Mar, 08 2023

CP PLUS organizes a special Technology Show - Behtar Surakshit Bharat in Tiruchirappalli to spread awareness about effective security

cp plus

CP PLUS, a pioneer Indian brand responsible for leading the surveillance industry, proudly hosted its Technology Show - Behtar Surakshit Bharat in Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu to enable hundreds of participants in upskilling and reskilling themselves.

With a dedicated team, CP PLUS witnessed a huge participation where hundreds of people joined the Technology Show - Behtar Surakshit Bharat in Tiruchirappalli and created another milestone for the city as it has been the first major technology show of its kind in the district. CP PLUS, a global industry leader, educated its partners on the latest surveillance technologies along with future security trends. It also enlightened the individuals on how can they grow their businesses and serve customers in a better way. CP PLUS innovative products and solutions based on AI (artificial intelligence) attracted both new and existing partners while offering a unique experience to them. 

To meet the ever-changing demand for surveillance products and solutions, it’s essential to catch up with the latest and upcoming technologies. CP PLUS technology show plays a crucial role here by presenting its future-oriented security solutions that are pertinent to the growing needs of the market. It helps partners to stay relevant with the evolving industry trends while empowering them to run a stable business in this fast-changing world. 

CP PLUS innovative technologies and cutting-edge surveillance solutions unveiled at the show include EzyKam, EzyFi Wi-Fi Kit, Guard+ Cameras for Colourful View in Dark, 5MP HD Cameras, HD Cloud Cameras, IP PTZ Cameras, Facial Recognition-based Time & Attendance Solutions, Health Monitoring Systems (HMS) for Surveillance Devices, CCTV Cables, HDMI Cables, PoE Switches, and High-Performance CCTV Power Supply, etc. These security products are perfect in terms of functionality, performance, reliability, and scalability. CP PLUS AI-enabled surveillance systems & technologies presented at the show have been specially designed for the growing security needs of different verticals including government, retail, business, defence, hospitality among others. 

CP PLUS technology show offers an important platform to engage, educate, and appreciate partners. It’s a comprehensive mix of tech talks, product exhibits, awards, and recognitions. The show creates a win-win situation for partners as well as the company.

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