CP PLUS solutions help Jamal Al Ghurair Group acquire the required certifications for their upcoming project - Ribbon Mall, with the latest state-of-the-art surveillance technologies.


CP PLUS solutions secured The Ribbon Mall at the Etisalat Motor City, one of the high end properties by the reputed Jamal Al Ghurair Group in Dubai, UAE. Khalid & Jamal Al Ghurair Real Estate was established in 2005 to be the real estate wing of Jamal Al Ghurair group. K & J manages a huge portfolio of residential and commercial properties in UAE. The Mall offers a wide range of retail outlets amidst the upmarket Motor City with a great cluster of restaurants, retail outlets and grocery chains.


The management was seeking a solution in order to meet the SIRA requirements and acquire the relevant certifications from the government, which forms an essential step towards validating any infrastructure project in the country. 


The premises required careful screening so as to determine the best locations and angles where cameras could be installed to monitor the maximum area without compromising on the footage quality. The choice of cameras, cabling, and related equipment/ peripherals, also required careful evaluation.

After carefully analyzing the locations and requirements, the CP PLUS Solutions Team designed and developed an IP-based solution infrastructure ideally suited for the case. IP solutions are a great choice when detailed imagery is required. Installation is also easier since the cabling requirements are significantly lesser as compared to analog solutions. Further, the combination of cameras and NVRs chosen with advanced compression of H.264, offered live monitoring in HD (@720P) and efficient remote monitoring (@ D1/6FPS), thus ensuring great results.


The new surveillance system was highly appreciated and commended by the security officials since it met their expectations with a great ROI.

“Since it was a new construct, designing a solution was not quite a challenge. We’re happy that the project was concluded successfully to the client’s satisfaction”, said the spokesperson of Blue Lotus Technical Services LLC, the system integrator for the project.

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