A massive complex comprising of multiple high rise buildings and various other amenities was vulnerable to a number of security threats. A combination of CP PLUS solutions were used to secure the premises, and make monitoring and security management easier.


Vipul Gardens features among the premium residential projects in Gurugram (earlier Gurgaon). Spread over 17-18 acres in the area’s prime location, this residential complex comprises of 23 towers, each 15 floors high with 4 flats per floor. The surrounding area with its plush greenery, children’s playground, car parking, swimming pool, club house, and local markets lend the area a self-sustained city-like ambiance. In totality, the complex spans a large area offering many an amenities and luxuries.


Despite deploying security personnel to patrol the area, and some analog cameras scantily installed here and there, the security system wasn’t foolproof.  Considering the vulnerability of a residential complex as huge as this one, having a sound security management was imperative.

That said the expanse of the complex was a significant challenge since it didn’t have covered boundaries. The complex’s management was specific that they wanted a solution that would facilitate monitoring the large area remotely with distinct clear images of the vicinity that would facilitate them to clearly decipher individuals and vehicles entering and leaving the premises.

Identifying key areas where cameras should be installed so that the maximum area can be surveyed was crucial for the success of the project. Determining the right solution (cameras, recorders and related equipment) was also very important.

Underground wire laying and height work were also major challenges.


A single solution was clearly not sufficient considering the expanse of the premises; a combination of select hardware and software needed to be deployed.

The CP-UNC-TD40L4Ds were installed around the complex’s boundary, which were equipped with smart analytics that would track activity and alarm if anything extraordinary was detected. The entry and exit of the complex were guarded with CP-UNC-TP10L2Cs, which are equipped with face and number plate detection technology, so that individuals and vehicles entering and leaving the premises can be detected respectively.

Since recording high quality footage was the prime necessity, CP-UNR-432T8 recorders were used, which were equipped with 32TB HDD space and 8 SATA Support. Finally, a vOptimus Pro (Video Management Software) was used to integrate all the cameras and NVRs.


Within weeks of installation, the complex’s management reported positive results. Monitoring the premise became much easier: incoming and outgoing vehicles could be tracked with ease, the boundary was no longer neglected, and both frequently and rarely accessed areas were now being monitored.  

Ever since the installation, the residents also expressed their content stating that they now felt secure. They were no longer reluctant to let their children out without having to constantly keep an eye.

“Wire laying and height work were significant challenges. A combination of CP PLUS cameras and NVRs were used to secure the entire location. In the end, the project was a huge success; the work was highly appreciated by the client, “expressed Mr. Harminder Singh of WSS Group, who was the system integrator for the project.

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