CP PLUS Secures 1000+ Delhi Government Schools

With locally produced advanced & best-in-class IP Video Surveillance Solutions, CP PLUS successfully secured over 1000 Government Schools in Delhi, ensuring a safe & supportive learning environment for students.


  • 1000+ Schools covered with effective surveillance through a single Command & Control Centre.
  • A tailor-made customized solution was used with advanced, embedded devices.
  • concerns of millions of parents were addressed with a mobile app to stream the live feed anytime from anywhere.
  • Health Monitoring System integrated for regular upkeep and maintenance of the surveillance system.
  • More than 1.5 Lakh Cameras and 2400 NVRs provided for complete coverage.
  • A centralized CCC was setup up for all the schools covered overseeing the individual CCCs of each location.
  • Integrated VMS platform provided for seamless management.
  • A dedicated, user-friendly mobile application DGS Live was launched by CP PLUS to enable parents with live streaming.
  • High-capacity servers were installed at each location to support live streaming and stable connectivity.
  • A mechanism to share the link for classroom surveillance cameras with parents was developed.

Understanding that as the foundation of any society, schools are the place of learning where the future of the country is formed and constructed, CP PLUS recognized that the security of the school premises and its students is of paramount importance. Thus, when under the leadership of CM Shri. Arvind Kejriwal, the Government of Delhi sought an advanced and reliable security infrastructure to ensure a safe learning environment for students, CP PLUS stepped up to provide a dependable sense of security to school administration as well as to parents. The project was conducted swiftly where CP PLUS was responsible for supplying, installing, testing, commissioning and CAMC of IP Surveillance solutions in more than one thousand Delhi Government Schools.

The Challenge

The Government of Delhi was approached by several school administrations in the area to take steps for effectively safeguarding school children, faculty, and assets. The Government, School Administrations and parents of school students all had their different concerns regarding the physical security of the premises, actual real-time class monitoring to check what actually happens in the classrooms and how the children behave, and also the individual security of each child as to when the children arrive in their respective schools and when they leave and everything that occurs inbetween. 

After a thorough assessment CP PLUS concluded that in most of the Delhi Government Schools, the infrastructure was too weak. And with that in mind, covering 1000+ schools was not in easy task. Another one of the major challenges was the upkeep of the system and regular maintenance of a surveillance system which makes the live streams available to thousands of different parents on top of the Command & Control Centre, setting up which on such a large scale is not an easy job either.

Considering the large areas of school premises that had to be covered with effective surveillance such as playgrounds and large peripheral areas and the sheer number of cameras provided, installation posed a few challenges as well but CP PLUS efficiently conducted a fantastic job and even set up a special easy-to-understand and operate mobile application to stream the live video feed from Delhi Government Schools.

CP PLUS recognized that the Delhi Government Schools required advanced, integrated, and cost-effective solutions that proactively help in deterring as well as detecting vandalistic and criminal behavior. Proficient and dedicated surveillance through well-structured security systems along with effective monitoring were the main aspects here to prevent mischievous activities and regulate or control suspicious people, objects, and vehicles.

The Result

As a result of this largest surveillance initiative in the education vertical in India, Delhi Government Schools are now enabled with advanced integrated CCTV cameras to monitor and control all the activities taking place in the school premises. CP PLUS architected the project with a tailor-made customized solution to secure Delhi Government Schools and provided advanced, embedded devices. The networking set up for the project, the designing and execution of the solution were all conducted at a centralized location within Delhi. 

High-capacity servers were installed at each location to support live streaming of the same feed on many devices, so stable high-speed internet connection never fails and a proper bandwidth set up could be retained for the required connection to the CCC in real time.

CP PLUS helped set up a CCC in each of the school locations as well as a centralized CCC for the entire project, each integrated with HMS, VMS and advanced video alerts. CP PLUS also launched a user-freindly mobile application especially to stream Delhi Government Schools video feed directly for parents and designed a mechanism where the parents get the link for their child’s classroom surveillance camera feed right at the time of enrolment.

The technology developed within India by CP PLUS under Make-in-India are gainfully empowering the students with a safer learning environment where all the focus is paid to effective education. Further, it standardizes security procedures for the entire infrastructure while ensuring streamlined school management and operations.

Through the efforts of CP PLUS, the city of Delhi has achieved historic milestone by equipping Delhi Government Schools with an advanced surveillance system.


Being a well-trusted brand with quite a deep understanding and know-how of the security and surveillance needs of the rapidly changing time, CP PLUS stands unrivaled when it comes to conceptualizing customized and best-suited solutions for enhancing and optimizing security. In the largest surveillance project conducted in India’s education vertical, CP PLUS provided approximately 1.5 Lakh 4MP IP Cameras including advanced Bullet, Vandal Dome, & PTZ Cameras along with over 2400 Recorders for Delhi Government Schools. Keeping the cruciality of the project in concern, the CP PLUS team provided the latest and most advanced security solutions that come with excellent technical support and quality-driven service for the surveillance equipment and associated accessories.

CP PLUS integrated security solutions in Delhi Government Schools involved advanced CCTV systems with the latest technologies for HD recording where admin users can view all the cameras at any time from any place through the Web and/or Mobile App. The solution included 4MP cameras with day/night vision feature, NVRs for recording, LED displays at the school control room, and IP cameras for classrooms, gates, common areas, boundaries, etc with a server that has the capacity to store 30 days of full HD recording for all the cameras.

The all-comprehensive solution provided by CP PLUS to Delhi Government Schools also included a well-equipped and fully integrated Command & Control Centre (CCC) for effective monitoring and management of the entire space in real-time. Moreover, the Health Monitoring System (HMS) by CP PLUS has also been integrated to the surveillance solution for the live monitoring of all the connected devices in the network and regular health check-ups of the overall solution to always ensure the surveillance system is working properly. The HMS software features scalable solutions for future integrations as well. Some of the key features of HMS are:


  • 24x7 Uptime - This ensures that the surveillance system is working all the time with 99% uptime.
  • Alarm Notifications - Alarm notifications in real-time for critical situations such as when the device is turned offline/online, IPC is turned offline/online, in case of video loss or camera masking, about the recording status, about the external alarms, and the HDD alerts.
  • Web-based Monitoring - This enables an interactive dashboard for the user to view the status of all their CCTV systems from their browser or smartphones.
  • Easy-to-use Interface - Provided as an element of this health monitoring system which uses a simple ‘traffic light’ style warning system to display the status of all their customers, sites, and devices on a single screen.
  • Auto-Reporting - This generates an automatic report of the device’s status, that is forwarded to the customer from time to time. In case any events occur, an automatic ticket is also generated and forwarded to the SI or CP PLUS support team.
  • Remote Troubleshooting - Troubleshooting facilities are also provided as all the tests are carried out remotely over a network connection, meaning any issues can be resolved without a single site visit.


CP PLUS, as a brand, is dedicated to continuously offer more and more new and proficient solutions that cater to all the varied security requirements of millions of users across the country. Working to spread the sense of security to every corner of India, CP PLUS is an instigator for introducing new technologies to the Indian market.

The growth and popularity CP PLUS has witnessed every step of the way successfully placed the brand at the forefront of the surveillance industry, so much so that now CP PLUS is not just India’s No. 1 surveillance equipment manufacturer but also has the largest production facility for security and surveillance products anywhere outside of China in the whole world.

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