Discovery Gardens, UAE

CP PLUS secures the expansive Discover Gardens in UAE with its state-of-the-art IP surveillance solutions.


Discovery Gardens is a state-of-the-art freehold residential community inspired by garden living set right in the hear6t of New Dubai. Spread across 26 million sq. ft., this community houses 291 buildings divides into six themed clusters, namely Zen, Mediterranean, Contemporary, Mogul, Meso-American, and Cactus. Discovery Gardens is home to more than 60,000 residents.

A Nakheel Group Real Estate Developers build - developers of the 8th wonder of the world: The Palm Jumeira Islands and The World Islands, the Discovery Gardens communities are located amid lush greenery and carefully manicured themed gardens. The community comprises of more than 26,000 apartments in 1bedroom, 2 bedroom and studio styles, and 200 retail shops, making it one of the most expansive residential incorporations in Dubai.



It was a greenfield project; the estate management’s prime lookout was display clarity and maximum coverage so as to ensure foolproof surveillance, especially in key locations such as the entry, exit, lobbies, and lifts.  Also, the management wanted to be able to record footage in high definition for 45 days.



Beginning from need analysis to solution designing to solution execution, the expanse of the location posed to be a challenge. Identifying the key locations that would offer clear footage and maximum coverage with the optimum use of cameras was by far, a daunting task.


The vast premises required careful screening so as to determine the best locations and angles where cameras could be installed to monitor the maximum area without compromising on the footage quality. The choice of cameras, cabling, and related equipment/ peripherals, also required careful evaluation.

After analyzing the locations and system requirements, and subsequent discussions with the mall’s management, the CP PLUS Solutions Team designed and developed IP solutions suitable to meet the client’s requirement. IP solutions are an ideal choice when detailed clarity is required; it offers a compression of H.264. Installation is easier since the cabling requirements are significantly lesser as compared to analog solutions, which was best suited considering the expanse of the location. Further, the combination of cameras and NVRs chosen offered live monitoring in HD (@720P) and efficient remote monitoring (@ D1/6FPS), which ensured distinct, hiccup free footage.

More than 1500 cameras were installed, in phases, covering one community at a time.  Also, third party VMS and analytics were also incorporated into the design to make surveillance effective and foolproof.             


The HD video surveillance solution delivered great results, meeting client expectations successfully. Active monitoring round-the-clock and in-built analytics enhanced overall safety and operational efficiency; the community’s management was able to monitor the vast expanse effectively.

The solutions chosen to monitor the vast expanse were, by far, the best that one could possibly offer. It was undoubtedly a challenging project considering the vastness of the premise, but our efforts paid off when the client expressed content at the end of it all”, mentioned the spokesperson of Al Reyami Technologies Co LLC, Dubai, the project’s system integrator.



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