Aug, 2016

CP PLUS Partners with Star TV’s Savdhaan India to Spread Awareness

CP PLUS, India’s No.1 security and safety brand, joins hands with Savdhaan India, Life OK's flagship show in a bid, renewing its pledge to a Safe & Secured Nation. In its series, Savdhaan India initiates a movement against injustice and crime prevalent in the country, through various real-life crime-centric narratives.

Crime, more often than not, leverages ignorance; the culprit is constantly looking for new ways to commit crimes. Programs such as Savdhaan India create awareness by narrating crime stories, so that common people can be aware of the malicious ways in which they can be harmed, and take the necessary precautions to keep them and their family safe. As India’s No.1 security & surveillance brand, we wish to support Savdhaan India’s cause by joining hands with them, in an aim to create an aware, safe and secure India”, mentioned Mr. Yogesh B. Dutta, COO CP PLUS.

CP PLUS’ wide range of security & surveillance solutions are monitoring numerous locations across the globe in diverse geographies, ranging from government buildings, highly sensitive defense locations, transportation, vital infrastructures, educational institutes, hotels to homes with one of the largest satisfied customer base. Presently, it stands a market leader in the security & surveillance industry in India with the largest market share, among the Top 3 in Asia, and among the Top 7 players globally.


CP PLUS is the No.1 brand in advanced surveillance and security systems in India. Its extensive range of security solutions and products are monitoring millions locations across the globe in diverse geographies, from highly sensitive defense locations, government buildings, vital infrastructures, transportation, hotels, hospitals, educational institutes to homes with satisfied customer base.

CP PLUS’ success is largely attributed to its strong R&D in technology and its customer first market approach, thereby delivering the best value.