Apr, 12 2023

CP PLUS in collaboration with Delhi Police designs and develops a prototype mobile surveillance vehicle under project Ikshana.

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Relying once again upon the robust performance CP PLUS delivers, Delhi Police has trusted CP PLUS to boost up its surveillance and security mechanism through smart innovations in the national capital territory as an initiative under the G20 Summit preparations. 

The mobile surveillance vehicle - Ikshana, has been equipped with 

  • Advanced AI-powered ANPR Cameras, 
  • Mobile PTZ Cameras, and 
  • Varifocal Bullet Cameras 

to provide 

  • 360° coverage of its surroundings,
  • Face Detection and Recognition Functions,
  • Vehicle and Vehicle Number Plate Detection and Recognition Functions, 
  • Intelligent Analytical Support On The Spot, 
  • Traffic Management,
  • Crowd Control and Management Functions, etc. 

Deployed in selected places to operate as a pilot project, Ikshana has its own well-equipped and fully integrated Command & Control Centre (CCC) for effective monitoring and management in real-time. Moreover, the Health Monitoring System (HMS) software by CP PLUS has also been integrated into the surveillance solution for live monitoring & to ensure the surveillance system is working properly. 

Leading the way for other law enforcement agencies around the country, Delhi Police has plans in place to commission more such vehicles to the national capital region with effective security people can truly depend upon. 

CP PLUS is investing heavily in R&D to cater to the varied surveillance and security requirements of law enforcement agencies such as Delhi Police and project Ikshana has produced a remarkable and hi-tech security and surveillance mechanism in a first-of-a-kind initiative & will lead the way for other similar innovations across the country. 

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