Orissa Police Sets Benchmark in e-Surveillance



Orissa has largely been a peaceful state despite having its own share of problems. Many parts of the state being dominated by the Naxalites, law and order remains a sensitive issue. To proactively track the activities around police stations, Orissa police decided to equip itself with e-surveillance. The objective was not only to mitigate the corruption and suspicious activities, but also to keep track of suspicious elements and activities. Besides, the police administration wanted to ensure the fair treatment to civilians when they access them at the police stations.


Orissa police had to set a benchmark by ensuring its functions are transparent and people friendly. In a bid to modernize and ensure effective policing in various areas, they decided to secure police stations by installing closed circuit cameras (CCTVs). These police stations were selected based on their sensitivity and location. Besides, police wanted to safeguard the rights of the people after receiving many complaints of violations. They wanted to keep a close eye on agitations and demonstrations and record incidences of scripted incidences aimed at tarnishing image of police.

The alternative significant objective was to bring about a change in the behavior of the police. Objective, tamper-proof video evidence indeed brings about a significant modification in the behavior of everyone concerned. This intuition has been backed up by psychological studies.


CP PLUS team was fully aware of the tactical and situational surveillance challenges at police stations. The team has a challenging task of covering 200 police stations spread across 20 districts. The team observed that the risk for each police station varied from others. The team evaluated the risk and divided it into two parts. One was common risk and another was specific to that area. The local risk included, for example, frequent agitations by local public, loitering by anti-social elements, political agitations over local issues, etc. The specific risk was based on the past history of incidences and their recurrence. Further, the task was to ensure safety of the police staff proactively by tracking activities within and outside police stations.    

Equipped with the wide portfolio of CP PLUS products and solutions that offer the flexibility to design fool-proof design/solution without any security compromise, the system architecture team came up with a tailor made solution for Orissa police.

The solution involved the following items:

  • CP-EAC-TY60MVFL8-E - High Resolution High range Vari-Focal IR Bullet camera - 80 Mtr
  • This is 600 TVL High resolutions Analog IR Camera with 12 Japanese LEDs and a capacity to view even in dark within 80 meters. Also has AGC, AWB and BLC features that help to produce enhanced images in hostile environmental conditions.
  • CP-UAR-0808Q2D-XU: 8 Channel Full D1 1080P 1.5U Standalone DVR
  • This is H.264 dual-stream video compression capable of delivering a Full channel D1 (4CIF) real-time recording. All channels can simultaneously playback and offer smart search. Smart video detection can report Motion Detection (MD), camera blank and video loss.


The responsive and precise capabilities of the cameras and DVRs with the extended day/night video resolution equipped police stations with a comprehensive all-weather 24x7 surveillance round the year. The surveillance system equipped police stations with much required tactical and situational surveillance. After the huge success of first phase implementation, Orissa police is contemplating to deploy the system to cover other areas of the state as well.  

 “We leveraged a number of cameras from different locations which were tied into the same network. For general situational awareness, we used standard definition cameras. For our highest tier of tactical surveillance, there was a compelling need for really high-definition video to arrive at concrete decisions”, mentioned Mr. Rahman, Microsys Infotech &Telecom Pvt. Ltd, our collaborating partner for the project

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