Nov, 2016

CP PLUS Sets New Benchmark: CP PLUS Hub - A Security Experience Zone












CP PLUS, India’s No.1 security & surveillance brand, recently launched its first security experience zone – CP PLUS Hub. The Hub, which will be the very first of its kind in the country, will offer customers a live experience of CP PLUS cameras and security solutions.

This is a brilliant idea! As channel partners, being able to see and learn all about CP PLUS products and solutions under one roof is absolutely wonderful. And the way this plan was executed is commendable”, expressed Mr. Ramesh R. Iyer of CPS Technologies.

From designing to installation and implementation, every stage is important for deploying a sound, foolproof security solution. Channel partners and system integrators often find it difficult to guide customers through choosing the right solutions: which products to choose, what combination of cameras and DVRs to use, etc. Even installing and evaluating the system’s performance, integrating and aligning it with other systems such as fire alarms, sprinklers, access control systems, etc. and ensuring everything works in tandem is often riddled with challenges.












Being the market leader, CP PLUS has stepped up in response with the country’s very first security experience zone: The CP PLUS Hub. This exclusive CP PLUS security experience zone is dedicated to its channel partners, system integrators and end customers alike. This experience zone will serve as a platform facilitating the designing and implementing security solutions effectively.  

The CP PLUS Hub beautifully exhibits its multifaceted range of solutions: Banking, Retail, Hospitality, and Mobility solutions, for its channel partners, system integrators and end customers so that they can experience the best in security.


CP Plus is the Global Leader in Advanced Surveillance & Security Systems. CP Plus range of solutions and products are monitoring millions locations across the globe in diverse geographies, from highly sensitive defense locations, government buildings, vital infrastructures, transportation, hotels, hospitals, educational institutions to homes, with a satisfied customer base.