The large factory area required maximum coverage with high quality footage for optimum surveillance, so as to ensure security of the assets and employees and keep a check on vehicles and visitors entering and exiting the premises.


Rajdhani Flourmill Ltd. is a well-known chana dal and besan manufacturing brand with a strong presence in North India. It has a huge manufacturing facility in Gurgaon, comprising of 3 plants, which manufactures and distributes its produce across markets. Monitoring the premises to ensure the safety of assets and employees, and keeping a track of who is entering and leaving the premises were the prime concerns of the factory.


The factory needed a reliable and scalable security solution to be able to secure its vast production facilities and ensure smooth operations. Expectations from the new system included High Definition (HD) quality for optimum footage clarity, maximum area coverage in and around the plants, and number plate tracking.

Areas that needed to be covered were the entire boundary, basement area, entry and exit of all 3 plants, Genset, Lab, Heavy Boiler and Machines, loading and unloading zones, store, grinder and weighing bridge.

Despite the locations being pre-decided, there were multiple challenges faced in the installation of cameras. Primarily, installing cameras near and in-between machines was a daunting task, owing to lack of ample space. Additionally, complexity of the heavy machinery posed significant challenges with the wiring design layout. Furthermore, the besan dust spattered all over the production facility was also a problem.


A total of 100 CP PLUS IP cameras were installed across the 3 plants. They were a combination of some of the most advanced CP PLUS IP cameras, namely CP-UNC-TD40L4D, CP-UNC-T4352L2, CP-UNC-TP10L3C-V2, CP-UNC-D4352L2, so as to provide high quality footage. For recording purposes, CP PLUS’ CP-UNR-432T8 was chosen - one of CP PLUS’s best Network Recorders. And,   to view them all together CP PLUS’ video management software KVMS was deployed.            

Considering the layout for deciding upon the camera locations and wiring design was a necessity. The designs needed prior approval as well. For capturing the number plates of incoming trucks CP-UNC-TD40L4D was installed. Since the premises demanded wide area coverage, CP PLUS’ 3 MP WDR CP-UNC-D4352L2 were installed. The GBIC model was adopted for fiber optic cables’ solution design.

CP-UNR-432T8, offering 32TB HDD storage, seamless, interruption-free recording and high definition video quality was chosen for recording purposes. And, with the help of CP PLUS’ KVMS software comprehensive view was provided to the Control Room, Guard Room and HR Department.


CP PLUS’ solution was able to deliver definite results. Installing cameras in and around the factory premises not only allowed the management monitor incoming and outgoing vehicles/ individuals but also brought about a sense of security among the factory workforce and improved their productivity levels too.

“The project was challenging considering it was in operation, and required numerous approvals and sanctions throughout. However, with the help of CP PLUS’ avant-garde security products and solutions, we were able to successfully secure the large flourmill. In the end, the client was not just content, but impressed with the value that the project delivered, which made it all worthwhile”, said Harminder Singh of WSS Group.

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