CP PLUS secures the Bangladesh Naval Port, the primary dockyard of one of the highest authorities of the country, to facilitate transparency and maintain order


Bangladesh Navy is the naval warfare branch of the Bangladeshi military. Designated to protect the country's economic and military interest at home and abroad, the Bangladesh Navy is responsible for 118,813 square kilometers (45,874 sq. mi) of maritime territorial area around the country. It functions as the front line disaster management force in Bangladesh and humanitarian missions abroad. It’s also a key regional player in counter terrorism efforts and actively engages in global peacekeeping with the United Nations.             

The stretch of the port runs into quite a few kilometers, and functions as the primary dock for the naval base. The authority wanted to secure the port with CCTV surveillance cameras so as to ensure transparency and maintain order around the area.

The existing security system comprised of low resolution analog cameras that produced hazy images, and were exposed to tampering. The authorities were seeking image clarity so that they can ensure transparency and efficient monitoring of the premise.


The premise was carefully screened by our security experts to determine the best locations where cameras could be installed to monitor the maximum area without compromising on the footage quality. The choice of cameras, cabling, and related equipment/ peripherals, also required careful evaluation since they would be exposed to fluctuating weather conditions.  

After analyzing the requirements and post subsequent discussions with the authorities, the CP PLUS Solutions Team designed a solution comprising of some of the most advanced IP cameras to meet the client’s requirement.

IP solutions are an ideal choice when detailed clarity is required; it offers great image clarity even in low light conditions. Installation is also easier since the cabling requirements are significantly lesser as compared to analog solutions, which was best suited considering the expanse of the location. Further, the choice of NVRs and video management software ensured that footage could be monitored without hassles and backed up as desired.       


The maximum segment length of the wire used was 250m, while the distance between the camera and the DVR was 500m. Use of multiple switches would only increase the points of failure possible and hence, fiber optic cables were used.


The HD video surveillance solution delivered great results, meeting client expectations successfully. High definition imagery, active monitoring round-the-clock and in-built analytics enhanced overall safety and operational efficiency, allowing the management to monitor the vast expanse effectively.

It was undoubtedly a challenging project considering the expanse of the premise, but our efforts paid off when the client expressed content at the end of it all. Impressed with the image quality and video management design, the client has expressed interest in installing more such solutions in the adjoining locations, mentioned Mr. Souharddo of Trust Communication, CP PLUS’ integration partner for the project.

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