Jul, 2016

CP PLUS Launches Cosmic and Astro Series HD Cameras with Uni+

CP PLUS, India’s No.1 security & surveillance brand, recently launched the Cosmic Series and Astro Series of HD cameras with Uni+ technology, which supports all HD formats. Designed to address common compatibility issues, these cameras will hit the markets this monsoon.

The Cosmic and Astro Series of cameras have been designed to work across the different surveillance technologies that are available in the market. Absence of an inter-technology compatible solution made upgrading a costly affair. But not anymore; the Cosmic and Astro Series pair up with all of the popular HD formats, thereby simplifying Security upgrading and making it cost effective”, said Mr. Yogesh B. Dutta, COO, CP PLUS.

Earlier, upgrading to a new technology required changing entire setups, including cameras and DVRs, rendering the proposition costly and time taking. With the Cosmic and Astro series of cameras this challenge will no longer exist.

Both the Cosmic and Astro Series cameras offer compatibility across all the available technologies, namely Analog, CVI, PRO-HD+, TVI, AHD and HDx. Though CVI is the default signal offered by both the series of cameras, it can be changed to any other signal using a remote. In the case of Cosmic Series cameras, an external remote needs to be purchased, while the Astro cameras offer a built-in remote within the camera’s cable.

Due to hit markets late this monsoon, these cameras will make upgrading hassle-free and cost-effective, offering the best results without requiring major overhauls.


CP PLUS is the No.1 brand in advanced surveillance and security systems in India. Its extensive range of security solutions and products are monitoring millions locations across the globe in diverse geographies, from highly sensitive defense locations, government buildings, vital infrastructures, transportation, hotels, hospitals, educational institutes to homes with satisfied customer base.

CP PLUS’ success is largely attributed to its strong R&D in technology and its customer first market approach, thereby delivering the best value.