CP PLUS Launches Surveillance PoE Switches That Offer Stability, Efficiency and Performance

CP PLUS Launches Surveillance PoE Switches That Offer Stability, Efficiency and Performance

CP PLUS, India’s No.1 security & surveillance brand, recently launched surveillance PoE switches. These switches are the latest addition to CP PLUS’ versatile range of products and solutions.

 PoE switches have demonstrated a strong future trend in surveillance. There has been quite a few concerns from our surveillance partners about the quality and performance of switches. They were facing significant quality issues with the products in the market and as a result integration challenges followed. As a brand driven by the needs of the system integrators, the R&D team of CP PLUS worked on a solution around the challenges and the 24x7 heavy performance requirements to design surveillance PoE switches that offer stability, efficiency and performance. 

 CP PLUS surveillance PoE/ PoE+ switches have been designed keeping in mind the needs & challenges of video surveillance. Considering video surveillance entails transmission of heavy network packets 24x7 and long distance communication, CP PLUS has introduced specially designed network surveillance PoE switches that facilitate smooth deployment of video surveillance systems. In fact, some CP PLUS surveillance PoE switches offer advanced CCTV mode, using which transmission distance can be boosted from 90m to 250m.

 “The increasing adoption of the PoE technology for supplying electricity to powered devices owing to its advantages such as low cost of installation, high convenience, and reliability. At CP PLUS we want to ensure that we’re able to cater to all things surveillance under one roof by being a one-stop solution for all your surveillance needs”, says Yogesh B. Dutta.

 CP PLUS surveillance PoE switches are IEEE 802.3 af/at compliant and offer a host of advantages, namely reduced cabling costs, reduced installation costs, and reduced points of failure. They also serve as an uplink port (Ethernet/ SFP) to service a backbone design.

 Available in 9 variants, CP PLUS PoE switches meet a wide range of project requirements ranging from SOHO to enterprise solutions. These switches not only cater to security & surveillance, but also wireless access points, VoIP phones, etc.

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