing security was limited to the premise being manned by a few security personnel, which was, by far, insufficient from the security point of view. The management required an intelligent surveillance system be designed that would not only ensure the safety of students and staff but also help with maintaining discipline within the university.


The management of Shah Abdul Latif University wanted to monitor the entire expanse, especially the entrance and exits and boundary walls. The expectation from the system was real –time recording and crystal clear display.

The university’s vast premises required careful screening so as to determine the best locations and angles where cameras could be installed to monitor the maximum area without compromising on the footage quality. The choice of cameras, cabling, and related equipment/ peripherals, also required careful evaluation. It was important to ensure that the installation was tamper proof.

The choicest of high definition CP PLUS cameras were selected along with one of the best recorders and a VMS so as to ensure high definition images, 24 hour recording and hassle-free operation. A central control room was set up where footage could be monitored and recorded.


Shah Abdul Latif University has greatly benefited from the installation of this surveillance system. The control room for recording and storage of data has distributed monitoring units connected by underground optical fiber cabling. The conceptualization of this project has ensured easy identification and immediate action.

The installed surveillance system has been able to efficiently monitor the campus round-the-clock, zoom-in where needed and provide real-time images to authorities to enable authorities to tackle emergency situations and take corrective actions.

The client wanted to deploy a surveillance system that would seamlessly integrate into their organizational design without requiring major infrastructural overhauls. The image clarity offered by the CP PLUS cameras we installed impressed the client and they were very happy with the end results”, mentioned Mr. Haneef of COMTEL, the system integrator for the project in Karachi, Pakistan.

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REAL ESTATE & COMMERCIAL CP PLUS solutions help Jamal Al Ghurair Group acquire the required certifications for their upcoming project - Ribbon Mall, with the latest state-of-the-art surveillance technologies.


CP PLUS solutions secured The Ribbon Mall at the Etisalat Motor City, one of the high end properties by the reputed Jamal Al Ghurair Group in Dubai, UAE. Khalid & Jamal Al Ghurair Real Estate was established in 2005 to be the real estate wing of Jamal Al Ghurair group. K & J manages a huge portfolio of residential and commercial properties in UAE. The Mall offers a wide range of retail outlets amidst the upmarket Motor City with a great cluster of restaurants, retail outlets and grocery chains.


The management was seeking a solution in order to meet the SIRA requirements and acquire the relevant certifications from the government, which forms an essential step towards validating any infrastructure project in the country. 


The premises required careful screening so as to determine the best locations and angles where cameras could be installed to monitor the maximum area without compromising on the footage quality. The choice of cameras, cabling, and related equipment/ peripherals, also required careful evaluation.

After carefully analyzing the locations and requirements, the CP PLUS Solutions Team designed and developed an IP-based solution infrastructure ideally suited for the case. IP solutions are a great choice when detailed imagery is required. Installation is also easier since the cabling requirements are significantly lesser as compared to analog solutions. Further, the combination of cameras and NVRs chosen with advanced compression of H.264, offered live monitoring in HD (@720P) and efficient remote monitoring (@ D1/6FPS), thus ensuring great results.


The new surveillance system was highly appreciated and commended by the security officials since it met their expectations with a great ROI.

“Since it was a new construct, designing a solution was not quite a challenge. We’re happy that the project was concluded successfully to the client’s satisfaction”, said the spokesperson of Blue Lotus Technical Services LLC, the system integrator for the project.

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INDUSTRIES & FACTORY The large factory area required maximum coverage with high quality footage for optimum surveillance, so as to ensure security of the assets and employees and keep a check on vehicles and visitors entering and exiting the premises.


Rajdhani Flourmill Ltd. is a well-known chana dal and besan manufacturing brand with a strong presence in North India. It has a huge manufacturing facility in Gurgaon, comprising of 3 plants, which manufactures and distributes its produce across markets. Monitoring the premises to ensure the safety of assets and employees, and keeping a track of who is entering and leaving the premises were the prime concerns of the factory.


The factory needed a reliable and scalable security solution to be able to secure its vast production facilities and ensure smooth operations. Expectations from the new system included High Definition (HD) quality for optimum footage clarity, maximum area coverage in and around the plants, and number plate tracking.

Areas that needed to be covered were the entire boundary, basement area, entry and exit of all 3 plants, Genset, Lab, Heavy Boiler and Machines, loading and unloading zones, store, grinder and weighing bridge.

Despite the locations being pre-decided, there were multiple challenges faced in the installation of cameras. Primarily, installing cameras near and in-between machines was a daunting task, owing to lack of ample space. Additionally, complexity of the heavy machinery posed significant challenges with the wiring design layout. Furthermore, the besan dust spattered all over the production facility was also a problem.


A total of 100 CP PLUS IP cameras were installed across the 3 plants. They were a combination of some of the most advanced CP PLUS IP cameras, namely CP-UNC-TD40L4D, CP-UNC-T4352L2, CP-UNC-TP10L3C-V2, CP-UNC-D4352L2, so as to provide high quality footage. For recording purposes, CP PLUS’ CP-UNR-432T8 was chosen - one of CP PLUS’s best Network Recorders. And,   to view them all together CP PLUS’ video management software KVMS was deployed.            

