Jun, 16 2023

Aditya Khemka: Offering Intelligent Security Solutions

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Renowned for his expertise in introducing new technologies to the Indian market, Mr. Aditya KhemkaManaging Director of CP PLUS, is considered a well-trusted advisor with a deep understanding of the security and surveillance needs of the current time. His ability to conceptualize customized solutions for security troubles of corporates, public enterprises, critical infrastructure, institutes, and entire smart cities is unparalleled.

Mr. Khemka has been a visionary in the truest sense of the word. He introduced color monitors, video editing and digital audio software, 3D animation, and many more technologies to the Indian market.

Mr. Khemka sensed the growing demand for electronic security equipment in the early days when the core company Aditya Infotech was already in the IT business for over two decades. Thus, he launched CP PLUS to bring India the technology of the future with a competitive edge.

Let us know more about Mr. Khemka’s professional journey.

The Roots

Having studied the state of the surveillance industry in many different countries, Mr. Khemka saw the vast potential and how it was bound to become a necessity for any country. He envisioned that as individuals move forward from their basic needs towards the refined luxuries of life, they also require a safe and secure environment to enable them to prosper. With this in mind, Mr. Khemka launched CP PLUS in 2007 to deliver cost-effective performance to the Indian market. His far-sighted approach and willingness to innovate have made him a trailblazer in the industry.

As the world rapidly changed and digitally transformed, Mr. Khemka noticed that safe surroundings were becoming increasingly necessary for people everywhere. He realized that no Indian company in the surveillance industry, much less an original equipment manufacturer. This recognition led him to establish CP PLUS. He understood that only an Indian brand could comprehend the varied Indian security requirements and deliver products that meet the needs of Indians everywhere.

In 2007, Mr. Khemka ventured into the security and surveillance industry to give the country a safer and more innovative future. He brought to life CP PLUS, the only Indian brand still single-handedly leading the industry in India and 16 other countries. Mr. Khemka’s vision of providing customized, cost-effective, and innovative security solutions has made CP PLUS a trailblazer in the industry. His foresight and innovative approach continue to inspire the industry as a whole.

Persistent Efforts, Effective Leadership

Mr. Aditya Khemka saw an opportunity to create a niche industry in a country where people needed to be made aware of the integral role technology could play in the future. With this in mind, Mr. Khemka founded CP PLUS in 2007 as the only Indian brand in the surveillance industry.

CP PLUS aims to empower the public with safety and dependability by making products and solutions more accessible. The brand’s commitment to quality-driven, value-for-money, made-in-India products has enabled it to prevail across boundaries and industries, empowering people to thrive in its direction. The foundation of CP PLUS’s commitment stands on the resolution to remain a trustworthy brand that always manages to exceed the expectations of its customers and stakeholders.

CP PLUS has been instrumental in redefining the surveillance industry in India over the past decade by introducing newer and better technologies to the Indian market as soon as they are developed. The brand’s commitment to taking effective and dependable surveillance to every corner of the country sets it apart from other brands. CP PLUS has established its presence in every central town and city of every state across India. The brand is eager to help turn rural areas into smart, urban living spaces with dependable security solutions.

CP PLUS has gained momentum over the years due to its repeated efforts to improve the state of the surveillance industry in India rapidly. The brand has introduced software elements, multi-device integration, full-color night vision security solutions, and remote viewing from anywhere that have ameliorated the sense of dependability. Moreover, CP PLUS has been working to develop new and improved products and to make them available at reasonable prices, ensuring that no one has to think twice before securing their home or office.

Making the Difference

CP PLUS has been able to transform the surveillance industry in India and beyond through its dedication to innovation and commitment to improving the quality of life for people. The brand’s focus on developing and introducing newer and better technologies to the Indian market as soon as they are designed has helped it stay ahead of the curve and maintain its position as a leader in the industry.

CP PLUS’ emphasis on creating a safer and smarter future for Indians everywhere has driven its success. The brand’s efforts to make its products and solutions more accessible have empowered the public with safety and dependability. By setting up its presence in every central town and city of every state across India, CP PLUS is helping turn rural areas into intelligent, urban living spaces with reliable security.

CP PLUS’ commitment to remaining a quality-driven, value-for-money, made-in-India brand that consistently meets the expectations of its customers and stakeholders is a testament to its dedication to excellence. The brand’s investments in R&D and partnerships with chipset companies have helped it stay ahead of technological advancements. Additionally, CP PLUS’ marketing campaigns and brand ambassador Salman Khan have helped spread awareness about the need for CCTV and adequate security.

