The bordering areas of two states have been a safe haven for illegal activities and smuggling of goods, stolen vehicles, arms and so on. There have been instances when these activities have assumed alarming proportions and has even become a threat to the law and order in the past. However, states try to keep strict vigil on their respective borders. Even then, many times authorities are not able to fully stop the movement of undesirable items and activities. Imagine the situation when the state borders also border a no so friendly country! Abohar in Punjab borders Rajasthan and Pakistan. The activities which continued even after strict vigil - the movement of illegal narcotic drugs and supply of stolen vehicles from Punjab to Rajasthan. Both of these activities could pose serious threat to the country.

The objective was to enhance situational surveillance with CP PLUS system.

CP PLUS and Solution

CP PLUs has a vast experience of delivering comprehensive and tailor made solutions for critical installations and value assets across domains. The challenge at Abohar City Surveillance was, however, bigger than surveillance of tangible assets. It was rather monitoring seemingly innocuous, but alarming activities that required proactive action before they may become a eventuality. The team needed a constant surveillance, a clear day/night views and license plate recognition without ambiguity.

CP PLUS believes that any surveillance system is fully effective only when it includes system intelligence. Sometimes, mere monitoring may be monotonous and vital details can be skipped. CP PLUS's video management software vOptimus Pro has the capability to capture even a miniscule activity in the scene. A deployment of HD camera and VMS makes a perfect combination, which enables to view even the minor details vividly.

CP PLUS team had a challenging task of connecting locations to be monitored wirelessly to a control room located at a distance from 4-6 km. The team, with their sheer hard work and solution by CP PLUS System Architects, came up with an effective and efficient solution that not only provided crisp and HD quality video in the control room but realtime and continuous streams.

CP PLUS IP Cameras have been catering to the electronic surveillance needs of a wide range of enterprise and institutions. The solution consists of rendering razor-sharp details/HD video display in various backgrounds and environment conditions. They offer value added features such as motion detection, intelligent video analytics, remote access, email/SMS notifications and alerts. They are weather resistant and tamper proof. CP PLUS IP solutions consist of IP Cameras and NVRs which are ideal tools to ensure security and build safer cities. They provide cost-efficient and future proof solutions.

Solution Components

CP PLUS solution for Abohar city surveillance was carefully designed by our experts and relied on the following items:

Cameras (1.3 Megapixel –True WDR)

IP Bullet CP-UNC-TP13FL2CD - 1/3" 1.3Megapixel CMOS
IP Box CP-UNC-BP13CD - 1/3" 1.3Megapixel CMOS
The bullet and box cameras have advanced features like progressive scanning, WDR, ICR, 2DNR and dual stream encoding. They had varifocal lens for capturing images in real time and rendering in HD. Other features like AWB, AGC, and BLC removed blurring, ghosting, poor or rich lighting effects resulting in rendering excellent quality images irrespective of the lighting conditions.

NVRs (16 Ch. with 1080p Realtime Live)

CP-UNR-316Q2-XU - H.264/MJPEGdual codec decoding
NVRs with 16 Channel and 1080p realtime live view. NVR is equipped with H.264/MJPEGdual codec decoding Max 4Ch @1080p, 8Ch @720p,16Ch @D1 and offered preview and recording Support of 2 SATA HDDs up to 8TB. This can store up to 2 weeks of recording.


The surveillance system has been a huge success in Abohar and Police is finding the surveillance system highly effective in bringing down the crime rate and illegal activities in the area. Punjab police has successfully sanitized the sensitive areas and the borders and response time has gone down substantially.
Client: Punjab Police
System Integrator: Fonic Telecom, Gurudara market, Abohar Punjab