Considering the layout for deciding upon the camera locations and wiring design was a necessity. The designs needed prior approval as well. For capturing the number plates of incoming trucks CP-UNC-TD40L4D was installed. Since the premises demanded wide area coverage, CP PLUS’ 3 MP WDR CP-UNC-D4352L2 were installed. The GBIC model was adopted for fiber optic cables’ solution design.

CP-UNR-432T8, offering 32TB HDD storage, seamless, interruption-free recording and high definition video quality was chosen for recording purposes. And, with the help of CP PLUS’ KVMS software comprehensive view was provided to the Control Room, Guard Room and HR Department.


CP PLUS’ solution was able to deliver definite results. Installing cameras in and around the factory premises not only allowed the management monitor incoming and outgoing vehicles/ individuals but also brought about a sense of security among the factory workforce and improved their productivity levels too.

“The project was challenging considering it was in operation, and required numerous approvals and sanctions throughout. However, with the help of CP PLUS’ avant-garde security products and solutions, we were able to successfully secure the large flourmill. In the end, the client was not just content, but impressed with the value that the project delivered, which made it all worthwhile”, said Harminder Singh of WSS Group.

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REAL ESTATE & COMMERCIAL CP PLUS solutions help Credo Investments FZE acquire the required certifications for their upmarket project - Prism Tower with the latest state-of-the-art surveillance technologies


CP PLUS solutions recently secured The Prism Tower, one of the high end properties by the reputed Credo Investments FZE in Dubai. Being a new project, it needed to meet the SIRA requirements, an essential validation for all real estate projects in the country.


The management wanted a reliable security solution that will assist the deployed security personnel at the premise operate and monitor the property without any hiccups. Image quality and round the clock monitoring were the main requirements.


The premises required careful screening so as to determine the best locations and angles where cameras could be installed to monitor the maximum area without compromising on the footage quality. The choice of cameras, cabling, and related equipment/ peripherals, also required careful evaluation.

After analyzing the locations and system requirements, the CP PLUS Solutions Team designed and developed IP solutions suitable to meet the client’s requirement. IP solutions are an ideal choice when detailed clarity is required; it offers a compression of H.264. Installation is easier since the cabling requirements are significantly lesser as compared to analog solutions, which was best suited considering the expanse of the location. Further, the combination of cameras and NVRs chosen offered live monitoring in HD (@720P) and efficient remote monitoring (@ D1/6FPS), which ensured distinct, hiccup free footage.


The simple yet user friendly interface and operation of the new surveillance system was highly appreciated and commended by the security officials in charge, and the project concluded successfully. The HD video surveillance solution delivered great results, meeting client expectations successfully.

“Since it was a new construct, designing a solution didn’t pose much of a challenge. The project was concluded successfully to the client’s satisfaction”, said the spokesperson of Blue Lotus Technical Services LLC, the system integrator for the project.

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EDUCATION CP PLUS Secures Kidzania Entertainment City Noida


KidZania is an infotainment concept designed for children aged 1-14 years. It showcases an interactive city that combines inspiration, fun and learning through realistic role-play. Spread over 7,000 square meters, kids can independently explore more than a 100 exciting careers, the inner-workings of a city and the concept of managing money. Each activity and experience is designed to empower and hone kids and give them the confidence to be their best selves, and inspire them to be great global citizens. The KidZania concept is already present in 24 cities across 19 countries, complete with paved roads, buildings, battery operated cars, and a fully functioning economy with its own currency.

When the KidZania management reached out to CP PLUS, they had two main concerns: firstly, considering the expanse of this theme park, it was challenging to watch and control activities of kids playing around, and secondly, video feed of the children’s activity was to be provided to parents sitting in the lounge area. While the premise did have manned security, manually monitoring all corners of expansive area was rendered ineffective.


After analyzing the requirements, the CP PLUS team conducted a detailed survey of the area with the system integrator for the project, Honeywell, to draw out a comprehensive plan for the campus. A combination of state-of-the-art IP cameras and NVRs were chosen to address the unique needs of specific areas.

  • To monitor the kid’s activity areas, a combination of CP PLUS 1.3MP Dome and 1.3MP Varifocal Dome cameras were used that offer high resolution imagery with wide coverage and a visibility range of 30 meters. The footage from these cameras would be displayed on the lounge screens for guardians of children to see.
  • The lanes and aisles were secured using the CP PLUS 1MP Vandal Dome cameras which support variable focal length thereby making them ideal for corridors and lanes. Additionally, these cameras are also vandal and tamper proof.  
  • The entry and exit points and the outdoor would be covered by CP PLUS 1.3MP Bullet cameras, which offer high resolution imagery, WDR that automatically adjusts to varying light conditions, and come with an IP66 rating making them ideal for outdoor environments. 
  • For the monitoring station/control room setup an embedded VMS solution has been provided, with a capacity to cater to 500 IP Cameras with 700Mbps incoming bandwidth and 700Mbps transmission bandwidth. The control room solution has been designed considering future needs such as scalability wherein ‘n’ number of devices can be added on to the existing server/client architecture, and a ‘failover system’ which allows switching over to an alternate system in case of a system failure, and more.  It also provides an option to integrate multiple solutions and analytical features such as people counting, face recognition any many more, access control, Fire alarm system etc.
  • Additionally, as per the project’s requirement of 30 days of recording, a NAS solution has been provided which easily configures with the DSS server and can be upgraded to increase the days of recording required by simply cascading more NAS servers to act as one NAS recorder.

