CP PLUS Showcases IoT-Enabled Intelligent Surveillance Solutions at INTERSEC Dubai 2019

CP PLUS Showcases IoT-Enabled Intelligent Surveillance Solutions at INTERSEC Dubai 2019

Future-Ready technology on display powered by CP PLUS

CP PLUS pulled up a great show at the Dubai INTERSEC 2019 held between January 20th-22nd at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center. Showcasing IoT-Enabled Intelligent Surveillance Solutions such as Stand-alone AI cameras, Face recognition (deep learning algorithm), gender, age, emotions detection, Smart Search for Analytics, 3D people counting, Object tracking, and LPR solution.

Speaking about the event, Mr. Aditya Khemka, MD - CP PLUS added, “CP PLUS team actively participates in the INTERSEC Dubai exhibition every year. INTERSEC Dubai provides us with an opportunity to showcase our most innovative offerings amid an international audience. This year, we wanted to go big on IoT-Enabled Intelligent surveillance solutions and showcased our latest surveillance range of products for sectors like Banking, Hospitality, Retail, Real Estate, Industry & Manufacturing among others. In an evolving digital world, we are pushing for AI-based intelligent solutions for each vertical market.”

On the other hand, Mr. Yogesh Dutta, COO - CP PLUS quoted,This would be 5th year in a row that we are participating in INTERSEC, Dubai event. We showcased industry-specific security and surveillance solutions, focusing largely on AI-based solutions. The turn-out at the event was phenomenal, atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm, and our pavilion attracted large number of footfalls.”

Vertical Solutions Showcased at the INTERSEC, Dubai 2019 Exhibition by CP PLUS

IoT Enabled Smart Surveillance Solutions

Stand-alone AI cameras with face recognition (deep learning algorithm) and gender, age, & emotion detection were on display, equipped with features like Smart-Search for analytics, 3D people counting, object tracking, and LPR solution.

Banking and Hospitality Solutions

For the banking sector, on display was ATM solution with motorized zoom for outside ATM, WDR with audio alert, Face capturing camera as pin hole hidden camera with Smart Analytics. While for Hospitality industry, solutions for Perimeter security with motorized zoom with Smart analytics, Parking area surveillance with LPR, Fish-eye camera for 360 view, and Corridor area surveillance with corridor mode. Also, time and attendance solution was presented.

Industry and Storage Solution

For the industrial sector, industry-grade Explosion-proof cameras, Anti-corrosion camera, IP68 cameras with surge protection were displayed; along with vandalism detection solution was showcased with Intelligent Video Analysis, ANPR solution, and Access Control System. Other solutions such as Intrusion alarm integration with beam sensor for temperature measurement, fire detection, equipment failure, leakage in chemical containers, oil & gas leakage, energy audits, electrical drops, panel, breakers, switches, and wire connection. In storage, Seagate SKYHAWK surveillance solution was showcased for the audience.

Retail & Real Estate Surveillance Solutions

For the retail sector, people counting, face detection, heat map to detect crowd and POS solution with text overlay on video was in the offering. While for the real estate sector, Parking area surveillance solution with 4K H.265 Network Camera and 2 MP @60fps LPR Camera were displayed; with Multi-Apartment TCP/IP VDP solution.

Home Surveillance Solutions

Ezykam solution having Home on Phone with Insta Cloud was displayed.

Transport Solution

In this, solutions on 3G/4G remote monitoring, GPS tracking and GEO fencing, Wireless Auto backup, Alarm Integration, Video Archiving, Shock, Vibration & tamper proof solution, Analytics with AI were displayed.

On-Campus Solution

Solutions showcased for this vertical were Entry/exit for vehicle monitoring, Perimeter protection with WDR motorized zoom with Intelligent Analytics, Classroom monitoring with Edge recording, Open area monitoring with PTZ auto tracking. And, Fish eye camera for library, cafeteria, hallways, corridors.

City Surveillance Solutions

City Surveillance Solutions for Market area with PTZ cameras, Body-worn hand-held surveillance, Camera with SFP Port for long distance transmission, Face recognition for identity detection, Starlight PTZ with high quality imagery in low light environment were displayed.

About INTERSEC, Dubai

INTERSEC, Dubai is world’s leading trade fair on safety, security and fire protection solutions for exhibitors to showcase their exclusive range of products involving Informational Security, Commercial Security, Safety & Health, Fire & Rescue, and Homeland Security & Policing. For major brand manufacturers, newcomers, local or international exhibitors, INTERSEC, with its unique product diversity, is one of the most important industry meeting point and a source of technologies for wholesale and retail trade as well as for corporate buyers

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