Feb, 10 2021

Never lose your data again with Rescue+

cp plus

As the dependency on surveillance data is increasing day by day for the entire world, loss of it gives way to dire situations that may fail to provide results even with a high-end security system. For we live in such an advanced age that a loss of data ought to be out of the question. There are way too many factors that can come between you and your video surveillance data and may cause a loss. No name a few, we can mention:

  • Software corruption
  • Malware infiltration
  • Natural disasters
  • Human errors
  • Mechanical damage
  • Vandalism
  • Data corruption
  • Deletion

Understanding the security industry's most urgent need of the decade, CP PLUS has become the first in the country to provide Rescue+ for data recovery from CP PLUS XVR Hard Disks. Adding this marvelous feature to its products, the best brand in the surveillance league has redefined itself with this latest and unprecedented move towards the built-in data recovery technology called Rescue+.

“A pioneer in securing cities and having secured thousands of institutions across the world, CP PLUS believes in offering its customers a unique value-added service and it is this firm belief that has brought the brand together with Seagate in the form of Rescue+.” - Aditya Khemka, Managing Director, CP PLUS

This technology aims to make life incredibly easier for you as now there's no need to use multiple drives when just one drive will be enough to keep all of your video surveillance data safe and secure. Partnering up with Seagate, CP PLUS has now made data recovery available in India.

Under the protective wing of CP PLUS, losing key evidence or video feed due to vandalism, viruses, accidents, or natural disasters is no longer a thing to worry about. As the Rescue+ data recovery plan is available only with Seagate 2TB & 4 TB HDD factory fitted with CP PLUS XVRs and as this offer is from Seagate, the prime responsibility of data recovery lies with Seagate only.

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