Considering the nature of the setup CP PLUS has provided a solution that is scalable and can be easily upgraded whenever required. That’s not all; it can be integrated with other allied systems to make security more efficient.


The solution provided the administration with a ready access to the all sections of the expansive area at a click of the mouse. It enhanced the overall safety and operational efficiency of the setup, while enabling guardians to keep an eye on their children.

Implemented over 4 weeks, the solution was commended by the KidZania management, especially Mr. Yazdi Khambata, Facility Director - India, KidZania. Following the successful implementation of this project, KidZania has been considering up-scaling of their existing security infrastructure with CP PLUS in other branches as well.

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REAL ESTATE & COMMERCIAL Lahore’s biggest superstore, Hyperstar, at Nishat Mall, secured by CP PLUS IP security solutions


Hyperstar is one of the leading superstores with over 52 chains spread across 19 countries around the world.  Designed and developed by the reputed Majid Al Futtaim Retail group, Hyperstar’s first retail outlet was established in the Middle East in 1995. It is one of the most popular shopping joints housing numerous global brands.


The Hyperstar Nishat Mall in Lahore stocks more than 100,000 items at any point in time. Managing inventory of such scale and capacity requires more than just manpower. A sound security infrastructure that monitors the expanse round the clock is imperative.

The goal of the project was to be able to monitor the entire premises, with special emphasis on the sales area where the management could monitor their sales staff attending to the customers through their billing and exit.

It was a greenfield project since Hyperstar Nishat Mall, Lahore was installing a surveillance system for the first time. Display clarity and coverage were the prime expectations of the client since the mall was expansive any loophole could cost dearly.


The system on the fiber cable required major redesigning owing to the distances of the cameras from the control room. Additionally, mapping and designing the overlapping areas so that monitoring from all possible angles was possible.  


Since the cameras were distanced out to cover the vast area, various parameters and factors were considered while laying the cables and selecting other peripherals to ensure optimum working of the system. The safety and longevity of cables was ensured by passing them through PVC conduits. This made the system maintenance free for a long time.

After analyzing the locations and system requirements, and subsequent discussions with the mall’s management, the CP PLUS team decided to deploy IP solutions. IP solutions are an ideal choice when detailed clarity is required; it offers a compression of H.264. Installation is easier since the cabling requirements are significantly lesser as compared to analog solutions, which was best suited considering the expanse of the location.


The choice of CP PLUS equipment offered Hyperstar increased reliability of their video surveillance system, in terms of both image display and storage. Peace of mind for this critical operation translated to a greater sense of security for shop owners and mall customers.

CP PLUS IP cameras and NVRs were used to secure Hyperstar Nishat. The client was happy with the image quality and is contemplating installing a similar solution at its other outlets”.

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INDUSTRIES & FACTORY CP PLUS Secures Central Coalfields of Coal India Limited


Central Coalfields Limited (CCL) is a subsidiary of Coal India Limited (CIL), the largest coal producer in the world. It is a Miniratna company with its coalfields located in Ramgarh district of Jharkhand.

With a revenue of US$ 13 million (as of FY 2014-15), Coal India Limited (CIL) contributes about 84% of the coal production in the India and is owned and controlled by the Ministry of Coal. Subsidiaries of CIL include Eastern Coalfields Limited (ECL); Bharat Coking Coal Limited (BCCL); Central Coalfields Limited (CCL); Western Coalfields Limited (WCL); South Eastern Coalfields Limited (SECL); Northern Coalfields Limited (NCL); and Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL). CP PLUS was tasked with securing the Central Coalfields Limited.

A common challenge faced with managing coal fields is monitoring the vast expanse. Coalfields usually run into kilometers and monitoring such vast stretches of land physically is hardly effective. In the case of Central Coalfields Limited, besides monitoring the fields, theft of coal from heaps and railway sidings that were collected just after mining; trespassing/ intrusion of unauthorized persons at the site; vigilance at the time of dispatch of sidings and monitoring of workers was also a challenge.  


The CCL management was clear about what they expected from the CCTV system. Besides round the clock vigilance within the premises, they required full optimization of cameras with a recording of 24 hours since the coalfields were in use 24/7; and video analytics for when there was no manned monitoring.

