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4 Ch. AHD + 1 Ch. 720p H.264 Mobile DVR

  • Supports 4 channels AHD + 1 channels 720P
  • Supports Hard disk for main recording
  • Supports GPS for location tracking
  • Vibration-resistant design to meet various environment needs.
  • Supports USB2.0 high speed backup
  • Pre-recording max. 60 mins
  • Tamper-proof watermarks
  • Modular design for easy maintenance
Datasheet User Manual

Operating System Linux 3.0.8
Control Mode Easy Check
Video Systems Electrical level: 1Vpp Impedance : 75O NTSC/PAL Optional
Pre-recording 0~60 munites
Post-recording 0-30 minutes
Total Resource PAL: (4x25)fps WD1+30fps 720P(IPC) Or (4x12)fps 720P(AHD)+30fps 720P(IPC) NTSC: (4x30)fps WD1 +30fps 720P (4x15)fps 720P(AHD)+30fps 720P(IPC)
Video Input 4 channels WD1+1 channel 720P
Resolution Analog: PAL: WD1, WHD1, WCIF, D1, HD1, CIF, NTSC, WD1, WHD1, WCIF, D1, HD1, CIF; Digital: 720P
Video Output 1 channels
Image Quality 1-8 levels adjustable (1 is the best)
GPS Location tracking, speed detection and time sync
Dimension (WHD) 206mm × 190mm × 70.4mm
Audio Input 5channels (1 channel IPC audio input)
Audio Output 1 channels
Hard Disk 2.5" SATA HDD
Sensors 8 Inputs, 2 Outputs
Recording Mode Boot up/Manual/Schedule/Alarm
Mic 1 MIC interface
Search Mode Date/time, channel, event
OSD GPS information, alarm, vehicle No., speed, date/time
Ethernet 6-pin DJ(100M x 1, PON power supply)
Serial Ports RS232 × 1
USB USB 2.0 × 1
Power Input DC8-36V
Operating Temperature -40°C- +70°C(With heater) or -10°C- +70°C
Power Consumption 32W
Weight 1.24Kg.
Relatively Operating Humidity 8%~90%(no Condence)
Power Output 5V@1A
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