Apr, 12 2021

Go Beyond with CP PLUS - CP PLUS Online Training Programs

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With a firm determination to transform Indian Surveillance Industry, CP PLUS has been enabling the Industry to realize its inherent potential in all the different aspects of development in the modern Technology of CCTV Surveillance. Understanding the need of the decade, CP PLUS took upon its shoulders to get Surveillance Industry Workforce trained and skilled from every corner of every state so that CCTV Industry can excel itself in hitherto unclaimed fields. This has become increasingly important after the calamities that the Coronavirus pandemic delivered to the people of this nation.

As workforce was restricted to their homes during the first nationwide lockdown, CP PLUS was determined to enable the Industry to keep on learning and expanding. Thus, with the launch of Go beyond with CP PLUS, an online training program consisting of a series of WEBINARS and WOEKSHOPS, CP PLUS zealously embarked upon its mission to upskill India in March 2020. During the lockdown from April to June 2020, CP PLUS organized and conducted more than 50 webinars on its state-of-the-art product portfolio for industry partners across the country. And as unlocking commenced, CP PLUS initiated a series of several small-size workshops in 29 CP PLUS branches across India.

As the participation grew in different states and more and more partners came forward to reap the benefits, in November 2020 CP PLUS restructured its training programs and workshops to provide the people of Industry a specialized online training Webinars followed by Hands-on Workshops in all the CP PLUS branches in India.

After the discontinuation of offline workshops in April 2021 due to the unimaginable rise in coronavirus cases, CP PLUS did not falter from regularly conducting online webinars and has been delighted to register a steadily rising attendance. In addition to that, appreciating the demands from various regions of the country, CP PLUS has also launched weekly Regional Language Webinars in Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, along with regular Hindi & English on pan-India basis under its campaign 'Vocal for Local'.

 After all the hard work, CP PLUS is proud to be organizing its 100th webinar this week with already having trained and upskilled approximately 12000 partners along with more than 400 conducted workshops. CP PLUS invites you to take part in their regular webinars and workshops to get Surveillance & Security Industry up-skilled to next levels.

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