Dec, 10 2020

CP Plus introduces AI Super-Precision Face-Recognition & Attendance Solution

cp plus

Apart from fast facial recognition with a very high accuracy rate, this artificial intelligence-based super-precision face-recognition attendance solution measures the forehead temperatures and even recognizes those who are wearing masks and those who are not. It immediately provides fever warnings whenever it detects abnormal temperature in anyone. The AI super-precision face-recognition attendance solution has an embedded system and can be controlled using a mobile app. It also has the data query option, which enables the users to request the data or information from the database tables or a combination of tables.

This marvelous solution can also very effectively be used to take employee attendance as well as student attendance, without so much as moving a muscle.

“The device is perfectly suited for the current scenario where just such a product is of grave importance in every office. It is only through the help of such fantastic solutions that we can contain the pandemic from spreading further.” - Aditya Khemka, Managing Director, CP PLUS

The system uses advanced infrared thermal imaging technology with 2MP wide dynamic camera and a 7-inch high-resolution display for better screening. The solution has been designed to measure the forehead temperature of a person from a distance of 1m. And when high temperatures are recorded, the warning is broadcasted with loud audio as well as showcased on the screen of the tablet. Only people with normal temperatures are automatically given access to the premises. The system comes in a tablet form with remote access control. The thermometer in the solution has an accuracy of +/- 0.2 degrees celsius.

To enable mask detection and face recognition during dark hours, the solution has also been installed with a night vision LED light. Hence, the solution has a marvelously high recognition rate of 99.9% with and without the mask. It has a high-speed of 200 milliseconds for facial recognition. It can also retrieve different types of reports for the purposes of analytics.

The CP PLUS AI Super-Precision Face-Recognition Attendance Solution has a sleek table-mounted design, which is an embedded system with temperature measurement, face-recognition, access control, and provided alerts. There is a mobile application for the solution as well where you can get alerts and notifications.

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