Commercial Security

Finding the ideal security cameras for your office/ residential complex can be a daunting task. Considering how grave security is, it is imperative that choices are made thoughtfully.

At CP PLUS, we offer a wide spectrum of video surveillance solutions for industries and residential complex needs, including surveillance products, time & attendance products, residential/ home security products, and plug and play security cameras. Thoughtfully designed, CP PLUS products integrate easily with CP PLUS’ Video Management Solutions and other third party products to build a robust security system.

CP PLUS’ range of commercial security offering includes:

Ø  Surveillance cameras & recorders, including Analog/ Network surveillance cameras and video recorders, and mobile security surveillance systems, designed to meet the varied video surveillance needs of industries.

Ø  Time & Attendance systems designed for offices to enable employers and HR Teams to monitor working hours and work planning.

Ø  Home security products designed to secure and automate residential complexes and villas, such as plug and play wireless security cameras, Intrusion Alarms, Digital Locks, Video door phones, besides other home automation solutions.


Be it complex CCTV Camera systems for offices or the hassle free plug and play indoor/ outdoor security cameras, CP PLUS ensures its products and solutions are designed keeping its customers in mind. What makes CP PLUS security solutions truly worthwhile is that they strike a balance between product/ service quality and pricing, thereby translating to value for money.

At CP PLUS, we strive to cut across barriers and make security accessible to all because we believe security is a basic right of every individual.