Jan, 13 2023

Mandi District of Himachal Pradesh is now secured with CP PLUS state-of-the-art ANPR & Varifocal CCTV solutions

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Under the guidance of Himachal Pradesh Police Mandi District Zone and SP Mandi Smt. Shalini Agnihotri (IPS), the Mandi district is the latest addition to India’s journey of building smart cities. CP PLUS designed the ideal surveillance system using the most advanced technology to help Mandi Police in enhancing the security and safety of the district and its citizens. A Centralized Command Control Room has also been designed and provided by CP PLUS, which was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri. Shukvinder Singh Sukhu.

In a one-of-a-kind initiative to ensure road safety and reduce crime, the good people of Mandi are progressing towards smart living by installing CP PLUS state-of-the-art ANPR & Varifocal CCTV solutions across the district. The project has been hugely popular with the public as the police have intended to make the district safer by covering the majority of the road junctions in the area with High-resolution ANPR & Varifocal CP PLUS CCTVs. More than 200 CP PLUS Varifocal Cameras & over 50 CP PLUS ANPR Cameras have already been installed on the streets around the district. Through this, the Mandi Police have been able to create a geo-map of the district, making sure no dark spots are left out and the entire district can be put under effective surveillance.

CP PLUS recognized that the district of Mandi required advanced, integrated, and cost-effective solutions that proactively help in deterring as well as detecting vandalistic and criminal behavior. Proficient and dedicated surveillance through well-structured security systems along with effective monitoring were the main aspects here to prevent mischievous activities and regulate or control suspicious people, objects, and vehicles. The project was conducted swiftly where CP PLUS was responsible for supplying, installing, testing, commissioning, and CAMC of ANPR & varifocal CCTV solutions in Mandi, Himachal Pradesh.

As a result of this largest surveillance initiative in Mandi, street crossings are now enabled with advanced integrated CCTV cameras to monitor and control all the activities taking place in the district. CP PLUS architected the project with a tailor-made customized solution to secure the area and provided advanced, embedded devices. The networking setup for the project, the designing, and the execution of the solution were all conducted at a centralized location within the district. The ANPR Cameras provided by CP PLUS have been designed with the capabilities of No-Number-Plate Detection; No-Helmet Detection, Passenger-Face Detection; Car-Color Detection.

The all-comprehensive solution provided by CP PLUS in Mandi also included a well-equipped and fully integrated Command & Control Centre (CCC) for effective monitoring and management of the entire area in real time. Moreover, the Health Monitoring System (HMS) by CP PLUS has also been integrated into the surveillance solution for the live monitoring of all the connected devices in the network and regular health check-ups of the overall solution to always ensure the surveillance system is working properly. Intelligent Transit Management System (ITMS) has also been installed at 5 Locations across Mandi, which is equipped with advanced features like Overspeed, Triple riding, and without helmet challan.

High-capacity servers were installed at each location to support live streaming of the same feed on multiple locations, so a stable high-speed internet connection never fails and a proper bandwidth setup could be retained for the required connection to the CCC in real-time. CP PLUS helped also set up a centralized CCC for the entire project, which has also been integrated with VMS and advanced video alerts as well.

With this initiative, the Mandi police have strengthened the faith in the public. As all the activities happening in the district are now monitored through CCTV, it is deterring and reducing any sort of mischievous and unwarranted acts of vandalism or violence

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