CP PLUS Surveillance ensures safe Resource Flow at Builder Site

CP PLUS secures and fulfills the promise of saving cost at building construction site of a premium project.


Construction sites are easy targets for the opportunist thief; the high value of plant and equipment can lead to quick and easy profit for the successful thief. Depending on locality, each site will have its own issues of concern.


Aravali Heights is one of the premium realty project location currently being developed by Dwarkadhis Projects Pvt. Ltd. at Dharuhera, Haryana. The project is constructed over 22 acre in Dharuhera and located near NH-8. Dharuhera is a fastest growing census town in NCR region.


Construction sites face a number of threats, against which security should be deployed by the site operator. These include theft, vandalism and deliberate damage and terrorism. Theft is common. The high value of construction plant and materials and the nature of a construction site, with its constant change and movement make this crime tempting for the opportunistic, as well as the carefully planned crime.

Vandalism is also common and may occur as a result of political or commercial concerns on the part of the perpetrators as well of mindless lust for damage and destruction.

Terrorism is potentially an issue as well; not only is there a threat of politically-motivated attacks on construction sites to delay or prevent construction; there is also a risk of terrorist pre-positioning of devices or materiel to allow or perform destructive acts after completion of construction.

The list of threats that may be considered typical will vary according to the type and location of the site. Below is the list of potential threats at any construction site:

  1. Theft of plant
  2. Arson
  3. Protesters (either related to the site activity or simply for publicity)
  1. Theft of fuel
  2. Vandalism
  3. Bombs (perhaps planted for detonation after completion)
  1. Theft of materials from the site
  2. Robbery or attacks on the construction workers
  3. Intruders intent on committing suicide


The main challenge was the absence of any infrastructure that can support electronic form of surveillance. Power supply was available but areas where they are required to support surveillance equipment required erection of supports. However, like any other construction site, the activities were dynamic and at many places, cameras were installed temporarily regularly.

It is easier to detect things directly with simple surveillance. However, activities, which are scripted for carrying out certain dubious objective, require deep analytical analysis and high cognitive skills. Along with this, a pattern of previous activities must also be required.

Since, the system was IP based, uninterrupted internet connection was mandatory. CCTV had to be a effective deterrent.

Besides, It is important to note that, when procuring systems for deployment on a construction site, the requirement for physical robustness and resistance to dust and water ingress is extremely important.

Lighting should eliminate impenetrable shadow at key locations and consideration should also be given to the need to minimize light pollution.


CP PLUS, a global security surveillance player with no. 1 market share in India, had a vast experience and has successfully completed project in almost every business sectors, even where surveillance requirements contradicted from one business vertical to other. Dahua team devised an effective and working power infrastructure for surveillance.

CP PLUS team was well aware of the temporary nature of construction sites including issues such as lack of continuous mains electricity and constant movement of cables and supports.

CP PLUS considered wire-less systems as they were quicker to deploy and easier to move as the site develops. The team ensured that stored materials did not block detectors and CCTV views.


CP-QAC-TC72L2-D: FIX IR CAMERA, High Quality Sensor, 720 TVL High Resolution Camera with 3.6 mm Fixed lens and IR Range of 20 mtr with 24 LEDs. The model is CE, FCC and RoHS Certified and IP66 rating.


UAR-1600M1F: 16 Channel DVR with 1080p Realtime Preview, H.264 dual-stream video compression and All channel 2CIF Realtime Recording.


Effective Deterrent

  • The incidence of unauthorized access to the construction site has significantly reduced.
  • Incidents of theft and vandal have come down significantly.
  • Workers now report to the work on time and avoid loitering.
  • No more wastage of times in gossips.

Cost Saving

  • Less wastage of time means savings in terms of money
  • Safety of critical assets like fixtures, taps, switches, etc.
  • Staff outperforms in a bid to outdo each other.
  • Alcoholism and drug abuse has reduced significantly.

System Integrator: Z plus Surveillance Security Pvt.Ltd. 
Client: Dwarkadhis Projects Pvt. Ltd.