Extensive CP PLUS CCTV installation mitigates potential threats at O.P.J.I. Cancer and Research hospital, Hisar.


Jindal Institute of Medical Sciences (JIMS) with its multiple lush green lawns and patient friendly environment is spread over sprawling area of 14.5 Acres in Hisar, Haryana. In 2008, the hospital added a cancer wing- O.P. Jindal Institute of Cancer and Research. It is a 600 bedded multispecialty Hospital catering to thousands of people in rural Haryana, Punjab and adjoining areas of Rajasthan.

Threat Perceptions

The modern healthcare facility faces increasing crime and economic challenges in protecting people, property and sensitive data. Securing the healthcare environment is a challenging and continual effort for most healthcare security managers, who face unique challenges in balancing the open campus environment with the protection needs of the hospital's patients, employees, and other assets.

By conducting a comprehensive risk assessment, O.P. Jindal Institute of Cancer and Research hospital security managers prioritized identified risks and developed an effective hospital security program. The video surveillance and its enhanced functions have to play a major and challenging role.

The general objective was to mitigate any risk to a manageable and acceptable level.


Security and safety at healthcare facilities are important for both quality healthcare and public safety. Hospitals and clinics are a safe haven for those in physical or emotional need, and increasingly seen as a place of refuge in the event of a large-scale emergency such as a natural disaster or terrorist attack. For these reasons and others, more and more people use hospitals as their first source for help. Hence, it is essential that healthcare security staff not only consider facility security and safety, but also take an interest in broader public safety. CP PLUS wanted CCTV to protect people - whether in buildings or OPD, Wards, or ICU, car parks – and the team had to interfere with the 24x7 site as little as possible. CP Plus took the challenge and continues with interruptions.

Providing security for hospitals involves more than the best choice of products and features—it also requires best practices!


In its quest to provide advanced patient care, Hospital management considered security a top priority. They finally zeroed in to CP PLUS surveillance security solutions for High Definition (HD) and intelligent solutions. CP PLUS Network Video Management Software and megapixel cameras deliver superior image quality and maximum coverage.

"We complemented the physical and access based security at the hospital with the performance and image clarity of the CP PLUS cameras for round-the-clock surveillance and investigations as incidents occur", said Yogesh Dutta, CP PLUS.


CP-GAC-TC72VBL5: High Resolution VF IR Bullet Camera - 50 Mtr. A high resolution 720 TVL Bullet Camera with in-built High Quality image sensor with AGC, AWB, and BLC features. These features make it good choice for good images irrespective of quality of lighting environment. Camera is capable of viewing in 50 meter range in absolute dark conditions.

CP-GAC-DC72VBL4: High Resolution VF IR Dome Camera - 40 Mtr. A high resolution 720 TVL Dome Camera with in-built High Quality image sensor with AGC, AWB, and BLC features. These features make it good choice for good images irrespective of quality of lighting environment. Camera is capable of viewing in 40 meter range in absolute dark conditions.


CP-UAR-1601P1: 16 Channel DVR with 960H Real-time preview The DVR works on H.264 dual-dual stream video compression. It supports iCMOB, gCMOB, wCMOB mobile apps on Android, Windows and iOS platforms and works on CMS software- KVMS and KVMS Pro.


HD images as evidence

The primary goal of the CP PLUS HD Surveillance System was to capture the details required for evidence collection. The bulk of Hospital Management's time was to be spent reviewing footage for investigative purposes. With CP PLUS Surveillance System in place, the authorities were able to find video coverage with better quality and faster than any other system. Leveraging the zooming capabilities of the CP PLUS cameras, hospital security was able to capture facial details and have found the stolen mobile phones and personal belongings.

Cost Effective Solution

Producing concrete visual proofs of an offence reduces a lot of time and cost associate with police investigations. Petty offences are resolved without requiring much of police intervention.