NRB Global Bank and its ATMs secured by CP PLUS state-of-the-art banking security solutions.


NRB Global Bank is one of the nine fourth generation banks in Bangladesh. Founded by reputed, non-resident Bangladeshis, NRB Global bank has been pivotal in bringing global banking standards to the country. With more than 35 branches across Bangladesh, NRB Global Bank boasts of a rapidly expanding customer base.

As with any other bank, NRB Global bank was also concerned with vandalism and theft at their branches and ATMs. They were looking for a credible security solution that would not only help them secure their branches and ATMs but also enable them monitor the premises centrally.

The existing security system used analog cameras which were inefficient in serving the management’s purpose. The footage was not distinct enough to be distinguished should there be a need to review them. The bank management required a centralized monitoring system which would allow them to monitor the branches and ATMs from one location.


Having scanned the locations thoroughly, the CP PLUS Solutions Team designed a customized solution that would blend in without requiring major operational and infrastructural overhauls.

A combination of CP PLUS HDCVI cameras and DVRs were chosen. These cameras offered superior image clarity and worked in low light conditions as well. A third party VMS software powered up with video analytics was also incorporated into the design to make surveillance effective and foolproof.           


Beginning from need analysis to solution designing to solution execution, the complexity of the floor design posed to be a challenge. It was important to place cameras such that the corners and narrow aisles were under surveillance without interfering with the IPR. Identifying such key locations was, by far, a daunting task.


The HD video surveillance solution delivered great results, meeting client expectations successfully. Active monitoring round-the-clock and in-built analytics enhanced overall safety and operational efficiency enabling the bank’s management to monitor the premise effectively. Happy with the results, the bank is contemplating deploying more cameras across their other branches in Bangladesh.

There were quite a few structural challenges posed by this project. It was important to ensure that the cameras were located such that they didn’t interfere with IP rights. Also, as with most government projects, the numerous approvals required at multiple levels of execution/ installation increased the TAT way more than it required”, mentioned Moshiur Rahman of My Company Ltd, the system integrator for this project.

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