The Background

Crown Plaza Hotels are renowned chain of hotels operating across the world. Managed and promoted by IHG group (Intercontinental Hotel Group), Crown Plaza situated in Greater Noida is one of the finest hotels, well known for its matchless hospitality, comfort, and luxury. In the hospitality sector, wherein, service quality, amenities, and location largely contribute in building the brand reputation, level of deployed security infrastructure holds crucial significance as well.

As a reputed brand name in the hospitality domain, Crown Plaza Greater Noida had a defined security structure in place; with both manned and unmanned security measures. The internal security team of the hotel was keen on stepping up the framework by installing latest surveillance products & equipment and wanted to loop in a trusted security solution partner.

Challenges Faced

When the hospitality sector is still waking up to modern-day security challenges in this fast advancing world, on-premise guest safety and security remains a top concern. Compelling reasons such as - Guest safety, act of terrorism, criminal activities, uncalled exigencies like fire break-out, security breaches and trespassing pushed the Crown Plaza team to analyse the perceived as well as unperceived threats, both on-premise and around the property.

For internal security team, round-the-clock security preparedness at the location was crucial and ensuring the safety and security of the guests was quite a challenge without appropriate surveillance products and equipment. As a result, Crown Plaza team planned to procure the equipment that could address specific security need at desired location in the hotel and cover related security attributes with re-commissioning of existing equipment.

Solutions by CP PLUS

From on-premise security perspective, deterrence is one of the key elements in consideration. In addition to this, identifying the complexities and reputation of the organizational entity while planning a solution is an inevitable determinant to establish unhindered brand recognition.

Analyzing the criticalities involved, CP PLUS team not only carried out detailed planning before the final implementation but also offered a customized solution to the hotel. Elaborative commissioning of IP cameras, NVRs and related peripherals was required by the client. CP PLUS, the global leader in security and surveillance solutions, joined hands with the Crown Plaza in-house security team to provide cutting-edge security product and equipment with re-commissioning of several surveillance devices, on-premise.

The Impact

CP PLUS team completed the commissioning and installation of surveillance products, covering each aspect to fulfill client expectations, specifically those pertaining to - On premise guest safety, effective monitoring of unusual/criminal activities, incident management & security breaches or trespassing.

Risk Manager, Ms. Jhumur Jha, lauded the execution and delivery by the CP PLUS team with her kind words, - “We are happy to state that CP PLUS has successfully commissioned the CCTV installation as per the scope of work. We received full co-operation from the team during the project period which was as per the security standards, and stringently adhered by the group. During this project, we build a strong rapport with the entire team and we can honestly say that they are simply the experts in CCTV surveillance solutions. On behalf of the team Crown Plaza Greater Noida, I duly appreciate the cooperation, and their ability to deliver the project with expertise by synchronizing perfectly with all the staff members in the successful implementation of this project.”

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