Digital City Surveillance Solution, CCTV Command and Control

Surveillance Solutions for Cities of the Future

City surveillance is important for ensuring the safety and security of citizens, and deterring crime. By choosing an integrated, digital surveillance system, city officials can see what is happening across their entire city, from a central control room. Choose from CP PLUS' range of highly efficient, reliable and scalable city surveillance solutions

Critical Infrastructure Protection

  • A system of CCTV Surveillance with High Definition cameras can be installed across the city to protect physical infrastructure - road, rail and waterways network – backed by a comprehensive CMS for analytics and records
Transport And Road Information System
  • Our HD CCTV Cameras focus on queue lengths and vehicle flow and records an incident and use public address system to mitigate the effects.
  • Information on congestion is made available to the public and motorists by variable message signboards (VMS).
Transport Security Management
  • The systems uses powerful DVRs with VMS to analyze video feeds- recognize the face of a suspected terrorist or person of interest in a crowded public transport system.
Automatic Vehicle Locating System
  • Hardware installation in vehicles: Modification of emergency response vehicles to accommodate installation and use of GPS/AVL tracking equipment.

Safe city surveillance architecture

08Centralized Command and Control

city public area solution

Community Surveillance

Deterrence in Crime As per World bank research, Deterrence can help in reduction of crime rates by as much as 40%
city public area solution
city public area solution
Typical CCTV system components offered
city public area solution
Major areas which can be covered by surveillance cameras
city public area solution
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