After careful evaluation of the premise and consideration of the needs and requirements, a complete solution was designed. This included a combination of CP PLUS 2MP Motorized Zoom cameras and PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras complete with CP PLUS NVRs with 24 hour recording and advanced Edge Analytics such as Intrusion Detection; Trip Wire; Motion Detection integrated with audio and alarm systems. Furthermore, it was ensured that the solution provided is scalable and can be easily upgraded as and when required.

The region being a remote area of Jharkhand, system integrators faced resistance from the locals. However, with the assistance and support of the CCL authorities and the CISF personnel arranged by them, the installation was successfully completed.


The project was successfully implemented as per the client’s requirement. The solution provided the administration with a ready access to the all sections of the expansive area at a click of the mouse. It also enhanced the overall safety and operational efficiency.

Post implementation and commencement, the authorities were very satisfied with the results. They were now able to monitor the entire premise from one location, and send officials to inspect only when they would find something suspicious. Further, with the integrated advanced Edge Analytics, they would be able to keep a vigil on the premise even when there was no one monitoring at the main station.

As an SI we feel privileged that Coal India Ltd. chose us to serve them and that we were able to meet their requirements and provide them satisfaction”, Vasu Garg, GM, Smart Monitoring Innovations Private Limited.  

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GOVERNMENT CP PLUS Secures Agra Cantt. Station

Agra Cantonment is the main railway station in the city of Agra, and among the 100 most frequented station in the Indian Railways. Situated towards the southwest of the city, it intersects the main Delhi-Chennai and Delhi-Mumbai lines.

The main motive of the railway authorities was to monitor the wheelbase of the train coaches to check for damages, and simultaneously identify the train and coach number in which the damage has been detected.  


Implementing the new system wasn’t easy. Having provided multiple suggestions and a demo, a solution was finally reached upon which satisfied the railway authorities. Another challenge that stood before the implementation team was to ensure the successful operation at night in the absence of adequate lighting. However, with a careful selection of state-of-the-art cameras equipped with night vision, this challenge was eventually taken care of.

Solution offered

Considering that trains leave the platform with an approximate speed of 25-30 kmp/h, an IP camera was chosen which performed at 50-60 FPS (frame per sec). This could easily monitor the wheelbase and at the same time identify the train and coach number as well.

However, installing the camera close to the railway lines was risky as it could be easily tampered with or damaged by passengers, objects/ particles flung by the high velocity of the passing trains, etc. To resolve this, the camera was installed inside an enclosed high density steel box mounted atop a pole that cemented & buried 2-3 feet below the ground. Further, a halogen lamp was installed inside the box to amplify the image quality and achieve better images during the night. So now, the wheel base could be effectively monitored from a central control room in the railways station without requiring manual intervention.


On successful implementation, the railway authorities could now:

  • Monitoring any defects in the wheelbase
  • Identify the train and coach number of the train with the defect.
  • Achieve clear images quality during the night for round-the-clock effective supervision.
  • Since officials usually identify faults by listening to the sound coming from the wheel base of a train, a microphone was fitted to help them continue doing so from the control room itself.

The solution provided proved to be very helpful in monitoring the wheel base - a very important aspect of maintaining trains.

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PUBLIC SPACES CP PLUS IP solution helps the heritage temple secure its property and ensure safety of its visitors.


The Lingaraja temple is one of the oldest temples dedicated to Shiva. It represents the Kalinga architecture, a culmination of the medieval stages of architectural tradition in Bhubaneswar. At 55m tall and spread over an expansive 250000 sq. feet, it is the largest temple in Bhubaneswar. The temple complex has 50 shrines and is enclosed by a large compound wall.

Maintained by the Temple Trust Board and the Archeological Survey of India (ASI), the temple sees about 2000 visitors per day, on an average. During festivals, such as Shivratri, one of the major festivals celebrated in India, this number can run into lakhs.

Due to the huge visitor footfall, the temple management often faces challenges in tracking and managing crowds effectively, more so during festive times. Lack of adequate security makes the temple and visitors vulnerable to theft, pickpocketing, unauthorized loitering and unnecessary chaos. While the temple had delegated personnel to keep a watch on the premises, manning the expansive property proved to be time consuming and inefficient.

Besides, during festive times such as Rath Yatra, Shivratri, etc., when the footfalls increase manifold, manning the premise and managing the crowd was impossible. The security of the temple property and its visitors and their belongings was a pressing concern for the temple administration. They needed a solution that would help them manage the large footfall volume as well as ensure security.

Having secured various heritage sites before, much to the satisfaction of its clients, the temple administration approached CP PLUS for a solution. They expressed their concerns and the need for a simple solution that will help them manage security and its visitors in the best possible manner.

CP PLUS solution design experts got to it right away; however, the project was tricky. Heritage structures such as these are mostly centuries old, tampering with which can prove to be risky. Too much of drilling can cause damages that would then entail high repair costs. Further, The Lingaraja Temple was built of laterite, a rock stone, which meant special equipment would be required for installing cameras. The team also had to take into consideration the user interface which needed to be simple so that the temple administration could easily operate and manage it.


