Jan, 10 2023

CP PLUS, India’s leading surveillance brand, is also leading India’s mission of a Reskilled & Upskilled Workforce

cp plus

As the surveillance and security industry in India has started to prevail in every corner of the country, the public has started to comprehend the vitally important role a surveillance system plays in not just keeping us secure but also in enhancing the quality of life. Nonetheless, the installation of a surveillance system, no matter how big or small requires hi-tech abilities, which the general public lacks. Ensuring a security system in place does not just mean buying CCTV cameras but having the proper know-how of the functioning of your surveillance system to achieve effective results. CCTV cameras and a well-integrated IP system can be used for much more than providing security and crime reduction when linked to external platforms to keep a check on rail tracks, and water storage facilities, determine the pollution level, and measure temperatures, among so many other uses.

Noticing this lack of workforce in the surveillance and security industry in the country, CP PLUS began its mission to provide reskilling and upskilling opportunities to workers from other industries like cabling, television, and telephone maintainers. As a result of all this, workers began switching over to the rapidly growing surveillance industry and its market size has been growing ever since.

But as just producing cameras locally will not do much good without a workforce that could install and maintain them, CP PLUS amalgamated another initiative by the government, Skill India to provide a qualified workforce that could lead India into becoming a completely secured nation.

CP PLUS Certification Program aims to train and educate Surveillance System Engineers (SSE) to Install, Operate, and Maintain CP PLUS products, design intelligent security solutions, and provide lifetime sustenance for total customer satisfaction. As well as aims to technically empower the workforce in all areas of operation including sales, purchases, and designing of surveillance devices for the purposes of enlarging the safety net of the general population and making the overall infrastructure of the country yet more secure because, after all, it is the number of the workforce which matters.

Thus, CP PLUS took on the onerous task along with the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship to impart knowledge to India’s CCTV workforce through his 10,000+ pan-India partner base. In 2018, CP PLUS collaborated with IASC Sector Skill Council and launched the certification training programs for industrial system integrators and their partners under the title of MissionTech.

Since then, CP PLUS has trained and certified approx. 30,000 people across India on the high-end CCTV technology. And the latest addition to the Mission Tech series of training programs by CP PLUS is the Bhopal Edition. CP PLUS proudly curated its 60th Mission Tech Training Program in Bhopal with 22 participants and achieved a milestone as the only brand to have successfully conducted this many training programs under the Skill India initiative.

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