CP PLUS Secures State Assembley Elections 2014 in Rohtak, Haryana

CP PLUS, a premiere e-surveillance player in India secures very crtical and error free CCTV coverage at multiple Election venues in Rohtak, Haryana.


In India, the elections are backbone and foundation of its strong democratic framework. Any small lapse in ensuring its full sanctity has the potential danger of defeating the very principles of democracy. The bigger the election, the lesser the scope of error. The Legislative Assembly elections are very vital and key to a democratically elected government in the stste. The state election commission gears up well before elections and involves bureaucratic and executive machinery in a bid to ensure free and fair elections. However, in spite of election commissions concerted efforts, the election process at many places is far from success. The voting areas witness small to heavy clashes between supporters of various rival groups, especially when there is an honour at the stake. Thus, ensuring and eventually finishing the voting successfully is a huge achievement!


To ensure a free and fare election has been the biggest challenge for election authorities and administration. One of the challenges was to meet the strict security and area coverage guidelines of election commission and other was to monitor small to heavy number of people who came for voting. At the same time, voters should feel safe and secure. However, since the electorate turnaround was unprecedented, the election timings were extended beyond 6:00 PM, when the dark sets in the mid of October and visibility reduces substantially. CP PLUS has to provide visual coverage for two days of election process. With a mandatory requirement of object identification, the authoritites instructed not to encroach upon the privacy of voters. Besides, poll authorities asked to produce recording of any incidence at polling station within 30 minutes, and all data for scrutiny on the next day of the poll. There was no scope of any laxity in the services as it carried very heavy penalty.

Though police authorities and administration took pre-emptive and precautionary measures, yet CP PLUS was ready for any happening and raising timely alerts. In the voting time, incidences of clashes between supports of rival political parties, bogus voting, booth capturing, intimidation of voters, bribing, etc. are not uncommon at and near the polling booth area. To ensure free and fair election, it was mandatory to record every finer details seemlessly.


CP PLUS has a wide range of electronic surveillance solutions for any need. The experts devise the most relevant, economical and comprehensive solution depending upon the system constraints.

For smooth and seamless operations, CP Plus used cameras with a resolution of 1 MP and 32 GB memory card support to record high quality video. This was enough for 48 hours of seemless recording. As there was no power backup available, CP Plus team arranged for it. The Cameras have in-built MIC. The battery rated as 12 V and 7AH.

CP-UNC-CS10L1W: 1 MP IR Cube type IP Cameras with 3.6 mm fixed lens with PIR sensor Range upto 6 Meter.

Light weight camera, packed with features, delivers high definition 1 megapixel images in real-time and works on H.264 & MJPEG dual-streaming encoding. It can be connected through Wi-fi network. Other features are, DWDR, Day/Night, 3DNR, Auto iris, AWB, AGC, BLC. Its light corrections enble to deliver high resolution images irrespective of background light. So, it was perfectly fine to use it outside the polling booth, monitoring voter queues, inside booth activities, etc.


Enhanced Safety and Security

The results exceeded the client expectation and CCTV system with enough number of cameras proved to be highly effective deterrant. This was evident by the successful and peaceful conclusion of voting in the area. There were minor things like skipping queues and querrels which were sorted in real-time after receiveing live inputs.

Cost Savings

Cenrtalized monitoring and management worked wonders for maintaining law and orders in the area. It complemented physical security and proved to be an effective deterrant.

Ease of Operations

Authorized polling station incharge and police could view video from any camera in real-time feeds.The web-based interface for Video Surveillance Manager enabled us to view high definition video remotely.

System Integrator: Online Communications
Client: Election Commission of India