The premise was carefully screened by our security experts to determine the best locations where cameras could be installed to monitor the maximum area with the best footage quality. The choice of cameras and recorders required careful evaluation, especially the ones installed outdoors since they would be exposed to fluctuating weather conditions. 

After analyzing the requirements, the CP PLUS Solutions Team designed a solution comprising of some of the most advanced IP cameras to meet the client’s requirement. A combination of 2MP full HD bullet cameras (20mtrs) and 2MP PTZ cameras (100mtrs) were used to monitor the entry and exit corridors and the perimeter. While the 2MP HD bullet cameras allowed for monitoring queues and corridors, the long range 2MP PTZ camera was deployed to monitor perimeters. To monitor the inside of the temple a 2MP full HD was installed.

Further, 16 channel and 32 channel HD (1080p) DVRs were used to record and store recordings and an additional 32 channel NVR was installed so that the live videos could be made accessible over the internet from anywhere.


The high definition video surveillance solution delivered great results, meeting client expectations successfully. High definition imagery with face detection helped the temple administration track and manage visitors effectively. Further, consequent to installing cameras, crowd behavior has also been impacted. Enhanced overall safety and operational efficiency, allowing the management to monitor the vast expanse effectively.

The challenge, as is with the installation at any heritage structure, lay in installing the cameras. This one was particularly built using laterite, a rock stone and required the use of special equipment. However, the client’s satisfaction post installation was all that mattered”.

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REAL ESTATE & COMMERCIAL CP PLUS solutions help Omniyat Properties acquire the required certifications for their upmarket project: The Square Al-Mamzar by upgrading its existing security systems to meet the latest security standards of UAE.


CP PLUS solutions recently secured The Sqaure Al-Mamzar, one of the very first residential properties by the reputed Omniyat Developers in Dubai. While the property did have an existing security infrastructure in place, it wasn’t sufficient to get the project the required certifications with the authorities, an essential validation for the project.


The primary goal of the project was to oversee the setup of a reliable security solution that will effortlessly help the security personnel in charge, operate and monitor the property without any hiccups. Limited ONVIF capabilities and compatibility issues with third party cameras were among the major drawbacks of the existing system. Furthermore, to step up the present system, an additional 100 cameras needed to be installed.


While the installation did not require reworking the existing system in entirety, the old cameras from the previous system required being synced with the new system, which was tedious.  Also, the system integrators were faced the challenge of placing the cameras focusing on the entry way such that visibility wasn’t hindered. Earlier, the sun’s rays falling at the main entry way was so glaring that it was paralyzing the ability to capture the faces of individuals entering the premise.


However, once the cameras at the entryway were located strategically and the old cameras connected to the newly set up system, surveying the premise became a cake walk. The simple and user friendly interface and operation of the new surveillance system was highly appreciated and commended by the security officials in charge, and the project concluded successfully.

“Wire laying and height work were significant challenges. A combination of CP PLUS cameras and NVRs were used to secure the entire location. In the end, the project was a huge success; the work was highly appreciated by the client”, said the system integrator for the project.

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INDUSTRIES & FACTORY Cutting Edge surveillance technology from CP PLUS helps L’Oréal Indonesia secure their team and facilities, and significantly enhance staff productivity levels.


L’Oréal is the largest cosmetic company in the world with 28 international brands under its umbrella, and presence in 130 countries worldwide. In Indonesia, the L’Oréal facilities house 14 brands: several manufactured locally, and staff strength of over 1000. With such a large workforce and inventory worth millions, security is a prime concern.


The initial strategy by L’Oréal Indonesia has been to deploy a large number of professional security personnel throughout its premises. However, this approach had limited effectiveness due to inability to survey all locations round the clock, staff communication barriers et al. Added to that, the high vulnerability of the premises to a host of security attacks.

The management needed to be able to access high quality, clear footage of the areas of concern within the premises so that surveillance is unambiguous and efficient, and no security breaches go undetected.

One of the major challenges on this path was identifying the key locations where installing cameras would offer footage of the largest possible area. Moreover, it was important that the cameras be installed such that they do not obstruct the day-to-day smooth operations.


To enhance security management and improve the overall staff productivity levels, CP PLUS worked with L’Oréal Indonesia to mark out the key areas where security cameras needed to be installed. Further, a comprehensive plan was developed establishing the number of recorders and supporting hardware that would be needed for effective management of the installed security system. Integrated solutions were installed across multiple floors of the L’Oréal Indonesia head office, at Ciputra World 1 building, Jakarta.

On the R&I Department floor, which comprised of 2 bathrooms and 2 one-way interview rooms, CP PLUS’ 2 megapixel PTZ indoor cameras (CP-UNC-4212T) were installed, which offered 2-way communication for recording all interviews that would then be saved into DVDs to be archived. The CP PLUS IP PTZ Cameras were also integrated with PABX system so that communication between the rooms could be possible by just dialing the other room’s extension number via the phone handset. Power microphones and speakers were also integrated for camera audio input and output.

