Jan, 10 2024

CP PLUS Spearheads the Skill India Mission in India's Surveillance Landscape

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In the dynamic landscape of India's rising surveillance industry, CP PLUS, the nation's leading surveillance brand, not only stands at the forefront of technological innovation but also leads a transformative mission — the cultivation of a highly skilled workforce to elevate the nation's security infrastructure.

The exponential growth of the surveillance and security sector in India has heightened public awareness about the pivotal role played by advanced surveillance systems in safeguarding our lives and enhancing overall quality. Yet, the implementation of such systems, whether on a large or small scale, demands a mastery of sophisticated technology, a proficiency not commonly found among the general population.

Ensuring the effectiveness of a security system extends beyond merely procuring CCTV cameras. It necessitates a deep understanding of the intricate workings of the surveillance system, especially when interconnected with external platforms. Recognizing a deficit in the skilled workforce within the surveillance and security sector, CP PLUS embarked on a mission to offer reskilling and upskilling opportunities to individuals from diverse industries.

The outcome has been nothing short of remarkable, with professionals transitioning into the rapidly expanding surveillance industry, contributing significantly to its escalating market size. However, CP PLUS understood that local camera production alone would not be enough without a proficient workforce capable of installing and maintaining these systems.

In alignment with the government's Skill India Mission, CP PLUS initiated a pioneering course dedicated to training Surveillance System Engineers (SSE) — the CP PLUS Certification Program. This program equips individuals to proficiently install, operate, and maintain CP PLUS products, design intelligent security solutions, and ensure lifelong customer satisfaction.

The program extends its technical empowerment across all facets of operations, encompassing sales, purchases, and the design of surveillance devices. The overarching objective is to fortify the safety net for the general population and bolster the nation's overall security infrastructure, recognizing that the strength of the workforce is paramount.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, CP PLUS undertook the formidable responsibility of imparting knowledge to India's CCTV workforce through its extensive channel network exceeding 15,000 partners nationwide. The partnership with the IASC Sector Skill Council in 2018 marked the inception of certification training programs tailored for industrial system integrators and their associates under the umbrella of MissionTech. The recently launched MissionTech Level-II in January 2024 is a testament to CP PLUS' continued dedication to this mission.

Since its inception, CP PLUS has successfully trained and certified approximately 50,000 individuals across India, imparting comprehensive knowledge of high-end CCTV technology. The most recent addition to the MissionTech series is the Mission II Level, currently underway as a 3-Day Training Program hosted at the CP PLUS Corporate Office in Noida.

In essence, CP PLUS is not just an instigator of cutting-edge surveillance technology; it is a catalyst for a profound skill revolution. By leading the charge in reskilling and upskilling, CP PLUS is actively shaping a future where a highly competent workforce serves as the bedrock of India's security landscape. The ongoing MissionTech Level-II training program exemplifies CP PLUS' dedicated commitment to equipping individuals with the expertise needed to navigate the complexities of modern surveillance, thus ensuring the safety and security of the nation.

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