Oct, 12 2020

The new ANPR Solution by CP PLUS for enhanced security

cp plus

The automatic number plate recognition technology is being widely used these days as this enables accurate and automatic reading of every vehicle’s number plate that is crossing a border or an entrance and then that reading is automatically run through the system to detect if the vehicle should be allowed to enter or not.

“CP PLUS has integrated this revolutionary technology in both its cameras and NVRs for enabling improved surveillance at your disposal. There are a variety of cameras and NVRs by CP PLUS that have been embedded with the ANPR algorithm so that end-to-end security solutions can be installed” - Aditya Khemka, Managing Director, CP PLUS

CP PLUS Cameras that come with the ANPR technology support different plate cut-outs, as well as overview picture snapshots and video recording. This enables you to monitor in real-time the various license plates present in the vicinity.

Being embedded with the White List database adds further to these cameras because that lets them control the barriers automatically. These cameras have also been inculcated with the latest WDR technology.

When a scene is partly dark and partly bright, that is the dynamic range that distorts images due to this difference in the lighting. WDR technology provides you balanced lighting for a clear and vivid image throughout the day. WDR technology can be installed at entry/exit points of any building structure, jewelry shops, outdoor location among so many other places.

The NVR models by CP PLUS that have been ingrained with the ANPR technology support 4Ch ANPR Cameras along with an additional IP Camera as well provide a live preview and lets you view snapshots.

These NVRs contain both the Blacklist and Whitelist controls and bring forth to you the revolutionary smart search feature that works effectively with both the license plates and time.

These products have proven to be so successful due to their multiple linkages to control barriers and other automation systems to increase the proficiency and keep you safe at all times.

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