Modernizing Premium Apartment Surveillance with HDCVI



TVH LUMBINI SQUARE, Chennai is spread over one million square feet and containing nine, nineteen storied blocks and around 500 residential units. It is one of the premium residential location which boasts of all comforts, luxuries and aesthetic appeal per the latest trends in luxury housing. The residency, despite having good physical surveillance, lacked not so effective video surveillance system commensurate with other luxuries.

The society had only 30 Analog cameras to monitor for safety and protection of people. Out of these 30, only 16 were functional!

Threat Perceptions

Unlike any usual residential society, the threat perception was real and grave as the locality housed rich people including many HNIs. Apart from usual incidences of burglaries, road accidents and loitering, the potential for kidnappings, harassments was significant. The safety of the kids playing in the area needed a high definition surveillance

Limitations of previous system

The previous system relied on video surveillance with 30 Analog cameras with video quality of low resolution, which was just capable of capturing the movements, but the picture quality was very poor, which in itself considered to be out-dated.

The infrastructure was made up of armored cables (RJ6 and Power cable in a single medium) and coaxial cables which were prone to damage and were costly to maintain and repair. Besides, cables deprived of cost cuts benefits to the installers project.

Terrorism is potentially an issue as well; not only is there a threat of politically-motivated attacks on construction sites to delay or prevent construction; there is also a risk of terrorist pre-positioning of devices or materiel to allow or perform destructive acts after completion of construction.

The list of threats that may be considered typical will vary according to the type and location of the site. Below is the list of potential threats at any construction site:

Expectations from the new system

Fed up with long experience of security breaches and escaping of culprits, authorities felt the strong need of effective surveillance cameras' presence to secure entire area with face recognition and identification. The other features they looked forward to:

  • Clarity vision of HD for easy recognition
  • Functional surveillance cameras 24X7 availability
  • Night vision CCTV cameras
  • Centralized control room
  • Cost effective and offered value for money.
  • High efficiency of the system
  • No extra cost of cabling
  • Warranty and services

Challenges faced by our team?

Since the authorities had vast experience of CCTV surveillance, their expectations were quite exhaustive. They had the long list of complaints from residents. So, challenges for our team were too many.

System Integrator and Aditya's team's grasp of precise customer requirement and problem solving approach helped them to win the confidence of the authorities and residents.

Affixing cameras at the elevator area was a bit challenging as to arrest some disturbance in cameras. This was sorted out with the use of a special cable Flat-armored cable. This augured well with the client's cost and effective budget after rendering high quality video, safety and other features. We used our vast range of experience to faces other similar issues.

Factors considered before implementing the new solution

The following points were were of utmost importance:

  • Safety measures of the client.
  • Cover the entire area.
  • Cover every possible extent of the total area for surveillances.
  • To fit into the client's budget while maintaining high quality installations.
  • Armored cables were very costly

Important Features of Deployment

This was the biggest surveillance project in Chennai till now with 162 numbers of HDCVI cameras of 1 mega pixel photo quality installed to cover up the entire area.

Other significant points were:

  • Installation of surveillance cameras at elevators.
  • Mainly used Dome and bullet cameras.
  • Rendering 3 years of warranty and services.
  • Stakeholders

Client: Jitendra, President – Lumini Square Flats Association
System Integrator: R. Sasikumar, Active System Integration