Manufacturing facilities and warehouses are stocked up with raw materials, WIP or finished goods at all times and therefore require round the clock monitoring and protection. CP PLUS offers solutions designed especially for industrial setups that cater to all their security needs including perimeter protection; monitoring equipment and production processes; tracking vehicles and people entering and leaving the premises; access control and more.


  • Unauthorized entry of vehicles and persons
  • Staff work hour monitoring for effective management
  • Process monitoring and control for improved safety
  • Restrictions at critical areas
  • Detect suspicious staff behavior to reduce accidents
  • Prevent possible terrorist attacks and vandalism
  • CCTVequipment for harsh environments
  • Monitoring of moving vehicles and persons on the field
  • MEmergency command control room to monitor & manage activities


  • ANPR system to avoid unauthorized entry of vehicles
  • PTZ cameras for perimeter protection and monitoring unauthorized intrusion
  • High-resolution cameras to monitor manufacturing processes
  • Smart analytics (tripwire, intrusion and auto-tracking) to find suspicious behavior
  • Access control system for strict & flexible authority management
  • Explosion-proof & water-proof with IP67/IP68 ratings
  • Mobile DVRs/ NVRs to monitor moving vehicles
  • Command control system for real-time monitoring of process

Serveillance Solution

Main Entrance

High Resolution Camera with ANPR Engine

  • 1080P@60fps high resolution video to capture heavy motion or fast moving vehicle no. plate
  • Alarm I/O ports for boom barrier integration or Emergency alarm integration
  • Water proof and dust proof build with IP67 rating
  • Inbuilt heater and blower to sustain in different weather conditions

Face detection/Recognition system

  • 1080P@60fps to capture high resolution video of fast moving objects
  • WDR features to provide clear image at entry gates so nobody goes undetected
  • To detect unauthorized/ suspicious persons, facial recognition system can be deployed at entry gates
  • Built-in deep learning system: the camera can detect male/female, age of the person, emotions of the person to detect suspicious behavior
Main Entrance

Main Entrance

4MP Bullet camera to secure perimeter with PTZ camera

  • Inbuilt perimeter protection analytics
  • Alarm I/O to integrate strobe light or hooter to send emergency alert.
  • 1080P with 30X optical zoom PTZ camera to backup the fixed camera
  • 500 meter IR range for better night vision
  • Auto tracking functionality in PTZ cameras
  • Linking of PTZ cameras with fixed camera to get more details of incident by zooming in

Fingerprint Access Control with EM Card

  • Provides a convenient way to track your employee's time & attendance and monitor productivity.
  • High Security with Face recognition, Finger Print, Password & Card Combination
  • 3G and Wi-Fi interface to communicate to the server over the network
  • Cloud Reporting System, to generate logs, reports etc.
  • Inbuilt Battery Backup for power failure redundancy
Main Entrance

Main Entrance
  • 4K cameras to provide wide coverage with fine details to monitor the behavior of staff and manufacturing or refining process
  • WDR/ HLC functions to balance image quality in tough light situations, as light situations in plant are usually very harsh

Thermal Camera

  • See clearly in total darkness, Work under harsh environments
  • Non-touch temperature measurement , notification alarm output in time to prevent losses
  • Ideal for IVS, offer higher accuracy in analytics than visible camera
  • Detect fire with a long distance, Over temperature alarm in time
  • Long range of detection upto 4.5Km for man and 13Km for Vehicle
  • Thermal and Hybrid (Thermal+Optical) cameras are available
Main Entrance

Main Entrance

Access Control System

  • 4/2 door vandal proof controller
  • Card, Password, fingerprint & combination
  • Internal battery & UPS
  • Standalone controller for 1 door
  • Card, Password & Combination
  • Card, fingerprint & Combination
  • IP67 support

Explosion Proof Cameras

  • Upto 2MP@60fps Explosion-proof IR Network Camera
  • 30x optical zoom
  • IP68 Support
  • Edge Analytics Support
  • Smart Codec Support
Main Entrance

Main Entrance

Body Worn Camera

  • 2MP video recording, 32MP Image
  • Built-in GPS, Wi-Fi
  • 3G/4G Support
  • Upto 128GB internal storage
Dock Station & Accessories
  • Fully Charge camera in 4 hrs.
  • Simultaneously backup from 24 devices simultaneously
  • Watch, external camera etc.

Mobile Surveillance

IP/Analog HD Camera
  • Upto 2MP shock/vibration Cameras
  • 100% shock/vibration/tamper proof
  • 4/8/16 Ch options are available
  • HDD/SD card option available
  • GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G options available
  • Geo-fencing support
  • Alarm I/O support for sensor integration
Main Entrance

Main Entrance
Main Entrance
  • Live video monitoring & Playback
  • Alarm pop-up/ notification through mail, sms etc.
  • Health Monitoring for HDD status, network status etc.
  • Video Wall, combine multiple screen to perform multiple task
  • E-Map, geographical view of the campus with cameras

Remotely monitor health status of IP camera/NVRDVRs, HDDstatus, recording status, channel status. Best tool to monitor the efficiency of the system.

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