CP PLUS’ cameras help L’Oréal Indonesia secure their premises. Immediate benefits observed through better surveillance and increased discipline and productivity levels.

Organizations such as L’Oréal Indonesia, that boast of a staff strength of 1000 and above, demand effective security surveillance solutions. In collaboration with CP PLUS, L’Oréal Indonesia installed a variety of security solutions to gain a stronghold over security within their premises and improve disciple and productivity levels.


L’Oréal is the largest cosmetic company in the world with 28 international brands under its umbrella, and presence in 130 countries worldwide. In Indonesia, the L’Oréal office houses 14 brands, products of which are manufactured locally. This essentially implies that the factory houses a large workforce and inventory worth millions, for which security is a prime concern.

In the name of security, L’Oréal Indonesia had a large number of professional security personnel deployed throughout its premises. However, the physical staff was subject to multiple shortfalls, such as inability to survey all locations round the clock, level of training undertaken, communication barriers et al. Added to that, the high vulnerability of the premises to a host of security attacks.

The organization needed to draw out a robust and reliable security solution for itself, not only to secure its staff and premises, but keep a check on discipline levels and productivity levels of its workforce.


Managing a huge workforce, and ensuring their safety round the clock was a huge challenge in itself. The management needed to design a security infrastructure that would offer the maximum benefit with the least investment. They needed to be able to access high quality, clear footage of the areas of concern within the premises so that surveillance is unambiguous and efficient, and no security breaches go undetected.

One of the major challenges on this path was identifying the key locations where installing cameras would offer footage of the largest possible area. Moreover, it was important that the cameras be installed such that they do not obstruct the day-to-day smooth operations.


To enhance security management and improve the overall staff productivity levels, CP PLUS worked with L’Oréal Indonesia to lay out the key areas where security cameras needed to be installed. Further, a comprehensive plan was developed establishing the number of recorders and supporting hardware that would be needed for effective management of the installed security system. Integrated solutions were installed across multiple floors of the L’Oréal Indonesia head office, at Ciputra World 1 building, Jakarta.

On the R&I Department floor, which comprised of 2 bathrooms and 2 one-way interview rooms, CP PLUS’ 2 megapixel PTZ indoor cameras (CP-UNC-4212T) were installed, which offered 2-way communication for recording all interviews that would then be saved into DVDs to be archived. The CP PLUS IP PTZ Cameras were also integrated with PABX system so that communication between the rooms could be possible by just dialing the other room’s extension number via the phone handset. Power microphones and speakers have also been integrated for camera audio input and output.

Next, at some floors meeting rooms needed to be equipped for viewing the footage from the interview rooms at the R&I Department. Each of the 50” (inch) LED TV in the 4 meeting rooms on each floors were then connected to the NVR as an encoder to display footage and audio stream from all the cameras installed on the R&I floor.

CP PLUS solutions were also installed in the MD’s room in the L’Oréal Indonesia Head Office.


L’Oréal Indonesia observed positive results within a very brief period post implementing the security infrastructure.

The high clarity of footage streaming in from CP PLUS’ Dome and Bullet cameras immediately reduced the number of security personnel needed to survey the locations, resulting in decreased costs. Further, the image clarity offered management clear evidence for any sort of probe/ analysis, relieving them of the tedious job of having to spend hours trying to figure out the contents of a video clip.

Aware that they are under constant surveillance, the staff was also observed to show increased diligence towards their work. There were lesser incidences of operational fallouts and employee absenteeism, thereby improving the overall productivity levels.

Why CP PLUS was selected?

High image quality, even in varying light conditions, wide field of view, reliable integration and operation, and the ability to extract advanced analytics from a video clip were key reasons behind L’Oréal Indonesia’s preference for CP PLUS as their security partner.

That is not all. L’Oréal will be opening 100 outlets across Indonesia over the next 3 years. Presently, they have a total of 10 outlets of which 7 have CP PLUS solutions installed. Satisfied with the products and services offered, they are inclined to opt for CP solutions for their upcoming projects as well. In fact, they are considering connecting all their outlets to a central monitoring system in the near future.