At some floors meeting rooms needed to be equipped for viewing the footage from the interview rooms at the R&I Department. Each of the 50” (inch) LED TV in the 4 meeting rooms on each floors were then connected to the NVR as an encoder to display footage and audio stream from all the cameras installed on the R&I floor. The CEO office’s LED in the L’Oréal Indonesia Head Office was also integrated into the overall security CP PLUS infrastructure.


L’Oréal Indonesia observed positive results within a very brief period post implementing the security infrastructure.

The high clarity of footage streaming in from CP PLUS’ Dome and Bullet cameras immediately reduced the number of security personnel needed to survey the locations, resulting in decreased costs. Further, the image clarity offered management clear evidence for any sort of probe/ analysis, relieving them of the tedious job of having to spend hours trying to analyze the contents of a video clip.

Aware that they are under constant surveillance, the staff was also observed to show increased diligence towards their work. There were lesser incidences of operational fallouts and employee absenteeism, thereby improving overall productivity levels.


High image quality, even in varying light conditions, wide field of view capabilities, reliable integration and operational stability, and the ability to extract advanced analytics from a video clip were key reasons behind L’Oréal Indonesia’s preference for CP PLUS as their security partner.

Having experienced great performance and results right from phase-I of surveillance implementation, L’Oreal has retained CP PLUS as their core technology partner for securing more than 100 of their outlets across Indonesia. The company is planning on having a sophisticated central monitoring system in the near future that would connect all their outlet facilities with their HQ.

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BANKING CP PLUS CCTV Cameras secure Indonesia’s largest state-owned bank – Bank Rakyat’s branches.


Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) is the oldest and the largest state-owned bank in Indonesia, with 30% of its total shares listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange. BRI constitutes of 10,000 outlets spread across Indonesia and overseas, including 1 Head Office, 19 Regional Offices, and 461 Branch Offices.  The bank recently discovered that 70 of its branches in Indonesia needed to upgrade their security levels keeping in mind the growing vulnerabilities in the surroundings, as well as for enhancing productivity internally.

In order to enhance the security management in these branches, ensure the safety of staff, deter theft and burglary and enforce discipline, BRI needed to implement reliable and scalable security solutions. The surveillance solutions should be able to capture and store clear footage to facilitate ambiguity-free identification in the event of any investigation. 


The problem involved devising a security infrastructure plan that allows the bank management to access uninterrupted, quality footage. Prime locations of the each branch also needed to be identified where installing cameras would provide footage of the largest possible area. Furthermore, it needed to be ensured that the installed cameras aren’t interrupting the regular operation of the branches, or compromising with the employee/ customers’ privacy.


CP PLUS decided to install few but high-end cameras which could capture long distance images with clarity. The team outlined four key objectives to improve the overall security; a technology driven solution that would aid in preventing crime in and around each branch premises, improving discipline and productivity of the employees, reducing the number of security personnel supervising each branch, and installing a quick response mechanism to potentially dangerous situations and investigative support for litigious cases.

After subsequent analysis of the above factors and the possible solution alternatives, it was decided that the following CP PLUS products will be deployed at each of the 70 branches:

  • 4-8 Nos. Quadra Analogue Camera 850TVLine (CP-LAC-DC85L2 & CP-LAC-TC85L2), which has a high reading range and offers clear, high quality images.
  • 8 Nos. Channel iDVR 960H (CP-UAR-0801P1) to support the installed cameras in recording and storing footage.


Post successful installation, the branches were monitored for a few months before noting the following improvements:

Cost savings – Owing to the clarity of footage that the installed cameras were able to provide, lesser number of physical security personnel were needed. 

Clear images as evidence – The primary goal of installing security cameras is to capture clear images that can be analyzed effortlessly in case of any untoward event. And, in this case the installed cameras were able to do so effectively and efficiently. The management didn’t have to spend hours trying to figure out contents of footage.

Better discipline and productivity – The management at these BRI branches observed better discipline among their employees and improved attitude towards their work. There were lesser incidences of operational fallouts and customer dissatisfaction, thereby improving the overall productivity.

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INDUSTRIES & FACTORY CP PLUS solutions secures highly sensitive Sheela Foam plants


Sheela Group is a leading name in the Polyurethane (PU) foam industry running successful brands like Sleepwell, Feather Foam, and Lamiflex. A multi-billion entity, this Indian based foam manufacturing company has its wings spread across 25 countries across the world.

Cognizant of the numerous projects that it has successfully delivered with its wide portfolio of products and solutions, the SG management approached CP PLUS for a tailored solution that will help address their pain points.


The manufacture of polyurethane foam entails a complex hazardous process; the chemicals used to in its development are high on the risk quotient, and require being handled with extreme caution. Such is the susceptibility to fire hazards that the plants are devoid of electrical connections, and work in natural light and air.

Despite stringent procedural norms that the employees had to adhere to, the management felt a pressing need for remote monitoring of the manufacturing lines and processes within the plants so as to ensure that the equipment, chemicals, and other inventory are being handled properly. Keeping a close watch on the facilities such that incidents (largely fire threats) could be instantly detected and responded to was also high on their agenda.


