Lahore’s biggest superstore, Hyperstar, at Nishat Mall, secured by CP PLUS IP security solutions


Hyperstar is one of the leading superstores with over 52 chains spread across 19 countries around the world.  Designed and developed by the reputed Majid Al Futtaim Retail group, Hyperstar’s first retail outlet was established in the Middle East in 1995. It is one of the most popular shopping joints housing numerous global brands.


The Hyperstar Nishat Mall in Lahore stocks more than 100,000 items at any point in time. Managing inventory of such scale and capacity requires more than just manpower. A sound security infrastructure that monitors the expanse round the clock is imperative.

The goal of the project was to be able to monitor the entire premises, with special emphasis on the sales area where the management could monitor their sales staff attending to the customers through their billing and exit.

It was a greenfield project since Hyperstar Nishat Mall, Lahore was installing a surveillance system for the first time. Display clarity and coverage were the prime expectations of the client since the mall was expansive any loophole could cost dearly.


The system on the fiber cable required major redesigning owing to the distances of the cameras from the control room. Additionally, mapping and designing the overlapping areas so that monitoring from all possible angles was possible.  


Since the cameras were distanced out to cover the vast area, various parameters and factors were considered while laying the cables and selecting other peripherals to ensure optimum working of the system. The safety and longevity of cables was ensured by passing them through PVC conduits. This made the system maintenance free for a long time.

After analyzing the locations and system requirements, and subsequent discussions with the mall’s management, the CP PLUS team decided to deploy IP solutions. IP solutions are an ideal choice when detailed clarity is required; it offers a compression of H.264. Installation is easier since the cabling requirements are significantly lesser as compared to analog solutions, which was best suited considering the expanse of the location.


The choice of CP PLUS equipment offered Hyperstar increased reliability of their video surveillance system, in terms of both image display and storage. Peace of mind for this critical operation translated to a greater sense of security for shop owners and mall customers.

CP PLUS IP cameras and NVRs were used to secure Hyperstar Nishat. The client was happy with the image quality and is contemplating installing a similar solution at its other outlets”.

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