Mar, 02 2022

CP PLUS introduces 4G Routers for High-Speed 4G Internet

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CP PLUS, as a brand, is dedicated to continuously offer more and more new and proficient solutions that cater to all the varied security requirements of millions of users across the country. Working to spread the sense of security to every corner of India, CP PLUS is an instigator for introducing new technologies to the Indian market. Being a well-trusted brand with quite a deep understanding and know-how of the security and surveillance needs of the rapidly changing time, CP PLUS stands un-rivalled when it comes to conceptualising customised and best-suited solutions for the security troubles of corporates and public enterprises as well as educational institutes and entire smart cities.

Determined to enable you with smarter home security solutions, CP PLUS is a global leader that is devoted to keep bringing smarter and more reliable security solutions for you. Adding to the vast portfolio of reliable products, CP PLUS has now introduced Wireless 4G Routers.

This wireless Router by CP PLUS lets you share your fast 4G LTW mobile internet anywhere, anytime and makes it hugely suitable for working from home or connecting DVR/NVR/Wi-Fi Cameras and IoT Devices. Being wireless, It is easy to connect using the WPS feature and enables you to enjoy hassle-free and uninterrupted internet always. The stable wireless connection in this CP PLUS 4G Router guarantees faster upload and download speeds while letting you connect more devices without ever compromising on the consistency of the speed.

CP PLUS is always focused on offering new and proficient solutions that cater to all the varied needs of millions of users, including a variety of reliable solutions which are innovated to serve both Indian businesses and households by offering affordable and professional security at the same time. It has been noticed that Indian businesses are increasingly acknowledging the dependability of the surveillance and security solutions that CP PLUS provides.

There are many new and relevant technologies that we have developed recently and which are doing great in the market. The changed scenario has brought on changing demands and to meet them, we have launched those solutions which have immediately proven to be quite beneficial for the current time. The newly launched 4G Routers are step in this direction to provide comfort with dependability to our customers. By understanding the rapidly changing as well as challenging needs of the time, we come up with unparalleled products that are affordable and have been designed for sustainable use. Our innovation capabilities and the latest technologies coupled with value-added services show the difference.

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