Apr, 03 2023

Winning Streak continues - CP PLUS Wins 2 more Awards, the Outstanding New Security Product 2023 & the Outstanding Police/Law Enforcement Initiative Award 2023 presented by OSPAs and BW Security World

cp plus

The nation's leading surveillance brand is also leading India on the mission to enhance security both at the frontier and at the backend. CP PLUS has been devotedly developing newer and better products and solutions to cater to the varied securing needs of the country. For the second year in a row, CP PLUS has developed the most outstanding new security product.

Recognizing the outstanding new security product that CP has designed and developed for the global market, the CP-UNC-TT41L3-VMDS ANPR camera by CP PLUS has been awarded the Outstanding New Security Product 2023. This stand-alone camera has many advanced features that make it the most hi-tech surveillance camera with Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which is powered by AI. This AI function has a unique advantage i.e over time, by which it improves and refines its own accuracy and performance which is based on neural network technology.

This ANPR camera detects, recognizes, and records not just the number plate but the color of the number plate, vehicle logo, vehicle type, vehicle color, vehicle size, vehicle speed as well as the truck, bus, and motorcycle attributes. This advanced camera has already been installed in hundreds of locations across Delhi, Mandi (HP), & Jammu

Moreover, acknowledging the exceptional initiative undertaken by CP PLUS to assist law enforcement agencies across India to keep the public secure, OSPAs and BW Security World Awarded CP PLUS the Outstanding Police/Law Enforcement Initiative Award 2023

The smart solutions developed by CP PLUS help with making the public safe, reducing criminal and vandalistic behavior, reducing theft and burglary, making cities smarter, and enhancing the overall peace of the town.

CP PLUS recognizes there are two aspects of ensuring police and public safety, i.e. enabling the police with advanced technologies to keep the public safe everywhere, & enhancing the security and protection of Police Stations across the country.

Consequently, in 8 locations across the country - Gorakhpur Kolkatta, Telangana, Maharashtra, Kerala, Punjab, Chhattisgarh, and Madhya Pradesh - CP PLUS installed more than 70,000 cameras to cover about 4000 Police Stations and Posts with effective security. 

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