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Sterilization Kit

  • Material: ABS
  • Capacity Size: 6 inch
  • Disinfection Rate: Upto 99.9%, Disinfection with 360 degree circulation
  • Disinfection Time: 10 min
  • Come with Buzzer Prompt
  • Support USB Port
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Function For Sterilize and Incense
Material ABS
Disinfection Time 10 Minutes
Capacity Size 6”
Ultraviolet Wavelength 253.7nm
Disinfection Rate Upto 99.9%, no dead corner disinfection with 360° circulation
Come with Buzzer Prompt Support
USB Ports Support
Input Voltage 5V 2A
Rated Power Sterilize: 2W, Incense: 1W
Dimension 122mm x 223mm x 48mm
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