CP PLUS Releases Its Soulful Brand Song

CP PLUS Releases Its Soulful Brand Song

CP PLUS, India’s No.1 security and surveillance brand, recently released its brand song titled ‘Har jagah maujud hain hum, har kadam pe humsafar hain’. The song was released by the gorgeous Jacqueline Fernandes at the CP PLUS Blockbuster Celebration in Budapest marking its completion of 10 years in the security & surveillance industry. The song is written by Raj Shekhar, composed by Krsna and sung by Shaan.

The soulful track celebrates a modern day multifaceted India that is both culture-preserving and economically progressive and highlights how CP PLUS solutions are facilitating the growth and development of the country in its various capacities and across different verticals – from homes, offices, industrial facilities to public spaces and borders. Its melodious composition evokes nostalgia and patriotism and a sense of trust that CP PLUS aims to garner for its brand. Raj Shekhar’s lyrics has given a lively representation to the song, which conveys the brand message elegantly and clearly. Shaan’s voice has further added soul to it powered by Krsna’s music.

Mr. Aditya Khemka, MD, CP PLUS, said, “We are very excited to bring you our new brand song. The brand song is close to our heart. It is a manifestation of our commitment towards the society to bring in the sense of security everywhere. The 10 years of our journey has been very exciting which has not only helped us connect with people from all walks of life, right from the homemaker to the lawmaker. This song is also a true representation of our commitment towards our nation and a sincere pledge to consistently improve to bring the best in security.”

Mr. Yogesh B. Dutta, COO, CP PLUS said, “The challenge was to create a song that portrays the widespread presence of CP PLUS in the country while preserving the essence of the brand. Raj Shekhar has beautifully painted the picture with his lyrics, and Shaan’s voice and Krsna’s music took it to a different level altogether.”

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