CP PLUS CCTV Cameras secure Indonesia’s largest state-owned bank – Bank Rakyat’s branches.


Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) is the oldest and the largest state-owned bank in Indonesia, with 30% of its total shares listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange. BRI constitutes of 10,000 outlets spread across Indonesia and overseas, including 1 Head Office, 19 Regional Offices, and 461 Branch Offices.  The bank recently discovered that 70 of its branches in Indonesia needed to upgrade their security levels keeping in mind the growing vulnerabilities in the surroundings, as well as for enhancing productivity internally.

In order to enhance the security management in these branches, ensure the safety of staff, deter theft and burglary and enforce discipline, BRI needed to implement reliable and scalable security solutions. The surveillance solutions should be able to capture and store clear footage to facilitate ambiguity-free identification in the event of any investigation. 


The problem involved devising a security infrastructure plan that allows the bank management to access uninterrupted, quality footage. Prime locations of the each branch also needed to be identified where installing cameras would provide footage of the largest possible area. Furthermore, it needed to be ensured that the installed cameras aren’t interrupting the regular operation of the branches, or compromising with the employee/ customers’ privacy.


CP PLUS decided to install few but high-end cameras which could capture long distance images with clarity. The team outlined four key objectives to improve the overall security; a technology driven solution that would aid in preventing crime in and around each branch premises, improving discipline and productivity of the employees, reducing the number of security personnel supervising each branch, and installing a quick response mechanism to potentially dangerous situations and investigative support for litigious cases.

After subsequent analysis of the above factors and the possible solution alternatives, it was decided that the following CP PLUS products will be deployed at each of the 70 branches:

  • 4-8 Nos. Quadra Analogue Camera 850TVLine (CP-LAC-DC85L2 & CP-LAC-TC85L2), which has a high reading range and offers clear, high quality images.
  • 8 Nos. Channel iDVR 960H (CP-UAR-0801P1) to support the installed cameras in recording and storing footage.


Post successful installation, the branches were monitored for a few months before noting the following improvements:

Cost savings – Owing to the clarity of footage that the installed cameras were able to provide, lesser number of physical security personnel were needed. 

Clear images as evidence – The primary goal of installing security cameras is to capture clear images that can be analyzed effortlessly in case of any untoward event. And, in this case the installed cameras were able to do so effectively and efficiently. The management didn’t have to spend hours trying to figure out contents of footage.

Better discipline and productivity – The management at these BRI branches observed better discipline among their employees and improved attitude towards their work. There were lesser incidences of operational fallouts and customer dissatisfaction, thereby improving the overall productivity.

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