Sep, 15 2022

Now, homes become safer with the CP PLUS Smart Wi-Fi Video Door Bell

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Introducing the most revolutionary, tech-smart, and easy-to-use and operate way of front door surveillance, CP PLUS has designed the high-performing, all-in-one Video Door Bell that is cloud-based and comes with an in-built speaker, microphone, and also a camera. The confluence of these three in the doorbell means that now instead of installing both CCTV cameras and video door phones at their front doors, you can just put the CP PLUS Video Door Bell, which does not even require any installation hassles, and enjoy the protection of a safe home. Using the smartphone easy pairing function in the doorbell, whenever anyone comes and rings this doorbell, it chimes as well as alerts you on your mobile phone, whereupon you can watch who is there at the door before opening and can even communicate with them to inquire using your phone alone.

This life-changing smart Wi-Fi Video Door Bell by CP PLUS has been integrated with the Internet of Things (IoT), which means that even when you are not at home, you can see who is ringing your home bell on your mobile phone and can even communicate with them using the two-way communication this doorbell enables with the help of the in-built microphone and the speaker.

The CP PLUS Video Door Bell has been developed to present the user with a high-resolution video feed using the 1080P FHD Camera to capture every detail of everyone who approaches your front door and provides you with useful information, letting you see who has come why and when and enabling you to respond accordingly.

This smart Video Door Bell also has been integrated with incorporated with a PIR sensor intrusion as well as motion detection. Whenever anyone comes near your door and does not ring the doorbell, it detects human movement using the PIR sensor sends immediate notifications to your mobile phone, allowing you to keep an eye out on everything.

To allow you to watch motion recordings anytime in the future after the incident occurred, the CP PLUS Video Door Bell also has an SD Card inside it to store the recording of the video feed with sound. 

This ingenious way of securing homes against intruders is the smartest medium to gain a sense of security since it also works with both Ok-Google and Alexa. This feature also allows you to go hands-free while finding out who is at your door, meaning no more walking up to the door every time someone rings the bell.

This smart WiFi Video Door Bell by CP PLUS does not even require installation hassles and you can easily place it on the mount bracket that comes along with it. It also comes with an in-built battery with charging power lasting up to 30 days and can quite easily be charged with the mobile phone USB or can be connected to a regular power supply. It also sends you alerts way before in time in case the battery is going closer to running out.

An instigator for introducing better and smarter technologies to the Indian market, CP PLUS stands un-rivaled when it comes to conceptualizing the best-suited solutions for the security troubles of the world. Devoted to secure every corner of the country, CP PLUS has been wholeheartedly determined to constantly expand the wide array of portfolios that the brand offers.

The availability of reliable security equipment is now instrumental in keeping entire cities under effective surveillance and CP PLUS has been doing its part on a pan-India basis through continuous, proficient innovations as well as through the proliferation of smart home devices that the brand has induced in the market.

The new and proficient solution for home safety, the CP PLUS Video Door Bell, is catering to fulfill the needs of lakhs of users. Innovated to serve households in enhancing their security by offering affordable and professional security at the same time. It has been noticed that Indian homes are increasingly acknowledging the dependability of the surveillance and security solutions that CP PLUS provides.

The smart WiFi Video Door Bell with the multitude of smart features that it provides has successfully been able to reduce intrusions in many parts of the country. Knowing that no matter where you go, you can keep an eye out on anyone who comes to your house and can even communicate with them has truly elevated the sense of security that millions enjoy through effective surveillance. This reliable sense of security, in turn, stimulates the feeling of peace and has enabled millions to focus on more important things in life.

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