Jan, 27 2020

CP PLUS training & certification program helps partners and system engineers to boost their surveillance technology knowledge and skills

cp plus

CP PLUS, India’s leading security & surveillance technology firm, has recently concluded its Mission-Tech Training Program in Haridwar and Kanpur in January 2020. It’s a comprehensive training program designed to support partners, surveillance system engineers, and other industry professionals to boost their surveillance technology knowledge and skills.

With the increasing demand for security products in India, the need for qualified and trained professionals is also growing. CP PLUS Mission-Tech renders quality and globally relevant classroom training and empowers professionals to provide an optimum solution for customers’ ever-changing needs. Moreover, it enables businesses to remain competitive in this dynamic environment.

As per Yogesh B Dutta, COO, CP PLUS, “Mission-Tech certification technical training program creates optimum learning for partners involved in the video surveillance business. It allows them to better leverage the technologies to provide the desired surveillance solution to customers while creating the best value for them. This strategic training program not only helps build skills and credibility in the marketplace but also creates new growth opportunities for professionals.”   

Supported by National Skilling Council, CP PLUS Mission-Tech program covers three levels of certification: Certified Surveillance Engineer (CSE), Certified Surveillance Professional (CSP), and Certified Surveillance Designer (CSD). These certification courses are well-designed for the professionals so that they can deliver customized, reliable, and scalable solutions across different verticals.

“CP PLUS Mission-Tech offers hands-on information on the operation, installation & maintenance of CP PLUS Products. It’s ideal for people like us who are system integrators and engineers in the surveillance domain. This relevant training is supportive in carrying out efficient surveillance solutions for end-customers,” said Ankit Goyal, Owner at Marc Computer, Haridwar.  

“Mission-Tech is well-designed for professionals in the security industry. It's good for improving technical skills and knowledge in the field of electronic surveillance. Further, it is projected for interactive training and optimal learning helpful in providing customized & efficient solutions in various areas,” said Jayram, Raj Computers, Rishikesh.    

Since its formation, Mission-Tech has trained and educated many partners and surveillance system engineers (SSE) on Installation, Operation & Maintenance of CP PLUS Products. This program is designed keeping the needs of the businesses in mind so that they can evolve and go smoothly in today’s dynamic market.

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