Overall, CP PLUS’ success can be attributed to its focus on being the best in the world and valuing relationships with its customers, suppliers, and colleagues above any transaction or money. The brand’s vision and commitment to improving the quality of life for Indians everywhere make it a true pioneer in the surveillance industry.

Customer Oriented

CP PLUS has built its success on a customer-centric approach, believes that putting the customer first is the key to success, and has ensured that its products and services always align with its customers’ evolving needs and preferences. CP PLUS has achieved higher customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention by delivering more than expected.

Innovation is also a top priority at CP PLUS. The company encourages a work culture that fosters productivity and creativity, focusing on finding new and innovative solutions to problems. CP PLUS believes that by encouraging employees to think outside the box and embrace new ideas and technologies, it can stay ahead of the curve.

CP PLUS values collaboration and teamwork and believes that stimulating creativity can establish a more collaborative work environment that further pushes employees to be more productive. The company has also embraced a culture of continuous improvement, motivating its team to constantly evaluate and improve processes, products, and services to meet the changing market demands and conditions.

Tech Forward

CP PLUS has set its sights on leveraging emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to revolutionize the industry and develop stand-alone products that can transform the world. The company believes that investing in technology is investing in innovation, which is crucial for progress. Using technology, CP PLUS has reduced costs and enhanced productivity gains, making its products more capable.

When CP PLUS was founded, surveillance and adequate security were luxuries that only a few could afford. Adding a set of 4-8 CCTV Cameras to a property would cost lakhs, making it inaccessible to the masses. However, the founder of CP PLUS recognized that surveillance and security would soon become necessities, and thus, the company was built to make security more accessible.

Over the years, CP PLUS has made significant strides in developing CCTV cameras with advanced features that are also cost-effective. The company’s home security product line is being designed using IoT, which has the potential to revolutionize the entire industry. CP PLUS is continuously enhancing the capabilities of its products to deliver more than expected, and its cameras and Video Doorbells can make homes smarter. By introducing technologies that keep users alert only when necessary, CP PLUS reduces false alarms and provides unparalleled security even when homeowners are away.

CP PLUS is committed to providing physical safety and an enhanced standard of living to the global population. The company aims to develop better, more advanced, and more economical solutions that cater to the needs of Indians everywhere, regardless of their background. By prioritizing customer satisfaction and innovation, CP PLUS has become a pioneer Indian brand in the security industry.

Preparing Ahead

CP PLUS is committed to making technology accessible to everyone, including those who struggle to utilize it. By integrating emerging technologies such as IoT and AI, the company offers solutions that provide benefits to improve the quality of life. Digitalization is increasing rapidly, and the company is leveraging these developments to create better customer value.

Adopting cutting-edge technologies is leading CP PLUS to prepare better to deal with future shocks and changing security requirements worldwide. The company is excited to work with cloud computing, as it offers flexibility and growth, reduces operating costs, and simplifies operations for employers and customers.

The potential for transformation through data-driven technologies is enormous, and it allows CP PLUS to focus on higher value-added tasks, cutting down on manual, time-consuming operations. This creates higher efficiencies in the entire manufacturing process, which will allow the company to compete on a global scale.

CP PLUS is also aligning with American Chipset makers to develop and produce special chipsets for Asian needs, which will have the CP PLUS logo on them as they are specifically designed for CP PLUS. The brand is also ready to begin the packaging of these chipsets in India only soon after.

CP PLUS believes their sector can be a torchbearer for India’s economic growth. The government’s policy framework and dedicated schemes that specifically target smart manufacturing play an imperative role in supporting the company to fare better in the future.

For the Young Generation

Mr. Khemka says, “With a dedicated unfaltering mindset, there is no limit to what you can achieve. Suppose our future entrepreneurs put in consistent efforts with proper preparation. In that case, India can surely take on the world market with better and smarter innovations because, as we know- chance favors the prepared mind. Undoubtedly, by constantly ameliorating production capabilities while strengthening them with the latest technological advancements, young entrepreneurs of tomorrow can make a huge impact. But for that, they must choose the things that fuel their dreams and know their industry better than anyone else.”

“What matters most is taking the community along on our journey. Both innovations and entrepreneurial endeavors are more likely to succeed and deliver when catering to the betterment of society at large,” Mr. Khemka concludes.

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