CP PLUS Secures FCI warehouses in Haryana

CP PLUS's Designs and implements Solutions for Logistics and Warehousing to secure FCI warehouses in Haryana. The solution integrates the tracking and monitoring of cereals in various stages, procurement, storage, and release.


The Food Corporation of India (FCI) has been playing very critical role of ensuring buffer stocks when food grains is produced in excess and releasing it for distribution/sale when there is a shortage in any region of the country. Since the days when there was insufficient food grain to meet internal requirements to today's self-sufficiency, FCI safeguarded food grains successfully.

In its 50 years of service to the nation, FCI has played a significant role in India's success in transforming the crisis management oriented food security into a stable security system. Haryana produces excess food grains, which is transported to the other part of the country or exported to other countries. FCI procures the surplus food grains produced and store them for a longer time. Locations selected for securing were: FCI- NARWANA and FCI-DHAND (Kurukshetra).


Warehousing and logistics corporations like FCI have a wide range of equipment and valuable and perishable items on their properties. Many businesses operate at unpredictable hours, making personnel within the building susceptible to varying security issues. The extended operating hours and round the clock surveillance needs, valuable stock and equipment means businesses in this industry must implement security and surveillance measures.

As most security professionals will acknowledge, loading docks are normally the weak point of any manufacturing or warehouse operation. They are characterized by lots of activity, a number of people coming and going, trucks and other vehicles entering and leaving, and usually a large area that has to be protected.


Modern video analytics software has paved the way for instant surveillance; allowing businesses in this industry to use this equipment for face recognition, object detection, fire detection and more. Theft, pilferage, and rotting of food grains are the main issues within this industry; warehouses are using security cameras and CCTV cameras systems to prevent this from occurring.

For optimal safety, logistics and warehousing staff members may need to be monitored when undertaking certain practices or using dangerous equipment. CCTV systems, security cameras and specialized IP cameras enable owners to effectively monitor employees and ensure their safety is the highest priority.


CP PLUS, with its wide-ranging solutions, focuses on reducing criminal damage and improving efficiency within any organization. It is committed to providing a customized security system tailored to individual needs. CP PLUS, with its comprehensive and customized solutions, has been successfully protecting critical infrastructure and value assets across domains. The unique advantage offered by its solutions are, rugged quality controls, reliable products and optimum solutions to get nothing, but the best!

An IP video surveillance system is now indispensable in protecting vulnerable areas. High performance cameras in conjunction with network switches, IP video storage devices, and video management software are instrumental in helping protect stored assets against damage, loss, and theft.

When FCI warehouse chose CP PLUS security and surveillance solution, they received an integrated solution tailored to their unique business requirements. Security cameras can be regarded as an effective security measure as are the latest IP cameras that offer an extra level of flexibility.

CP PLUS security cameras, when deployed in a warehouse, have been known to deter potential offenders from entering the building. As CP PLUS is at the forefront of IP technology and video analytics software, we are able to deliver state-of-the-art IP cameras and integrated system in addition to quality CCTV systems and security maintenance.

With genuine integrated video surveillance tailor made solutions, CP PLUS can resolve internal security and surveillance issues. Only authorized personnel can enter the building with CP PLUS integrated solution; alarms activated if they are unwanted intruders.

CP PLUS customized and integrated video surveillance solutions allow warehouses to broadcast footage from their surveillance system over the internet and manage multiple buildings from the one location. Control all warehousing facilities and view all IP cameras at any time with CP PLUS warehousing solutions.


Entry/Exit and Weighbridge

CP-UNC-TP13FL2CD: VARI-FOCAL IR FIXED BULLET with IR range of 20-25mtr, 1.3MP WDR HD IP IR Bullet Camera, Max 25/30fps @ 1.3M (1280×960) & 25/30fps @720P(1280×720) with built-in 2/1 alarm in/out

Perimeter and Passage Area

CP-UNC-TY10FL5C: VARI-FOCAL IR FIXED BULLET CAMERA with IR range of 50-60 mtr, 1.3MP HD IP IR Bullet Camera, Max 12/15fps@1.3M(1280×720)&25/30fps@720P(1280x720) with D-WDR, Day/Night(ICR), 2DNR, Auto iris, AWB, AGC, BLC features with Built-in 2/1 alarm in/out.

Central Location

UNP-3020L15D: CP PLUS IR SPEED DOME (PTZ) - Powerful 20x Optical and 16x Digital zoom, Up to 255 Presets, 8 Tour, 5 Pattern, 5 Auto scan, Max 240°/s pan speed, 360° endless pan rotation, IR Range of 150 Mtr and WDR, Day/Night(ICR), Ultra DNR features.


UN316T8: CP PLUS 16 CH NVR 4 SATA interfaces

Identification of Suitable Locations on Cameras

  • Open areas like warehouse floors
  • All entrances and exits, including your shipping and receiving areas, to record all incoming visitors.
  • Perimeter cameras around the edges can help further secure a warehouse located in a populated area where theft is common.
  • Place fixed cameras in areas where valuables are stored
  • Cameras in offices and administrative areas can help reduce theft of company records and petty cash.


Operational Efficiency- Video surveillance has helped streamline various processes in various stages of procurement of food grains. This has led to increased efficiency in operations and maintenance.

Load Validation- Video monitoring is a powerful tool to certify inbound and outbound shipments. To verify these shipments, transfer points such as the loading ramps are often critical areas. A complete video record of the loading/unloading process is your ace in the hole for verifying circumstances in case of claims of damage, short orders or lost goods. The video record will allow you to respond to a customer's claims efficiently and effectively by simply sending a digital shipment verification file showing the entire process.

Mitigate Grain waste issue- Food Corporation of India is in the process of revamping itself and ensure no grain goes waste. They are finding Video surveillance handy in dealing many cases where food grain could go waste.

Ensuring Compliance - Today, there are far more requirements for FCI to verify that they are complying with regulations. Some of these regulations are, at present, voluntary and designed to safely procure and store food grains.

Better Employee Monitoring – FCI employs the workforce who are working tirelessly to ensure accuracy, efficiency and productivity. Yet there is usually room for improvement in personnel, processes and procedures. One of the advantages of video monitoring is the opportunity of viewing those areas in real time, or viewing stored video to fine tune processes, document employee activity and streamline workflow.

Enhanced Employee Safety - Loading dock employees should know proper safety procedures for, among other things, locking vehicle restraints, opening overhead doors and safely loading and unloading products and materials. Safety classes and training lay the foundation for creating a safe environment, but being able to monitor those activities throughout the facility, in real time, allows facilities managers to not only ensure adherence to safety protocols, but also to identify possible problems that have gone unnoticed and fix them before an accident occurs.

Client: FCI