May, 01 2024

CP PLUS: A Guardian for Today and Tomorrow!

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With its dedicated endeavors under the “Made-in-Bharat” initiative, CP PLUS is determined to realize the inherent potential of India. Celebrating the spirit of Indian-ness, the brand has launched many steps to align with PM Modi’s mission to turn Bharat into a global powerhouse.

CP PLUS' "Made-in-Bharat" initiative is more than just a manufacturing strategy, it's a commitment towards promoting self-reliance and innovation not only in the security and surveillance sector but across the country.

Embarking on a Nationwide Expansion, CP PLUS has been constantly strengthening its distributor and SI network. With more than 30000 partners, CP PLUS enjoys direct reach in every corner of the country.

India’s Largest, Most Innovative Brand

Producing to meet the needs of the growing India, CP PLUS has set up one of the world’s biggest manufacturing facilities for surveillance products. Situated in Kadapa, AP with a total capacity of more than 2.5 Million units per month, this facility can further be expandable up to 5 Million to cater to global security demands.

Recognizing that investing in technology means spending for a better tomorrow, the brand’s rising investments in R&D stand as a testament to its commitment to innovation and excellence.

The CP PLUS manufacturing facility at Kadapa in the state of Andhra Pradesh has been integrated with the world’s latest Fuji-made state-of-the-art technology SMT Lines and semi-robotic Assembly & Packaging Lines. All production areas have been designed with ESD flooring, dust-free, and air-conditioned environments to deliver state-of-the-art products.

This manufacturing facility has a wide range of Reliability Test Equipment to ensure the highest quality of products and have the certifications required by Government organizations.

Playing a vital part in India’s extraordinary growth journey, CP PLUS has also launched the ViDu series - a comprehensive range of completely indigenized advanced CCTV cameras. These cameras are designed, developed, and manufactured in India with a greater localization of the manufacturing process, showcasing the brand's commitment to the "Make in Bharat" vision.

“Our mission is to make life safer and smarter for a billion-plus Indians everywhere. We have introduced India-focused innovations and made dependable and high-quality products more and more accessible to the masses. As we grow month by month, we are also stepping up our commitment to help build a truly self-reliant Bharat”, adds Mr. Aditya Khemka, Managing Director, CP PLUS (Aditya Group).

Touching Lives and Empowering Futures

In a resounding testament to the strengthening potential of a dynamic India, CP PLUS, the globally acclaimed security solutions provider, has embarked on a focused journey to blanket the nation with its innovative offerings. With the opening of CP PLUS World Experience Centers, dozens of CP PLUS Galaxy Stores, and hundreds more to come this year, the brand is on a mission to break barriers and instill a pervasive sense of security across the length and breadth of the country.

The CP PLUS Galaxy Stores initiative transcends mere business expansion; it embodies a pledge to foster self-reliance and innovation across sectors. By expanding its presence in Tier II & III towns, CP PLUS is not only bolstering its distribution network but also nurturing local talent and entrepreneurship. These stores serve as bastions of progress, offering communities access to state-of-the-art security solutions while fostering economic growth at the grassroots level.

With another groundbreaking move, CP PLUS has introduced CP PLUS World, a network of immersive experience centers strategically positioned in major metropolitan hubs across India from New Delhi to Mumbai to Chennai. These centers serve as hubs of innovation, offering customers, partners, and enthusiasts a firsthand experience of CP PLUS' cutting-edge security solutions.

These focused endeavors underscore CP PLUS' commitment to empowering its customers while driving progress in the security industry, both in India and around the world. Through these cumulative efforts, CP PLUS is not only showcasing its leadership in the security and surveillance industry but also embracing the "Make in Bharat" spirit.

Leading the Way by Uplifting the Industry

In addition to creating dependable and competent inventions, the CP PLUS team has been leading Indians towards a better future by initiating a country-wide training program, Mission Tech under the CP PLUS Training Division to help upskill a professional and capable workforce. CP PLUS has been educating Indians across the country about the potential of CCTV technologies for many years now.

To meet the aspirations of the young and novice CCTV Installers and Technicians and to further invest in the human capital so that there is a competent and proficient workforce in the Security and Surveillance Industry, CP PLUS began conducting practical hands-on training workshops, free of cost, regularly in all the CP PLUS branches spread all over India. CP PLUS has successfully engaged and trained over 50,000 CCTV Installers and Technicians under this program to date. The course is specially designed for the Indian environment so that system integrators and partners can deliver relevant solutions.

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