The plants were expansive located in remote areas. The challenge was to place cameras such that minimum cabling was required without compromising on the visibility aspect. Additionally, there were constraints on the kind of cables used since the working environment was highly susceptible to fire: only FRLS cables that confirmed to their safety standards were used. Furthermore, all cabling was to be done externally, except for where the cameras were installed.


A total of 9 plants were secured with CP PLUS solutions. Each plant is divided in sheds based on the processes, and solutions designed were in accordance.

Each shed was stipulated one network address, and the cluster of these networks (sheds) was then interconnected through a combination of wired and wireless solutions. The underlying idea was to minimize cabling. While of the cabling was done externally (except for where the cameras were installed), the DVRs were neatly tucked away in weather-proof enclosures outside the sheds to prevent loss of recordings in the event of any mishap. Additionally, a secondary backup was designed via IP network in the NAS unit, which was installed outside the premises inside the guard room.


Having achieved the goals it has set out with, the management was satisfied.

9 different plants are now being monitored from a central control center that has been setup at their corporate head office with a dedicated monitoring team. Remote maintenance and trouble-shooting have now become easier, as the management can provide immediate response to incidents without having to be physically present on-site. This contributes greatly to reducing maintenance and managements costs.

The management is considering an augmentation of the existing network to meet their plant expansions needs. Also underway are plans to build a central Control Room at their head office from where all 9 plants can be viewed and monitored.

The project was challenging owing to the hazardous environment within the manufacturing plants. A number of considerations needed to be made when planning the design and layout of its security network. However, when the client expressed satisfaction on successful implementation, our efforts were all worthwhile”.  Rajan Verma, Sai Communications.

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GOVERNMENT Orissa Police Sets Benchmark in e-Surveillance



Orissa has largely been a peaceful state despite having its own share of problems. Many parts of the state being dominated by the Naxalites, law and order remains a sensitive issue. To proactively track the activities around police stations, Orissa police decided to equip itself with e-surveillance. The objective was not only to mitigate the corruption and suspicious activities, but also to keep track of suspicious elements and activities. Besides, the police administration wanted to ensure the fair treatment to civilians when they access them at the police stations.


Orissa police had to set a benchmark by ensuring its functions are transparent and people friendly. In a bid to modernize and ensure effective policing in various areas, they decided to secure police stations by installing closed circuit cameras (CCTVs). These police stations were selected based on their sensitivity and location. Besides, police wanted to safeguard the rights of the people after receiving many complaints of violations. They wanted to keep a close eye on agitations and demonstrations and record incidences of scripted incidences aimed at tarnishing image of police.

The alternative significant objective was to bring about a change in the behavior of the police. Objective, tamper-proof video evidence indeed brings about a significant modification in the behavior of everyone concerned. This intuition has been backed up by psychological studies.


CP PLUS team was fully aware of the tactical and situational surveillance challenges at police stations. The team has a challenging task of covering 200 police stations spread across 20 districts. The team observed that the risk for each police station varied from others. The team evaluated the risk and divided it into two parts. One was common risk and another was specific to that area. The local risk included, for example, frequent agitations by local public, loitering by anti-social elements, political agitations over local issues, etc. The specific risk was based on the past history of incidences and their recurrence. Further, the task was to ensure safety of the police staff proactively by tracking activities within and outside police stations.    

Equipped with the wide portfolio of CP PLUS products and solutions that offer the flexibility to design fool-proof design/solution without any security compromise, the system architecture team came up with a tailor made solution for Orissa police.

The solution involved the following items:

  • CP-EAC-TY60MVFL8-E - High Resolution High range Vari-Focal IR Bullet camera - 80 Mtr
  • This is 600 TVL High resolutions Analog IR Camera with 12 Japanese LEDs and a capacity to view even in dark within 80 meters. Also has AGC, AWB and BLC features that help to produce enhanced images in hostile environmental conditions.
  • CP-UAR-0808Q2D-XU: 8 Channel Full D1 1080P 1.5U Standalone DVR
  • This is H.264 dual-stream video compression capable of delivering a Full channel D1 (4CIF) real-time recording. All channels can simultaneously playback and offer smart search. Smart video detection can report Motion Detection (MD), camera blank and video loss.


The responsive and precise capabilities of the cameras and DVRs with the extended day/night video resolution equipped police stations with a comprehensive all-weather 24x7 surveillance round the year. The surveillance system equipped police stations with much required tactical and situational surveillance. After the huge success of first phase implementation, Orissa police is contemplating to deploy the system to cover other areas of the state as well.  

 “We leveraged a number of cameras from different locations which were tied into the same network. For general situational awareness, we used standard definition cameras. For our highest tier of tactical surveillance, there was a compelling need for really high-definition video to arrive at concrete decisions”, mentioned Mr. Rahman, Microsys Infotech &Telecom Pvt. Ltd, our collaborating partner for the project

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CP PLUS secures the expansive Discover Gardens in UAE with its state-of-the-art IP surveillance solutions.


