CP PLUS Secures Facebook and Google Campus Outdoors

CP PLUS deploys a World-class solution, providing safety and security of the Campus from unauthorized entrants.


Raheja Mindspace IT Park at Hyderabad includes residential, recreational, entertainment, and retail spaces. The park provides about 4,000,000 square feet (370,000 m2) of office space. Spread across 110 acres (45 ha), this layout also provides about 40% open space with telecommunications and civic infrastructure, wide roads, and greenery. The district witnessed immediate success with over a million square feet built and occupied within just 14 months of starting the project. The park provides both multitenant and built to suit facilities. Companies such as Facebook, Google, IBM, Accenture, CSC, Bank of America, and Novartis have built to suit facilities in the park with 15000 professionals working within them. The Facebook and Google have 300+ workstations and a large open space. Google and Facebook are located in building no. 9 and 20, respectively.


Video surveillance is an excellent tool for real-time threat detection and hence a vital component in the fight to protect critical infrastructure. The mission was to detect (in real-time) the nature and composition of a threat, its pattern of attack, whether it is a main force or merely a diversion, and monitor the progress of an attack and the effective counter-measures.


Missed events- Hostile lights and shadows

In the real world, neither ordinary surveillance cameras nor the human eye can detect certain events because of poor lighting, shadows, clutter like shrubbery, light reflection, ripples in the water, and so on. These issues can prevent an operator from seeing intruders.

Lack of Location Information: Where is the Intruder Now?

Most cameras do not report the target's GPS location when sounding an alarm. If they provide location information at all, it's a rough estimate. Nor do most cameras capture the target's size and velocity. Lack of precise information about location, size, and velocity creates several problems: delayed response, Nuisance alarms due to lack of perspective, Nuisance alarms from non-human targets.

Security personnel become indifferent to nuisance alarms, making it unreasonable to demand accountability.

High Costs

The costs of outdoor video surveillance include the cameras as well as the infrastructure, including mounting poles, video storage, and power and communications lines. The infrastructure cost to support a camera often equals or even exceeds the cost of the camera itself.

However, CP Plus team faced the bigger challenge to manage it with lesser cost!

"Most threatening activities begin with a prelude of hostile intelligence gathering – adversaries will often "case the joint" for a period of weeks or months before an attack. Putting video surveillance to appropriate video-based counter-measures was to be used to detect such hostile patterns of activity", said Yogesh Dutta, CP PLUS.

"Furthermore, most hostile attacks begin with a perimeter breach, providing early opportunities for detection and interdiction", Yogesh added.


With an exhaustive CP PLUS smart camera range in the portfolio, the system was designed to accurately detect, assess and locate intrusions over outdoor areas and perimeters in all weather and geographic conditions. The below table lists out the issues faced and their resolution:


  • Practically eliminate nuisance alarms
  • Enable operators to see what they can easily ignore
  • Accurately report target location
  • Contain costs


  • Filter out camera motion from wind and vibrations.
  • Filter out non-salient motion in the scene
  • Set rules to not report on certain targets based size, speed, or area
  • Dynamically adjust for changing lighting conditions
  • Detect small targets in the presence of clutter
  • Provide sufficient detail of target - typically more than 10% of monitor height
  • Eliminate mis-detects from dust, sand, rain, or snow in camera view
  • Dynamically adjust for changing lighting conditions
  • Report GPS target coordinates and display intruder's location on a topology map
  • Provide accurate coverage over a long or wide range.
  • Extend sensor life by protecting against environmental conditions

CP-Plus IP Cameras used: IR Bullet & Speed Dome
CP PLUS NVR: 16CH, H.264, MJPEG and Dual codec decoding


Effective Surveillance

Though the outdoor surveillance is more challenging than indoor surveillance, it has been successful in tracking, monitoring unwanted activities and elements. This has been an effective deterrent for loitering, dumping, littering, and so on. The response time has gone down substantially.

Cost Effective Solution

This was the prime concern even before the project took off. Perimeter protection costs substantially higher than the equipment since they have to be installed at height and safe locations. CP Plus cameras were installed at the locations to optimize their performance.

System Integrator: Arya Comnet (Hyderabad)
Client: FaceBook & Google Raheja IT Park Mindspace-Hyderabad