Discovery Gardens is a state-of-the-art freehold residential community inspired by garden living set right in the hear6t of New Dubai. Spread across 26 million sq. ft., this community houses 291 buildings divides into six themed clusters, namely Zen, Mediterranean, Contemporary, Mogul, Meso-American, and Cactus. Discovery Gardens is home to more than 60,000 residents.

A Nakheel Group Real Estate Developers build - developers of the 8th wonder of the world: The Palm Jumeira Islands and The World Islands, the Discovery Gardens communities are located amid lush greenery and carefully manicured themed gardens. The community comprises of more than 26,000 apartments in 1bedroom, 2 bedroom and studio styles, and 200 retail shops, making it one of the most expansive residential incorporations in Dubai.



It was a greenfield project; the estate management’s prime lookout was display clarity and maximum coverage so as to ensure foolproof surveillance, especially in key locations such as the entry, exit, lobbies, and lifts.  Also, the management wanted to be able to record footage in high definition for 45 days.



Beginning from need analysis to solution designing to solution execution, the expanse of the location posed to be a challenge. Identifying the key locations that would offer clear footage and maximum coverage with the optimum use of cameras was by far, a daunting task.


The vast premises required careful screening so as to determine the best locations and angles where cameras could be installed to monitor the maximum area without compromising on the footage quality. The choice of cameras, cabling, and related equipment/ peripherals, also required careful evaluation.

After analyzing the locations and system requirements, and subsequent discussions with the mall’s management, the CP PLUS Solutions Team designed and developed IP solutions suitable to meet the client’s requirement. IP solutions are an ideal choice when detailed clarity is required; it offers a compression of H.264. Installation is easier since the cabling requirements are significantly lesser as compared to analog solutions, which was best suited considering the expanse of the location. Further, the combination of cameras and NVRs chosen offered live monitoring in HD (@720P) and efficient remote monitoring (@ D1/6FPS), which ensured distinct, hiccup free footage.

More than 1500 cameras were installed, in phases, covering one community at a time.  Also, third party VMS and analytics were also incorporated into the design to make surveillance effective and foolproof.             


The HD video surveillance solution delivered great results, meeting client expectations successfully. Active monitoring round-the-clock and in-built analytics enhanced overall safety and operational efficiency; the community’s management was able to monitor the vast expanse effectively.

The solutions chosen to monitor the vast expanse were, by far, the best that one could possibly offer. It was undoubtedly a challenging project considering the vastness of the premise, but our efforts paid off when the client expressed content at the end of it all”, mentioned the spokesperson of Al Reyami Technologies Co LLC, Dubai, the project’s system integrator.



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Defence CP PLUS secures the Bangladesh Naval Port, the primary dockyard of one of the highest authorities of the country, to facilitate transparency and maintain order


Bangladesh Navy is the naval warfare branch of the Bangladeshi military. Designated to protect the country's economic and military interest at home and abroad, the Bangladesh Navy is responsible for 118,813 square kilometers (45,874 sq. mi) of maritime territorial area around the country. It functions as the front line disaster management force in Bangladesh and humanitarian missions abroad. It’s also a key regional player in counter terrorism efforts and actively engages in global peacekeeping with the United Nations.             

The stretch of the port runs into quite a few kilometers, and functions as the primary dock for the naval base. The authority wanted to secure the port with CCTV surveillance cameras so as to ensure transparency and maintain order around the area.

The existing security system comprised of low resolution analog cameras that produced hazy images, and were exposed to tampering. The authorities were seeking image clarity so that they can ensure transparency and efficient monitoring of the premise.


The premise was carefully screened by our security experts to determine the best locations where cameras could be installed to monitor the maximum area without compromising on the footage quality. The choice of cameras, cabling, and related equipment/ peripherals, also required careful evaluation since they would be exposed to fluctuating weather conditions.  

After analyzing the requirements and post subsequent discussions with the authorities, the CP PLUS Solutions Team designed a solution comprising of some of the most advanced IP cameras to meet the client’s requirement.

IP solutions are an ideal choice when detailed clarity is required; it offers great image clarity even in low light conditions. Installation is also easier since the cabling requirements are significantly lesser as compared to analog solutions, which was best suited considering the expanse of the location. Further, the choice of NVRs and video management software ensured that footage could be monitored without hassles and backed up as desired.       


The maximum segment length of the wire used was 250m, while the distance between the camera and the DVR was 500m. Use of multiple switches would only increase the points of failure possible and hence, fiber optic cables were used.


The HD video surveillance solution delivered great results, meeting client expectations successfully. High definition imagery, active monitoring round-the-clock and in-built analytics enhanced overall safety and operational efficiency, allowing the management to monitor the vast expanse effectively.

It was undoubtedly a challenging project considering the expanse of the premise, but our efforts paid off when the client expressed content at the end of it all. Impressed with the image quality and video management design, the client has expressed interest in installing more such solutions in the adjoining locations, mentioned Mr. Souharddo of Trust Communication, CP PLUS’ integration partner for the project.

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